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  1. One large part of real life football I've always thought has been missing is the various levels of competence of certain directors/owners. I'm aware there's only so much that could be done about real life board members for legal reasons (similar to why SI can't make real players 'unambitious' or 'mercenaries'), but perhaps it could be something to make variable for newgen board members. There could be competency based attributes, such as budget control, appointing managers and football understanding as well as hidden attributes that determine how the owner's personality determines how he runs
  2. I don't think this is so much a bug as a point for improvement in the next edition. When I'm unemployed, a lot of journalists seem far too interested in my opinion on a job in a country where no one even knows me. My managerial career so far consists of two failed spells at Swansea and Crystal Palace, yet journalists still seem interested in my opinion on a manager's job security in the second tier of China. I just don't think its realistic and it just clogs up my inbox whenever I'm on a job search, but that's just my opinion, make of it what you will
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