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  1. Hi there, I had a question. I am planning to start a new journeyman save in Europe. How I did it in the past was make every league within Europe playable and all leagues in the other continents view only and with a large size of a databse. Now I was wondering what the best set-up would be for my new journeyman save. As the save is based on managing clubs in Europe, I would think it is logical to make all leagues in Europe playable. However I am not sure what to do with the other leagues in the world; would the best be for example to keep these view only, or not select them at all bot
  2. Hey @Andrew James, Thank you for your reply. Save where this happened is uploaded with the following name: journeymanEuropeBob.fm
  3. Hey @Luke Hume, Thank you for your reply. Save is uploaded under with the following name: journeymanEuropeBob.fm. This should be the save where it occured in, but then later in the save
  4. Ah, is it? Did not know that! Would be useful to know, maybe some developer can confirm? Good if the reserve players adapt to your first team tactics
  5. I remember back in the day there was a functionality to let the reserve squads play in the first team tactics. Is this still there? I cannot find it.
  6. I was now able to 'fix' the negative budget, by allocating some of my transfer budget to it. But not sure if this is needed to do and how beneficial this is?
  7. Hi there, I had a question. I have a negative scouting budget (because I scouted some players out of the scope). My question is what for effects this would have on the club and my job? I understood that when you are over your wage budget, your wage budget next season may become smaller. Is the same for scouting budget, that next season your scouting budget is lower?
  8. See the two screenshots. The idea is that I set myself the responsibility to select which coach goes on coaching courses. However without my approval/choice, one of the staff member starts a coaching course. I would expect that this does not happen when I have set that I set the coaching courses.
  9. I manage Holstebro BK in the 2. division in Denmark. I asked the board to increase the number of sport scientist in the club multiple times (like in the screenshot). However I am not getting any response from the board, also after asking it multiple times like mentioned. All other requests did work, as requesting a coaching work or more coaches.
  10. I am managing Holstebrok BK in Denmark 2. division. Mid-season break is now as can be seen in the training calendar. However when simulating days, the training pieces are still shown, I would expect those not being there.
  11. Hi there, Is there a way to get other vacancies when making a new save? I want to start a new journeyman, but I get the same vacancies as the previous save. I would love to start at a full amateur club but there are not any at the start of the save.
  12. I encountered a problem when editing my manager. When I go to 'my profile' and click the pencil icon to edit my manager I see him not as I created him (dark skin tone) (see before.png). However when I alter for example the color of my manager's tie, he appears normal again. So the manager is not loaded well when editing the manager, it should be like in after.png
  13. Ah yes! And any idea if these job offers can also be international offers? So say I do well with a Welsh club, I get offered the job of Russia or something
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