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  1. I'm also going to lose my job. I can't balance things out and I struggle to spend a suitable amount of time managing the things that matter. I've barely slept in months and spent most nights wondering how I've allowed things to get as bad as they have. I was doing so well at the start of my employment but now everything is crumbling around me. A few weeks ago I lost the most important cog in the wheel to a rival of mine and everything has spiralled ever since. I've tried changing things but to no avail and I really do think I'm going to be called upstairs and given my marching orders. I genuinely don't know what to do but enough about my private life, at least it leaves more time for FM.
  2. This is the FM equivalent to finding a cute puppy, isn't it? Aww.
  3. I posted this on reddit but I've got to share it some more. It's just completely made FM17 for me irrespective of the small flaws that will hopefully get fixed. I'm still buzzing hours later.
  4. Hopefully you find out in that order too. "This is a WHOAman."
  5. I'm a rare breed in football in that I prefer to see out my contract when at a club and planning for my next 'career move'. On my current save I am now at my fourth club having seen out my contracts at all clubs but because I have to resign each time I reach the expiration date I then have to answer questions during interviews about why I resigned. I suppose this would be a suggestion for future versions but I'm putting it in this section in case I'm missing something. I could stay on at each club and move when the job has been offered which is fine as that then means I don't have to resign but it also means I'm forced to remain at a club beyond my intended purposes and I almost feel obliged to use the transfer market and what not whilst still there so as not to undo all the work I've done prior to deciding to leave. Is this something that can be easily fixed? To give you some idea. I started at my home town club in Wales, our success there earned me a move up the M56 as I was given the opportunity to manage newly promoted Ashton United. I failed here, the first relegation of my career and so it was grounds to be dismissed (I resigned as I didn't have lower than Conference North), I then had to move to Scotland's second division so as to rebuild my reputation, I feel I did this by getting Edinburgh University to the Championship whilst studying for my continental badges. I felt two league titles there was enough to have sufficiently rebuilt my reputation and earn a move back to England which is where I am currently albeit in League Two. Little old Accrington taking a punt on my services. It fits in with the narrative that I'm building in that it's an hour drive.
  6. I can only zoom in when I plug my HDMI cable in, drag FM across to show on the tele, change to 125 then drag back to laptop. Perhaps try the same if you're getting 125 on laptop?
  7. I've always assumed stuff like that was decided when the game updates itself. Now I know why some people always get great newgens coming through every year, I knew it was more than luck.
  8. Please don't tell me you're saying intakes aren't static....
  9. You can indeed. I had my son Arwell Smiff arrive. I don't know if there's a certain criteria for it to be activated though or if it's just random. It will happen at your club and you will be notified by Steam. Full game.
  10. I'll be telling my carers about my current save as they knock on my door asking if I want a cup of tea and biscuit. As they wake me up during the night to change my incontinent pad I'd probably load up the save too.
  11. You're not wrong. I've gradually been keeping things a little more respectable. Season #1 - Finished 1st in Cymru Alliance - 41 against. Season #2 - Finished 6th in Dafabet - 79 against. Season #3 - Finished 20th in National North - 93 against. Season #4 - Finished 8th in Scottish League 2 - 53 against. Season #5 - Finished 1st in Scottish League 2 - 27 against. No, I'm not being sarcastic. The last two seasons have really made a difference. Normally I just play on commentary on the fastest and blitz through a game, I always have but since decreasing the speed a little bit I have and spending season #4 watching extended highlights I could see where I was going wrong. I thought it was a tad unrealistic to have so many high scores but ultimately I was contributing to it. I went back to a few old results where I got spanked and sure enough, it was a similar story as to how the goals came about. It's about game management and morale, I don't actually think that tactical side is as important. I start games now with a 'base tactic', feel my way in the game and go from there. It's not my preferred way of playing but ultimately it's how FM should be.
  12. I do find it funny when fellow FM'ers go off on one about their strikers or under performing players. It shows how immersed they are in their game for a start which in turn makes me wonder how someone like Alan Pardew copes with a Benteke knowing they can't just reload.
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