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  1. and some more images.... dulwich eccentric would u.dib dulwich eccentric would u.dib
  2. ok, its taken months, but i just won the CL with Dulwich Hamlet. the first two pics show my start and my finish. the remaining images show some of the journey.
  3. hang on, so how do i actually upload my pic? sorry about this
  4. Ive put myself into the game, but wanted to add a photo. how can i do this?
  5. Evening Dan, we spoke a few weeks back....did you manage to add the Essex & Suffolk Border league? If so, is there a newer version download available somewhere?
  6. Keep up the good work Dan. It's superb! Any idea when the Essex & Suffolk Border leagues will be added? (it's at levels 11,12 and 13)
  7. my wage budget is £25p/w , its tricky (as no senior affiliate ever wants to partner up either??) but it IS possible to get players. i cant seem to adjust budget though once i have money.
  8. dan you've done superb here, thank you so much....., is there any chance it will be expanded to include the Essex and Suffolk Border League?
  9. the holiday mode really needs more options such as being able to select which young players, or new transfers you want to bed in, and have them being brought on as subs or used in cup matches. it definitely needs to alert you on important questions too, because there's times i've been sacked for not dealing with things, when sometimes all i want to handle are the transfers and then let the game run for an hour whilst i'm busy with real life. at present, the 'use current tactics' and 'use current team' options are just too basic. i would really like to see this section evolved. we all have busy lives now and this is an area a lot of us use, please make it better.... especially with the use of selecting/blooding in, the kids or new signings.
  10. i feel the game is long overdue the role of a commercial director. attributes such as: deal making, rational decisions, reputation, contacts etc... could all be taken into account. a good commercial director can market the club and create large revenues for the manager.
  11. setting up academies in other countries is a great idea. this could be a really good way for lower league teams to greatly expand their potential pool of players even if its to sell them on to raise funds, as well as occasionally netting a bit of a gem to take into their own team.
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