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  1. I have spent millions to get the best youth facilities, everything is state of the art and exceptional, stocked the youth staff with highest reputation people, got the best attributes HoYD, and yet every single year my academy produces garbage kids. Something seriously wrong.
  2. Ok, I'm uploading one the day before the youth intake, perhaps go on holiday for a week or so and see if I actually end up signing them. I've called the file Col U.fm I'm colchester united , its uploaded anonymously, can you see it?
  3. I'm playing a long save, and sometimes in the early hours I will set up holiday mode to take me through the 2nd half of a season then see how the team got on the following morning. However, I've noticed recently than none of my youth intake have been getting signed up. I believe I have all the correct responsibilities checked, and have ploud millions into the youth set up, but when I return to the game theres no one in the under 18s. I played through last night and the youth intake came round, so I know they are being generated, they're just not being signed. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I cant even see that option on the staff responsibilities section?
  5. I have purchased the fm20 beta game on steam and can see the touch version in there too. Will I be able to play this on my tablet on the 19th when the touch version is released, or do I need to purchase the game again for my tablet?
  6. and some more images.... dulwich eccentric would u.dib dulwich eccentric would u.dib
  7. ok, its taken months, but i just won the CL with Dulwich Hamlet. the first two pics show my start and my finish. the remaining images show some of the journey.
  8. hang on, so how do i actually upload my pic? sorry about this
  9. Ive put myself into the game, but wanted to add a photo. how can i do this?
  10. Evening Dan, we spoke a few weeks back....did you manage to add the Essex & Suffolk Border league? If so, is there a newer version download available somewhere?
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