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  1. For me, before starting a save i choose a goal, a target that i wish to achieve and then accordingly i choose a club. For instance, if i want to take a very small club and the final goal is to win champions League i will pick a club from 4th league in england. If i want to be competitive from beginning i will take Milan or Atletico Madrid.
  2. Why did my club lowered the season tickets price and the tickets price although the last season was a huge success?
  3. I signed 4 technical directors, in the staff screen i see 4 persons but in the part beneath them i see only 1/2 technical directors. Also i always get massages that i still have place for one more technical director. Another issue is that the existing technical director is not recruiting staff for under 23 and under 18 teams. I set it for his responsibility.
  4. Is it possible to create a shortcut directly to the screen of youth intake?
  5. איזה באג של ציונים? לא ראיתי משהו כזה
  6. What is your impression from the leadership course? To which players is best suited?
  7. I started with Mansfield in league two. Managed to finish first in league two and league one. Now I'm in the championship in mid November and I'm first with 5 points ahead. I play 451 with gegenpressing. I find fm 20 quite easy this year.
  8. After how many years in the game i suppose to see brexit rules?
  9. After how many seasons in the game the brexit starts?
  10. Do you know when the brexit starts? Also what are the scenarios?
  11. So is it available after you download the full game?
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