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  1. Thank guys but i mean to something else. My question was that if i set my scout to bring me players that their potential ability is superb, does he take into account the black stars or superb potential means 5 yellow stars?
  2. If i set my scout to find me players with superb potential - does it mean that the scout will consider black stars in his search or he will give me players of 5 yellow stars only?
  3. Thanks man!! For some reason i thought that only very few countries don't allow dual citizenship..
  4. Sure, but do know any other countries with these same rules?
  5. In fm 18 - i bought an austrian player (age 18) and he is playing in my club (millwall) for 3 years now. For some reason i can't see the time that he served in england nor the time that left for him to gain english nationality. What can be the problem?
  6. So you can still continue playing without the fear of getting too rich? 😁
  7. I know that in previous versions there was a bug that when you reach a positive 2 bilions bank balance the game would crash. Is it still happening in fm 18 and 19?
  8. If i set an asking price (without transfer listed the player), will it attract clubs to offer bids?
  9. But i almost never get any bids for my players, even if they are world class players.
  10. Hello I always receive very low bids on my players. For example, i put a 21 years old striker with very high attributes and goals he scored. His value was 32 mil but i only got on him 20 mil max. This happens on every player that i put for sale. Plz help, how do i get the real value to be bid from other clubs?
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