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  1. After how many years in the game i suppose to see brexit rules?
  2. After how many seasons in the game the brexit starts?
  3. Do you know when the brexit starts? Also what are the scenarios?
  4. So is it available after you download the full game?
  5. Is it possible to edit league rules like number of foreigners and prize money?
  6. So is there a max balance in fm 20?
  7. Will we be able to use the editor in the Beta version?
  8. Maccabi tel aviv from the israeli league. It is the best team in the league so the main challenge will be qualifying for the champions League and building the reputation of the club.
  9. Thank guys but i mean to something else. My question was that if i set my scout to bring me players that their potential ability is superb, does he take into account the black stars or superb potential means 5 yellow stars?
  10. If i set my scout to find me players with superb potential - does it mean that the scout will consider black stars in his search or he will give me players of 5 yellow stars only?
  11. Thanks man!! For some reason i thought that only very few countries don't allow dual citizenship..
  12. Sure, but do know any other countries with these same rules?
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