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  1. actrade

    Change Penalty Taker

    My notification is already set at 4 seconds. If you check the PKM, you'll see you had zero chance to change kickers. In my PKM, no one I don't believe anyone is on a hat trick.
  2. actrade

    Change Penalty Taker

    Same issue as previous post. PKM attached. Happened on several occasions in other games as well. Barnsley v Crewe.pkm
  3. actrade

    Assist credited to the wrong player in match

    Not sure if this is related, but since the patch, almost every match I've played sees at least one time where NO ASSIST is credited during live action and the replay, but it does show up in the stats. PKM attached. Watch Udoh goal, which clearly should have credited an assist to Cooper at that point, but doesn't. It does show up in the stats, so I guess this is more of an annoyance that a show-stopper. Crewe v AFC Wimbledon.pkm
  4. If you go to the individual training area of the senior team and hit the "ask the assistant to set players' focus" button, not only does he set focus, but he also sets their position/role. Do the same thing with the u23/u18 team and he just sets focus. While the ability to have the assistant set focus is quite useful (keeps me from having to monitor each skill), I can't really use it with the senior team as the assistant changes the roles I specifically want trained. Can't remember if this is a feature or bug or if it was that way in prior versions. FYI I have all setting in responsibilities set for the senior manager (me) to control.
  5. actrade

    Red Ball

    Understand some may use it. However, since there is already an option to change the white/yellow ball colors, why not let the user pick the color for the third ball?
  6. Summer white, winter yellow. I guess that the red ball is used when a kit conflicts, but could we have a choice for alternate color as some of us can't see red/blue very well. Cheers. EDIT: does anyone know exactly why the red ball comes into play? I just played a late Feb game at New White Hart Lane in 60F drizzle with the red ball. Played WBA, who were in their green kit, which doesn't conflict with yellow or white for that matter.
  7. actrade

    Red Ball

    I understand white for summer and yellow for winter. I have a hard time seeing the red ball (color blind). I see the ability in the game to change the default white/yellow, but is there a way to keep it from turning red? I believe I read somewhere it only uses red when a team has yellow kits? Would be nice if we could control the 3rd color for a ball.
  8. That may be true, but could they at least make it a stadium in the round vs. the open-ended look? I mean, OT, Wembley, Stanford Bridge at least resemble the real thing.
  9. Could you please make the FM stadium look close to what the new one will look like? The current one in game looks nothing like the way the real one will look. Thanks!
  10. When you have a penalty kick, the match engine leaves the "change penalty taker" option up until the next highlight, sometimes even longer. Second, never had this one before, but I had a penalty kick, made it, and it textually said I had my own assist, yet didn't record it in the stats. Obviously I couldn't have my own assist and the stats were right, but the goal recap was wrong.
  11. actrade

    Match has got stuck

    This is common as many people are reporting it in different threads. I am not sure how to reproduce, but happened to me twice last night. Work around is to drag the timeline back a bit, then go back to live action, fixes it every time.
  12. Already noted in the bugs forum. Current workaround is to drag the timeline back and then back to live action.
  13. Have had the same issue now twice...replay screen won't go away no matter what. Edit: Workaround is to drag the bar across the top backwards to another time in the match, then back to present and it clears it.
  14. actrade

    Match sound Issues - KNOWN

    Does anyone else hear a siren-like background sound amongst the crowd noise? Very irritating!
  15. actrade


    Ok, I am closing in on January in my first season with Tottenham and have learned a few things since my initial observation regarding too many injuries. First, if you manage Tottenham, you kind of start out behind the eight-ball due to injuries to key players (Son, Ericksen, Rose, Llorente), which makes it really hard to rotate your players without using u-23 players or breaking the bank with new additions in the transfer market (which hurts later when regular players ask for raises or playing time becomes in short supply when injured players come back). HOWEVER, once you start to get some of these players back, rotation becomes a bit easier. Also, I found out it is an absolute MUST that you pay close attention to the medical center and their recommendations on probabilities regarding potential injury. Once I started paying close attention to that and sitting players who are at high injury risk, I found myself in 20th position in the PL regarding players out with injury. The moral of the story is if you want to avoid a rash of injuries, don't play players who are susceptible to further injury, even if it means starting 3 or 4 u-23s until your squad gets healthier. Also, squad rotation is a MUST, even if their stamina is good at 92% or higher. It may cost you games in the short run, but the payoff in the long run is worth it.