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  1. Anyone got any suggestions better than this for the price? https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3104570/
  2. How much is it on Stadia right now? Tempted to buy one and FM as a cheaper alternative whilst I look at new PC options but pricing info is hard to find.... Don’t really want to lay down £120 and then find the game is another £50 on that!
  3. Silly question. Does the European only version work on UK steam accounts. CD Keys have it for £15.99 right now and although the UK is in Europe as a continent I've been stung by this kind of thing before. I can't find a "UK" version anywhere either..
  4. Depends how cheap you want it... £21.99 here right now https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/football-manager-2018-pc-steam-cd-key
  5. You must have a terrible PC. I have never waited more than a minute or 2 for anything to process and I don’t have the fastest laptop either...
  6. Apologies for the poor pic as I’m at work on the laptop. But, no matter how bad I get with tactics, I have no idea what possesses the AI to play Jonjo Shelvey as a false nine 😂🙈
  7. And no I wouldn’t pay £90 for it, I would find a site selling for a quarter less 👍
  8. You’re clearly a fool. You paid £38 for 1000’s of hours of fun. I paid £28 for 1000’s if hours of fun. You get the beta, I get the beta... Who scrapped around, a question was asked and answer was given within minutes, guy saved £10. Imagine you use this philosophy every time you brought something, oh I drive to work everyday so it doesn’t matter that I paid £3,000 more for my car than down the road.. I use my heating 10 hours a day, may aswell pay Eon £200 a month even though N Power will do it for £100. The fact is, you wasted £9 you didn’t have to, if you’re not interested in the ‘best or lowest price’ why even open the thread?
  9. £37 to £28 is £9. A quarter of the price. What is mind boggling is that you would pay £37 for something you can get for £28...
  10. 2game.com use code 2GAME10NL, I paid about £28 for it yesterday.
  11. So having just watched the 'trailer' again I noticed that the Everton and Watford badges were in the game and so were player faces such as Barkley and Bolasie, does this mean that the licences have been acquired for the whole premiership now?
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