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  1. For me the biggest issue is that players dont develop much after 24 which is nonsense. It ruins a big part of the game for me and i wont touch a player near this age if he has a decent bit of developing still to do, which is just absurd.
  2. I'm happy with the way FM looks, the match engine can always be improved but the overall look isnt an issue for me. Some people should just watch football as it seems that is what they want.
  3. He could still reach his full potential but it will definitely slow down his progression while he is injured.
  4. It was in relation to my other players who are averaging 7.4 and higher. If you guys say those ratings are above average then thats good enough for me, thanks for the replies.
  5. I have amazing mifielders but they almost always play rubbish. They usually finish the season about 6.98 rating and they often have games of 6.3 and 6.4 ratings this is in a winning team. This seems a problem since the update it was not something i noticed before. It seems like every update one position always has to play poor for some reason.
  6. Its ok i managed to find it. Its in advice and reports and if you hover over provides youth development information it says this is who brings in the youth intake. It seems a bit hidden away for me and should be in a category on its own as this doesnt really relate to reports imo. Hope this helps someone if they are looking for this as i thought for a couple of seasons my HOYD was bringing in my youth and it has been my DOF
  7. I have been looking in there but i cant see anything that mentions youth development
  8. I have an amazing head of youth development but it seems my director of football who is dealing with my youth intake and each intake i get is terrible. They are all casual or unambitious and have extremely low determination of 2 and 3. My head of youth is model citizen with nearly 20 in most stats so i would like him to deal with my intake. Can someone tell me how i change this Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot mate for the tip and prompt reply, i appreciate it.
  10. If a player comes to complaining he would like to go on loan there is no option to agree to loan him out, i can make promises to play or say he is being unprofessional, needed for backup or say i think he should go for good and be sold but there is no option to actually agree to loan him out which is utterly bizarre and makes zero sense.
  11. Ah thats annoying. It seems totally pointless having a second or third team, what is their purpose if they dont even play games.
  12. Thanks for the replies, how do i go about getting them into an active league. Thank you
  13. Hello people can anyone help me, i took over hamburg after having managed bolton and my second and third teams dont have any fixtures to play so i cant develop any of my players. I am into my second season after getting hamburg promoted. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I am Bolton and im playing in the championship and i cant seem to sign anyone. Players turning me down left and right and going to teams in league one and two. A player turned down a 4k contract with me for a trial with a league two team, that seems madness. Im finding it really difficult to sign any players and i cant imagine many players choosing league one teams and defo not league 2 over a championship team.
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