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  1. Thanks for the suggestions lads. I brought in Dominic Solanke on a year loan but his contract is up the following year so im hoping to get him on a pre contract in January. I also brought in James Wilson on a loan with an option to buy for 2 million but he seems to get a lot of injuries, good deal if i can keep him fit although his contract is up the following year and i doubt Man u will give him a new one so could get him on a pre-contract also. Was struggling to find someone good enough to buy. I will check out the suggested players out as i still have a week of the transfer window.
  2. Im playing Rangers and just starting my second season and got a bid of 22.5m for Morelos from RBL. I really dont want to sell him but its too much money. Can anyone recommend a good striker to replace him. I have chuma and Eduardo Herrera but chuma is still quite raw
  3. In my save i am Rangers, im into my 3rd season on my new save and i must say it seems like si have improved the youth players that come up through the ranks as i seem to get better players coming through than previous fm versions. On my second year i got some good prospects. This year i have had the best youth player i have ever seen, for me anyway. Paul Rae. He started with 2 stars and has 5 star potential. He is also described as a Perfectionist and i have never seen this on any youth player to come through my ranks. He looks immense and has been described as the next Joe Jordan.
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