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  1. I have noticed that the players I have out on loan have buy back clauses to the team they are on loan at...for example I am managing Man City and Oliver Nitcham is on loan at Genoa who have a buy back clause of 7 million. Also Rulli was on loan at real san sebastien till jan first. He then returned to city only to be transfered back to real san sebastien only now I have a 12 million buy back clause. Also noticed this with a lot of juventus loan players. Seems a little odd to me
  2. StinkFist

    Angel Gomes Man United

    He isn't in the touch version...same with many hot prospects for other teams.
  3. Just play them in the position you want...an amr playing mr will still perform, plus they will learn the position quicker. Pretty sure its just the decisions attribute takes a small hit. As long as the attributes are there for the position you will be fine. Cleon did a piece about converting a left back to a deep lying forward that may help explain things better.