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  1. Hi, thanks for your replies. I think I have the answer from you all...be patient and more will happen in other transfer windows.
  2. Thanks for the replies, most helpful. I would like to add that I have been playing fm since it's champ man days, and it seems particularly quiet on the transfer front this time around. It does make sense that the clubs transfers have already occurred, but I have just started a game on fm16 to compare again and there are quite a lot more transfers happening up to the same date, using the same teams/divisions. I'm sure it will all start to move when the January window opens. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have just started a new game in fm17 for the first time. I am playing in league 1, but have premier division down to vanarama north/south as playable divisions. It seems to me that in my save, the number of transfers happening is very low. There has only been £49 million spent in the premier league, £6million in the championship, and only 1 club has spent any money in the divisions below. Its not just the amount of money being low, but also the number of transfers is low. It is one day to transfer deadline day, and using the premier league as an example, half the clubs have not bought anyone, and the maximum number of players bought is 3. Most teams have bought either zero, or 1 player, and the highest transfer fee paid by any team is £9.5 million. Unless something spectacular happens, this is going to be a very unusual august transfer window. I am playing with all English leagues playable, and the database of players is not set low. When I look at worldwide transfers, there is also hardly anything going on. I just wondered if anyone else is seeing a lack of transfer activity in the game, or if it is all going to kick off tomorrow (in the game world)
  4. How easy or difficult would it be to create a new competition alongside all the existing competitions, which involved teams from every continent. It could be any format, for example, group stages followed by knockout, a league or a cup. It could involve the same teams every year or possibly involve qualification of the top two teams from many of the major nations taking part. It would run alongside all existing league and cup fixtures. Has this kind of thing already been created?
  5. I have never used the in game editor or the full editor before. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the in game editor to change the number of promotion/relegation places in a league, introduce or remove promotion/relegation playoffs and introduce splits in a league system? Or is this only available in the full editor and needs to be done before starting a new save? Thanks for any help.
  6. I love football manager. The tactical depth is pretty good. I would love to see even more layers of tactical depth. For example, pressing. It real life, there is more than one type of pressing. Is it a general full team press as soon as you lose possession? Is there a particular trigger to set of the press? Does it start when a player miscontrols? Or when the opposition have possession in certain areas of the pitch. Or when ertain players receive the ball? Do you press with multiple players to the man on the ball, or aim to cut off the supply to possible team mates? Is pressing only done during certain phases of the game? Maybe just the first ten minutes? Or first twenty, to try and Crete an early goal? Which player is responsible for starting the press on your team and why is their trigger? How about offside tactics? There is more than one way teams implement their offside traps and it is fairly sophisticated and done through constant drills and repetition...do you select a centre back to lead, or does each player refer to the next players position and take lead from the closest full back to the ball? Attacking tactics in real life are also often the result of preset drills and runs. It would be amazing if the training could involve a training pitch to incorporate setting up drills for pressing, offsides, what type of runs for your forward plyers to make. I don't mean in general "run forward", I mean specifically what common runs should your forward make when our right full back has the ball in his own half? How do the likes of Jermaine Defoe or Michael Owen being a good example in his prime try to beat the offside trap and play on the last man? It was making the same curved run again and again, not even getting close to receding the ball nine times out of ten, but doing it again and again every time certain players had the ball in certain areas. All done through repetitive training. I would like to setup where and when these types of runs should occur. Should they run the channel, make a curved run to beat the opposition offside trap, drop deep, pull wide or stay central...but not just a generic command...I would like to have a pitch setup where you could create the drills and position players into certain situations, then drill and instruct exactly where from and to each player's common movements should be. The quality of your ideas to counteract your opponent and coaches quality, plus the ability of your players to learn the routines can then increase or decrease the likelihood of success in game. How many top teams just rely on stay forward, or hover around the edge of the area type commands during set pieces? The top teams use meticulous planning and variation during attacking set pieces, with players involved making very specific runs, off the ball blocks, dummy runs intentional offside positioning, adding attacking players to defensive walls, plyers peeling off of walls for a pass "down the side" The potential for tactical depth is limitless. I realise this will be of no interest to many people, but I would love to see various subtleties added to the tactical approaches possible.
  7. I generally watch a couple of fulatches when fine tuning tactics at start of the season, then watch a combination of extended and key highlights. As the season progresses and tactics are well settled then most games settle into key highlights after 15 games. During the full or extended highlights I have never seen a player being told to get up! Ha ha would like to see that. I'm guessing the majority of players watch in either key or extended, maybe watching a full match every time would highlight more of these moments....however, real life beckons and so we have to speed up the games sometimes!
  8. Fair enough to everyone who thinks this is already adequately covered....just to answer comments about taking more notice during the match....I really am a huge fan of the series and hugely successful at it too, I don't think I need any advice on taking notice during the game, its just that one game feels much like another, and another, and another, whereas in real life there is always one player who winds up another or an incident that stands out happens at least a few times over a season. I just think the spectrum of on pitch behaviours could be wider. I'm not advocating a pitch full of 22 nutters every game, but the odd flair up a couple of times a season, or player being barracked by his strike partner for shooting when he was open, or having a paddy at you for substituting him, or feigning injury, or running stats a full 3km below any other player in the same position because he has stopped trying?..... does none of this sound like football but not like football manager? That is really my point, I'm just not expressing it very well....some of footballs rarer on field events due to personality, just to round off an already great game.
  9. This idea takes a couple of forms. Firstly, when a team is instructed to time waste often, certain players will enjoy taking the ball into the corner flag to run down the clock. Every now and then a defender will take exception to this form of time wasting and clatter the player by the corner flag with no intention of winning the ball. The other form of showboating a player needlessly showing off on the ball, and sometimes a defender who takes exception to that.
  10. I agree with both your points, but how often do you explicitly see the stats making any difference whatsoever. Players with high aggression playing more games getting less red and yellow cards than players with very little aggression. Selfish players? I have been playing football manager and championship manager before that for years, and you cannot pick out a noticeably selfish player...it should be really obvious to maybe just a few players in each league. Has Andros Townsend ever passed the ball to a teammate withing 35 yards of goal? No, but no players in football manager play like that. On pitch fights between team mates and arguments over who takes the set piece - not in the game. The sissoko example wasn't so much about big game player, it was more player who can play in a winning team but stats through the floor when it's time for a fight. I understand that they are covered in the stats mostly, I do take your point, but it is only really noticeable in the stats. Once the game starts, the players are really interchangeable personality wise and there is no one player in the game who stands out. How about the player who gets the crowd wound up or argues with the manager when being substituted? Or the player who loves an off the ball naughty foul..hair pull, shirt pull, off the ball push or stamp? Maybe I'm being too violent but it all goes on every week especially below premier league level. The next step for football manager would be to actually feel like you are managing players who behave very differently on the pitch and you can actually see it happen - not just statistics ( I do love all the statistics though!)
  11. For example selfish strikers who rarely pass to a team mate in a better position and shoot themselves (Sturridge)? Temperamental players, when things are going well stats are through the roof, when things are down he barely breaks into a sweat (sissoko at Newcastle compared to sissoko for France) Overly aggressive players - always the one to fly in two footed rashly for no apparent reason (Ben Thatcher anyone?) Off pitch saints - Gary lineker, Michael Owen? Consistent and never in the news compared to off pitch sinners....in so much trouble of the pitch that they are hardly on it....could name quite a few here.... A teamwork stat that affects how well players integrate with each other, very low stats may mean a player wrestling the ball off of your designated penalty taker before missing the target himself (has happened a few times recently) or maybe the odd on pitch fight between team mates ( lee bowyer? ) Plenty more of these personality traits that actually show up in meaningful ways could be integrated and possibly with ways for you, the manager to try and mould these players in a different way.
  12. Well thanks very much I never thought of using the editor to do that! I might try it in fm17 if that's still possible. Cheers.
  13. I would like to have the option to play a save with no transfer windows at all. This might not be a popular idea but I would personally like the option because buying and selling players is one of the best aspects of the games...highly unrealistic these days but could be interesting to be able to back to previous transfer window days.
  14. This sort of idea has been used in previous games (in a very old Amiga game very successfully) and I think it gives the most control possible over tactics. The idea is to split the pitch into areas in the tactical screen, and be able to select the position of where you would like your players to be with or without the ball. Not just at set pieces, bit in open play. I understand that people say this type of tactical approach means the players disregard what the other team is doing, but that doesn't have to be the case. Extra instructions can still be used in conjunction with these positions such as man marking at all times, and the players with high intelligence may also be able to behave in a more flexible way. As well as positioning with or without the ball, further detail could be added by selecting positions depending on the game situation. I.e. you can set up further positions depending on whether you are winning or losing, by how much, and what time during the game the tactics should kick in, or they can be selected manually. There could be another set of positional tactics that could kick in depending on in game weather changes (which I would like to see) I am not someone who believes the tactics are too hard to use at all, to be honest I have found the last few years games a bit too easy and once you discover a certain tactic works, it pretty much works..... i don't care what you say, but 7 years in a row league winners with no tactical changes made. It has been suggested when similar ideas are mentioned, that we already have control over where the players are via the tactical setup, but I would like absolute control over the runs my players make all over the pitch and in different situations....the basic idea was implemented on 8 bit machines 20 odd years ago and could easily be done very nicely now. The same tactical system could still be available in game as it is, so that people who don't want this level of control can still set tactics in the same way.
  15. At set pieces and in open play it would be nice to be able to design training ground routines to try and use in the game. Its always interesting in a real game when a team has obviously used some thought to come up with a clever free kick routine, especially when it pays off.
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