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  1. So, how far in are you?

    I've spent about 27 hours playing since Friday morning, just finished 9th with Bolton in the first season Now it's back to the real world...
  2. [FM10] Backroom Advice

    Does anyone know if it's possible to assign different coaches to give advice on different aspects of the game? My fitness coach gives me advice on everything, when I have really good tactical coaches :-(
  3. Routine for Friday?

    00:01 Tell girlfriend phone rang and she didn't hear it,pretend urgent emails need to be sent*activate pre-loaded game* 00:10 back to sleep 07:46 up for shower 08:14 leave house 08:16 pick up coffee and donuts 08:27 arrive at work 08:31 turn on home laptop, pretend I need it to "test" software I'm writing, shut door to office 08:32 start new game as Bolton 22:17 leave work just at end of January transfer window (getting kudos for working late!) , pick up pizza on way home and tell girlfriend "work is chaotic!" God, I get more excited about today than Christmas!
  4. Steam Pre-Load

    My ISP capped my download limit again this month... good thing I brought the laptop with me to work today
  5. Buying the Game in Ireland

    Well, I've mine pre-booked on steam, so won't even have to leave the house, but I know some of my mates pre-ordered on cdwow.ie. I "think" that works out cheaper, and judging by the forums some of these are already en-route! If i was doing it again I'd get it off cdwow or somewhere, and register via steam then, all the benefits but a little cheaper
  6. Thanks, spent about 5 hours yesterday going through this thread with a refill pad... gotta love winding down at work before the holidays!
  7. Re the filters, they're just shortcuts from the dropdown, you can still use the plus and minus symbols at the side to increase/decrease in single increments (if I understood the point correctly)
  8. Keygayleuk, simply brilliant post, you've saved me writing about 80% of the other stuff I'd noted from other posts! The new staff roles would add a lot I think. And complaining about my 17 year old hot prospect striker is a big bugbear! Other things (and most of these have already been mentioned, but I think the more they're mentioned the more likely we'll see them in the new game). Preseason 1) make transfer money avaible earlier (have missed a lot of FRT because funds aren't available until its too late) 2) foreign training camps 3) a tour squad should be announced (maybe 30 players total?) Physios/Training 1) dietitian, as a supplement to stamina coaching 2) better reporting from physio (slight bruise on arm or hamstring twinge for example. Also more in-match feedback a la ass man. 3) full medical report on player signing (eg, player passed but susceptible to ankle problems, slightly over weight, etc) 4) enable training progress over players career at club (as opposed to last 12 months) 5) explain the difference in costs between treating a player by the physio as opposed to specialist Transfers 1) make min release visible on player search screens 2) bring back first option transfers 3) enable buy from- loan back to (or even buy from/loan another player as part of the deal) 4) buy multiple players as part of a package Player Interaction 1) allow captains feedback post game, or even mid week (the rest of the players are unhappy because x is guarannteed 1st team football, etc) 2) when picking teams (for reserves and 1st team), the option to explain why players were picked/dropped would be useful (blood young players, rest star player for big game, match fitness, etc) 3) on the player interaction screen you should be able to tell a player he's not wanted (if he won't accept a transfer etc) and he'll rot in your reserves if he stays. 4) you should also be able to explain to players why you are sending them to a feeder (experience, w/p, etc) 5) you should be able to have more interaction with players in private. 6) more in-match interaction (psyche up subs coming on, yell instructions from sideline) 7) tv/magazine interviews, more seldom but more in-depth than a press conference 8) short press conference when new players are signed, maybe a weekly conference preseason to discuss new signings/rumours? Scouting 1) bring back the videos from agents 2) at the start of each season your chief scout (or an elected scout anyway) should give you a list of all the tournaments for the year, and you should be able to assign scouts to several, non-overlapping tournaments from a single screen. (why can't my best scout be assigned to the Olympics and uefa-19s a the same time, even though they would have to be scouted at the same time?). It's a pain to have to remove a scout from a finished competition and go back an check if there are any new tournaments every month) Misc 1) at the board room you should be able to improve medical and commercial facilities 2) people have mentioned the odd chance of someone being injured in the warm up 3) once you've confirmed a sub, but someon else gets injured/sent off before you're changes have actually been applied (ie before you're subs have hit the pitch) you should be able to cancel them 4) trophey cabinet 5) if you manage the reserves, surely you should get a little kudos if they win the league? 6) a short list for staff, so you can keep an eye on star scouts at other clubs. 7) and some more hype about wonderkids, especially in foreign countries, so they are brought to your attention. 8) finally, when you advertise a job, the applicants should be presented as a shortlist, which you can save, and compare like in the normal staff screens I know a lot of this is rehashed, but there seems to be a lot of support for some of these on the forum so I thought it might be good just to keep them fresh. And there are one or 2 ideas I would really like to see implemented (I like to think they're original but I'd be surprised if they were!). I'd defeintely like the see the job-applicaant short-list and the grid-view to assign scouts to different tournaments, all from the same screen. Sorry for the long post, these are all little niggle more than huge issues for me, but if you don't rant...
  9. Virtual Memory Clarification

    sometimes letting xp handle its own vm just doesn't work. What i normally do is set the page file to be twice the size of the ram installed, min and max so its a constant size. eg i you have 2gb installed set the page file to 4gb. setting it to a static size reduces a lot of the overheads involved. I'm guessing you don't have an old copy of MS word installed either? its a long short but in older editions of word the spellchecker could cause these prblems even when word wasn't being used!!
  10. Oh yeah, I didn't exactly pay full whack for it, so its not the cheapest if you're on a budget, but i tend to end up carrying most places.
  11. I got one of these, 4GB of RAM (of course I only got the 32bit vista so its not using it all, but its nice to know its there!) Its not the most mlindingly fast machine, but its only 12" so its relly easy carry it around. I have a 17" workstation replacemnt as well, more powerfully, but then size isn't everything http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_can..._name=tx2000z_series
  12. Scout Tournament Reminders Another little option I'd like is for the club secretary etc to remind you when a tournament is starting, so you can send your scouts to it, such as the Euro under 21's, African nations etc
  13. What would everyone think of some in-game advice from the ass man? Maybe something along the lines of "their number 9 is dictating play, maybe put a man-marker on him?" or something like that.. Nothing overly detailed, and nothing that pops up every 30 seconds, maybe just once or twice a match?
  14. Sorry if this has been posted before, but what about the ability to explain to players why the have been subbed? Just had my new record signing throw the toys out of the pram because I brought him off to give his understudy a 20 minute run!!
  15. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but how about the ability to include load players as part of a transfer? For example, lets say a small team in a lower division sell their brilliant goalie, how about getting their backup goalie on loan for the season as part of the original transfer deal? Also how about being able to offer (for example) one brilliant (but sulky) striker in exchange for a few players? I know you can offer several players for one, but you can't do it in reverse?