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  1. Hi, I'm playing the game on iPad and having no luck with assigning the set-piece takers. Is there a trick to it or anything? I'm unable to drag the players to assign them to corner takers, free-kick takers etc.
  2. Hi there, I'm currently playing with Monaco and I have 25 happy, 1 content and 45 unhappy players with squad training. My training is as follows: General : Team Cohesion - Average. %20 on match training. Rest before and after game. Match Training : Def. Positioning. Individual Training is on the roles they play for me. All my coaches are at least 4*s. What seems to be wrong here, can anyone help me out?
  3. Yeah, that's why I paid that much for him. You get the cash part back and the monthly instalments as monthly instalments.
  4. Hi there, in the previous games we were able to make comments about managers, praise players, declare them weakest link etc. How can we do those in this game?
  5. Hey there guys, I've also started a career with Arsenal. It's the start of October and we're 3 points behind MANU with 5 wins and 1 loss. Here are my transfers: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/3xd.png/ Bought Lewandowski and brought back Cesc to the team. All seems to be well for the time being.
  6. Thanks for your help, I will look into it but I made some transfers(woot!!). Fabregas came back to us and he was joined by Lewandowski. So, I'm thinking of playing something like: Arteta - Wilshere Fabregas - Ozil - Lewandowski Giroud
  7. How do you think play one AP player and one DLP player would affect the tactic? And changing the AMC to trequarista? Would it make the tactic too attacking? I play as arsenal so I was thinking of doing : Özil - Trequarista, Wilshere - AP, Ramsey - DP
  8. Yeah, I know I did on FM13; that's why I asked.
  9. Hi there, I have 2 questions about the MLS. How can I ask my assistant manager to search for designated players? And how can I ask the board for another Designated Player spot?
  10. How can we arrange a club in the editor to be taken over?
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