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  1. There is a save game in the ftp (the location it ended up in is "fm > game-save > Rockdan_EHM-contract-miscalculation.sav"). That save file is the day the news item appears saying my rights to the unsigned draft choice will expire in 1 month, and no offer has been made yet. If you need something earlier, I can find a backup save, but I'm not sure how far back that would go.
  2. In 1.3, when trying to sign my drafted players to NHL contracts for the first time, the numbers are not matching up at different points. I uploaded a screenshot & save game to the ftp to show these. In the screenshot, it lists the total salary the player wants ($2,775,000) and says it is over 3 years. It then says the average wage per year would be $694,000 (the total salary divided by 4). Where I offer at the bottom, the salary is broken into 3 years, listed at $925,000 per year. Some players it's not doing this, I think it is happening on ones that have the specific "Contract start date" line on the offer page. http://i.imgur.com/yQBaIqV.jpg
  3. I have an error that popped up when advancing a day, it reads "player_fixtures(): the match stats don't exist". The game doesn't crash, it seems to function normally after. I'm not sure exactly what is getting affected by this, but I've never seen the error before, and it pops up upon the first advanced day on my save file. I uploaded a screenshot and the save file to the ftp.
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