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  1. Love the designs! I’d go for the first one.
  2. Great ideas! Good luck with your save, and I am looking for more.
  3. Hello everyone. 👋🏻 Could anybody explain me the differences between a full back and a wing back? Currently I am using a formation which includes an IF(S) & WB(S) on the left side, and W(S) & FB(S) on the right side. What I want to achieve is to attack more often on the left flank, so this is why I am using a WB on the left. (as I think it is a more attacking role than a full back, please correct me if I am wrong.)
  4. I have been a 4-1-4-1 fan since FM 16. I used to hate possession football but now I am a possession monster.
  5. Yes, I noticed that too. I think it has been broken since the latest update.
  6. "Mobile Target Man" is an interesting idea. I think this role will perfectly fit Andy Carroll (he is mentioned in that article too), and also Luiz Adriano who is my third forward. I played two matches with these instructions. He scored one goal and played decent in one of them. I will play more matches, and post detailed updates about the situation. As for your suggestion about box to box midfielder, I feel this role is doing well in my tactics. The role has "Get further forward" PI, and scoring goals occasionally. I occasionally switch it to CM(S) according to the player playing there. Thank you so much for your help!
  7. Hello everyone. I am using a 4-1-4-1 formation for my team. However, it seems like I am having trouble with my forwards. I used Andy Carroll as a Target Man before switching to 4-1-4-1, and he was doing pretty well. Since I switched to this formation, he became inconsistent as a Target Man (I expected this. I knew False Nine, Defensive Forward or Deep Lying would work in my formation.) So I switched him to a Defensive Forward, and nothing changes. I have another forward for rotation, he is playing as a False Nine but he is inconsistent too. And my young forward, he is playing as a Defensive Forward, he is not playing well too! I win most of my matches, unbeaten runs, league champions etc. but my forwards get low ratings in 90% percent of matches, and I get 0-0 draws occasionally because of my forwards' bad performances. I can't find a way to make my forwards work! My formation, team instructions etc. is below. Any help is appreciated guys! Formation and instructions: http://imgur.com/a/lJRhW Rotation forward: http://imgur.com/a/FhwpM
  8. Ronaldinho is the man! He scores free kicks like this almost every match.
  9. Read it all. These are really good suggestions, I would love to see these in game.
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