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  1. I think it isn't really helpful to just post a link to another thread where a system is described which is a bit different than what the topicstarter was talking about, especially the formation and playing roles will differ in a 433 vs 343
  2. This is amazing. If this is really the way that move into channels works, I finally understand why my midfield runner would benefit from a creator who moves into channels. Cheers!
  3. fm2017 skin

    Thanks for version 5.1, it's amazing!! Now to finalize all this greatness: 1. what resolution works best for this skin? 2. How can I manage to see a picture of the club-location in the club overview? (see picture below for the missing pictures, I have already installed the daz8 backgroundpack so stadiums and cities work fine. Only locations is missing)
  4. Wow, this is a groundbreaking topic for me. I have never understood how I could actually use the close down instructions etc in such a way that I could thunnel the play where I want it to be. Very insightful stuff! I'll post my experiences when I've tried my take on this 🙂
  5. I always thought that Vitrex was the best skin, as I also said in a post in this topic. But after your post I checked the clinched skin and you are totally right: Clinched is the best skin out there!
  6. fm2017 skin

    yeah, I totally agree after some thinking, as you can see
  7. fm2017 skin

    Hi @sirwill, after some thinking about it I think you totally deserve a donation for your great work so that's what I just did. Does this also imply that I now can get access to the latest version of this skin?
  8. fm2017 skin

    Ah, its not for free, fair enough I guess. I'll consider a donation then 🙂
  9. fm2017 skin

    Its V3. I can't find the latest version, do you know where I can download that version? Cheers for the city pack suggestion, I was using Vitrex City pics. Will try DAZ8's citypack to see what happens. Do you also know where I can download that citypack?
  10. fm2017 skin

    I love this skin, great work! I was using Vitrex until today. This is even better! I have two questions about the club overview screen: 1. there's a widget that shows location, city and stadium pictures, but there are no location's or cities shown. Only the stadium pictures are shown. How can I get the locations and cities to show up? 2. There's a panel that shows "key employees". When there is a key employee marked as "none currently", this text shows up higher than the other key employees. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate the work that's gone into this.
  11. (I didn't know whether or not I should post this topic into the tactics forum or at the general discussion forum, so I chose the latter) Every AI manager in game has a description of the tactical preferences he uses as a manager. For example: So, as we can see, every manager is described by the following subjects: - Preferred Formation - Playing style - Coaching style - Playing mentality - Pressing style - Marking style - 2nd preferred formation - Preferred defensive formation - Preferred attacking formation I think it is great that we can see and analyse these preferences of each manager, but what do these descriptions really mean? How do these preferences translate them self into the Tactical Creator and what can we really learn from these manager tactical preferences? Maybe an underlying question from me in this topic is: how can I really spot what team instructions each manager uses and how they differ from one tactic to another for the AI? (My aim is to get better at using the TC by understanding how the AI managers are using it)
  12. I think team shape is by far the most difficult thing in FM tactics. For example, I have never been able to spot which team shape the AI uses so how can I learn more about team shape if it is so difficult to spot? I've come to a point that I really hope team shape will be taken out of the game next year, or get a total revamp which would make it easier to understand, hopefully.. kandersson, I think that is a fantastic idea! I think it could maybe be implemented in the manager profile within the manager tactics spot. In order to not de-focus this topic from it's original subject I've opened up a new topic to discuss the meaning and interpretation of AI manager tactical preferences. Maybe if we understand those preferences better we can already learn about how SI interprets popular managers tactics. you can join the discussion here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/401809-what-do-the-ai-manager-tactical-preferences-really-mean/
  13. Hi ozil, thanks for this thread. I think it got me a little bit closer to really understand how the tc works. I'm noticing however a very frustrating pattern in my mind when trying to form a tactic: when I read threads like this I think: wow, this is great, I finally understand the tc! But then, when I want to adapt this new knowledge into the game, I get even more confused again about how I should use this in my tactics. I guess the whole concept of team shape is just way too theoretical for me to make it click to a practical solution. So my solution has been ignorance: I'm just not using team shape anymore and leave it on standard, or how it may be called. I think what I'm missing as a final piece of the puzzle to really be able to adapt this knowledge into my tactics is: Which real life managers use which combination of team shape and mentality? What are the best and most clear real life examples of every single combination of team shape and mentality? I know this is a huuuuge question to answer and I'm not even sure there's an answer to it, because I really fear that team shape is such a theoretical thing and that its just not really replicated in real life football. I don't see it in real life, but could be me..
  14. He has decided to take his website (and thus most of his pictures/screenshots) offline because he is considering what to do with his website and articles.
  15. I think you are being a bit negative here. I have played FM17 for hundreds of hours and don't recognise half of the things you are pointing out, to be honest