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  1. When I took over a club who were fighting against relegation halfway the season I learned a valuable lesson about teammorale and team selection. The team had 3 starplayers, clearly better then the rest of the squad, and all 3 were unhappy cause they wanted to leave the club. But because they were the best players selected them every match for 3 weeks. I lost al 3 matches and the starplayers were performing incredibly poor. After those weeks I got so sick and tired of the starplayers that I decided to let them rot in the reserves, fined them, transferlisted them and never looked at them ag
  2. Tnx for the suggestion! Just to clarify: I never said that de Jong must come deep. I just wanted him to play in a suitable role for his capabilities. I don't mind playing him as an AF and have been thinking about that myself, but haven't tried it. How do you think about his speed? Isn't de Jong a bit too slow for an AF role?
  3. After some disappointing results I had the idea to change some of the roles in my attack. This is how my tactic now looks: I've given the 2 am(s) some pi's to make them look like ap(s), but without the ball-magnet and without hold position. Also I made the Am(at) look like a SS but without the dribbling because I want him to move instead of dribble. The DLF has dribble less to make him.. erm... dribble less.. I had a nice win over Sparta with 2 field goals with some patterns I would like to see more often, some good movements. Definitely something to build on I guess. Mayb
  4. Tnx for your suggestion @felipencntst I applied them both (structured and control), but didn't notice a real difference. Had an okay game against fc Groningen but didn't finish some small chances and lost due to a cross that went straight in in the 87th minute or something like that, of course. (But Groningen became stronger in the second half so maybe they deserved a goal... Feels very unfair to loose this way however). I've uploaded the match again because I don't know what to do to score some goals and create more quality chances. Halfway the match I turned on "look for overlap"
  5. I've played 2 matches with a dlf instead of a tm: 4-1 win and 0-0 draw. In the match we won there was more movement from the striker, but not necessarily from the amc's. Defensive wr are stable, but in attack still a bit toothless. Could changing my mentality to control help? What do yoy think is the best way to keep my defensive stability but also increase my attack a bit more?
  6. You are probably right: I'm a bit clogging the centre and playing my opponents in their cards, but the centre is also where my strong players can play at their best. Except Guardado and Bergwijn I don't have good options for the flanks. That's why I'm tempted to keep on trying a narrow 4231 for this moment. But I will try a different striker role because of the hopefully improved movement and I'll keep in mind the importance of stretching my opponent. Good call, I'll try and see what a DLF instead of a TM does to the tactic. Also thinking about playing the striker as a CF(s), but that'
  7. Thanks! It's really encouraging for me to read this I expected Guardado to move a lot more then he actually does. But then again, he has a discouraging ppm for movement I guess (Comes deep to get ball). I'm tempted to choose Ramselaar over Guardado because of his movement, if it wasn't that Guardado is one of my quality players. I'm gonna watch and see Bergwijn's quality's to fill in the AM or striker role at some point cause I really think the point you are making is valid: the attack lacks some pace. Yeah, much of the (unconcerning) crosses were from my
  8. After contracting this absolute beast on a free for some defensive stability..... ... I played my first official match. The Dutch Super cup, against Feyenoord. This was my tactic and players: The game ended in a win for me and Feyenoord was complete toothless in attack, which I'm very happy about. I guess they didn't come to attack me with a very defensive 4-5-1, which helped me neutralize their attacks. They had many totally harmless crosses and not 1 big chance. Looking at my own squad in attack, there are some thoughts I want to point out: - Proppe
  9. Yeah, it's an unbalanced squad I guess: almost no wingers, no defensive stability in midfield. I hope I'll make the right decisions 🙂 Tnx for the advice! I would really like to keep those three players. Bergwijn won't be difficult to keep as he is still very young. But I'm not sure I will be able to keep Hendrix and Willems around because there will be coming transferbids very soon and I am affraid they won't accept me to decline the bids. Would you decline them at all cost, even when players get upset about it? This makes sence indeed. I was planning on selling Guardado
  10. Thanks for your reply mate, appreciate it very much! I guess you are totally right with this. Did you also think about Hendrix as a midfielder who lacks defensive abilities and should be used as an amc? I don't have many out and out wingers btw, only Guardado but I don't really want to use him as a Winger. Bergwijn is a promising inside forward who I'll give playtime from time to time to develop him into a star-player. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll tweak around a bit and see what fits and feels best. I guess I'll need to hunt for defensive stable midfielders in the tr
  11. Side note: I've posted 3 formations in the first post. But I don't necessarily WANT to use those tactics. If you guys have better ideas about possible good formations for this PSV squad, please tell me. The reason I posted the 3 formations is because I want to learn, and I think I learn best when I'm not only asking questions but also try to shape some things myself. But I'm very unsure about the posted formations, so all your suggestions are very welcome...
  12. Dear Football Manager experts, I'm very insecure about posting this topic because I'm afraid I've created a big monster which can't be tamed. But since I already started writing all the information I'm now praying you guys can help me with it. For this thread I have thought about 4 major goals I would really like to achieve with your help: 1. I want to learn the strengths/weaknesses of this PSV Squad. 2. I want to learn how to use the strengths/weaknesses of this team to make a succesful tactic that fits the team (How can I make my star-players play their best football?) 3. I w
  13. I just stopped by, just to say that you gave me my enthousiasm back to play this game after a stop of a few weeks. I stopped playing because I just couldn't figure out my tactics and what was going wrong and what I really wanted. Now I'm gonna try this and see where it gets me, with my own tweaks ofcourse Thanks for the great openingpost!
  14. There is this Youtubeguy, LokiDoki (he also started the "dear SI/Sega" discussion), he did a 500 years in the future testsave. Spoileralert: Liverpool never got the league title
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