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  1. Set two of your players to "headbutt goalkeeper". In addition to that, set 4 of your players to "foul every defender in sight". Then, all you have to do is type "E=MC2 TROOPER" and "BIG DADDY" at the very moment the ball is kicked. These instructions should help you get your unbeatable corner tactics. Cheers.
  2. Here's a great explanation about the role with some actual footage of the movements and actions from a halfback: Cheers!
  3. Yes, I've had the same 'mistake' 3 times now, since the new patch... Also both to my benefit and disadvantage. I guess it's a sort of 'bug'...
  4. I'm sorry, but I can't help but disagree. I'm relatively new to the game (since fm 15) and struggling big time in getting results with almost every team that's not suppost to be top 3 in a division. And even then I struggle. This game ís hard. I've tried your advice about just tinkering the shape en mentality in a formation the last days, but after many tries I still can't get a grip to the concepts of tactics and how they work in game: fornation, shape, mentality, roles, player instructions, team instructions. Although you try to explain that this game is not hard to play, it actually ís hard to understand how all the parameters influence eachother and what is the cause of being outplayed by the ai sooner or later many times in the game. I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit disappointed and negative. It's really not meant as a complaint or what so ever. But in many of your posts rashidi I jus don't understand what you are explaining, and then everytime you top it of with a "the game really is not that hard". Well, for you as a really experienced and talented FM-player it is not and I see and admire that. But for many people the game and it's tactic mechanism is just really difficult to get a true grip on. I really appreciate all the efforts you put in helping many people with understanding the game, I'm sorry if I am sounding this negative. 4-1-4-1. 4-1-2-1-2. 4-4-2. 4-1-2-2-1. In FM 17 it all works for me, max 5 or 6 games. And then it collapses. I try to analyse my players, their suited roles, the roles that suit the tactics and compliment eachother, the shape, thr mentality. But the harder I try to fully understand it, the more I fail. It is just a hard game. Please stop saying it isn't, because it is. Or am I the only fool in this world who can't be consistent through more than 1, maybe 2 seasons?
  5. You have got yourself a follower for this series, sir (not new though, have been following your youtube adventures for the past -almost a- year. Still considering if I'll join the challenge or start something for my own though. Anyways, goodluck with yours!
  6. Can't wait for the video to be released! Already pre-ordered the game. ATM still playing FM 15 and can't wait to start playing the new FM if there will be some major improvements
  7. tnx for the quick reply! I tend to try to change a player's personality from -for example- balanced to professional. Is that too big of a difference between the two personalities? Or is it still bad luck that the tutoring doesn't work?
  8. [Football manager 15 tutoring problem] In my 5 season-in career at PSV I was not able to successfully tutor any of my players, despite that I've payed attention to (as far as I know) all the important conditions for succesfull tutoring: - the tutor is older than the tutee - Tutor has got a better reputation - Tutor has got a higher wage - Tutor has got a better personality (I mostly tried (model) professional tutors, but also spirited). - Both tutor and tutee are familiar with the same playing position(s). At every attempt I've tried until now, the tutoring stopped at an (too) early point, saying that the tutee can't learn from the tutor because of the differences in personalities. Both the tutor and tutee and up being upset/disappointed about the frustrating period. Am I overlooking anything in this? What can I do to succesfull tutor my players?
  9. Thank you very much for the reply. I'm about to start reading the link you posted, great to discover there's actually a thread where all the changes are being described.
  10. I'm about to change mentality to counter. Any other advice, maybe about shape? Would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  11. Hi Cleon, What a stunning thread! For years I've been having not at all happy with my fm tactics, because I only could get a attacking style of play working. That said, I absolutely love counter football and thus got more and more frustrated about playing the game tge way I did. Could you or someone else help me with the question: will this way of forming a counter style of play work in fm 15 (because of the differences in me 15/16)? What do I need to change/keep an extra eye on when I want to get counterfootball working in fm 15? Thanks for helping me out
  12. I am really surprised to see that so many FM-gamers are a bit pessimistic about the expected FM 17 features that will be revealed. The lack of early hyped information about the new features of FM 17 just makes me more curious and hopeful about it: we are being summoned to buying the game without knowing it's new features. I think that SI would never opt for that kind of marketing when there won't be a very decent new game, including great new features. I'm just really looking forward to the new game and am expecting some major improvements, just by the fact that it would be fantastic marketing for the game. It's like SI is telling me: you don't have to worry about it, just buy it. The new features will be great.
  13. I'm aware of the fact that this style maybe doesn't match very well with a title contender, but I just want to experiment with it, simply because I want to try something else than playing a high line, pressure the opponent, etc. In my opinion I should be able a to get a counterattacking style working with any team right? Some ideas I have of improving the tactic: - Maybe change team shape structured to fluid. That way, my players have more freedom in attack, witch should make my attack less predictable. Is that right? And would it be a good change? - Maybe change mentality defensive to counter. That way, my team takes a little more risk in going forward, maybe resulting in faster, more counterattacks. Is that right? Wouldn't I be losing my defensive organisation too much, because I really want to sit deep and invite the opponent in my half. - Maybe I need my cm(s) to become my main important passing-guy. He has good passing and vision, so could set up (counter) attacks pretty good I guess. Any ideas about this?
  14. I can't seem to succesful tutor players in fm 15. I think I've got all the conditions right: tutor is older, better reputation, higher wage, better personality, same position. Still, every try at tutoring my players fails because the players' are very different and can't learn from eachother. Why?
  15. Formation and instructions This is the formation and instructions I started with at my first game (I am currently playing with PSV because that’s my favourite club): I played 2-2 against AZ that match. In total, I have played 7 matches with this tactic since then. I lost most of them, but I don’t really mind because I’m still developing the tactic and I know that this could happen. I’ve watched every match very closely and slowly am changing things to the tactic, just to make things right for me. These were the changes I’ve made during the past matches: Player roles changes: Goalkeeper(d) --> Sweeper keeper (d). My goalkeeper was hitting long balls every time he got the ball. Even changing his pi’s did not really solve this problem. He’s played a sweeper keeper (d) duty for one match now, and he made only 1 passing mistake. Great! Wide midfielders (s) --> Wingers (s). My wide midfielders were not nearly as explosive in attacking phase as I wished them to be. They also did not get very involved in the play. So I’ve changed them to Wingers and that helped them contribute more in attack, and also going forward with more speed. Box to box midfielder (s) --> Central midfielder (a). I had no support for my striker in the centre while building a attack. Every attack was build up by passing it to my striker. Also there was no proper support when getting close to the goal, so I wanted to change either my BBM or CM(s). I chose the BBM to change, because I think a CM(S) is a bit more reliably in defence. Team instructions at this moment: Play out of defence. I don’t want my team to hoof the ball up field. But they did to often by my needs. This TI seems to help me building an attack more slowly when there’s no counter possibility. Exploit the flanks. I want my wingers to be involved big time in attack. This was happening not often enough for me. This TI seems to help me with erm… well, exploiting the flanks, I guess. Higher tempo. I got a bit frustrated with the build up tempo and the lack of counters I’ve seen. So I thought that Higher Tempo could help me speeding up my counterattack. I don’t know yet if the TI is doing what I was hoping for. Player instructions at this moment: Sweeper keeper: pass it shorter, distribute to full backs, roll it out, distribute quickly. All PI’s to help the goalkeeper not get fined by the manager Distribute quickly is for setting up counterattacks I guess. Wingers: shoot less often. I found that in building an attack my wingers were taking many shots from way out. I don’t like that. The TI’s stops them doing it. CM(S) and CM(a): Close down less. I found that my CM’s were closing down slightly too much, causing my defensive shape to get vulnerable for through balls. This TI is helping my cm’s stay in their defensive shape, which is exactly how I like it. Deep lying Forward: shoot less often. He was just firing way too many shots from the outside of the box. I don’t want him to rush the shots when there’s no real chance to get a goal from it. Formation and instructions at this moment So, with these changes, my team looks like this: Questions/help with my tactical problems Still, I am not really there yet with the tactic. The problems I am facing are not when defending, because I’m actually quite content about that part: my team is containing in their own half and forcing the other team to fire cannonballs from way out. The problems are starting when I’m looking at the attack of my squad. And especially the counterattack. Because, in all 7 matches, I haven’t seen one single proper executed counterattack. No single chance from a counter. Zero. I’ve noticed that 9 out of 10 times my opponent stays very deep and only goes forward with 3 or 4 men. Maybe that’s part of the problem why I cannot counterattack them. But still, I’ve seen enough moments where I thought: this would be a great opportunity for a counterattack… aaaaand it’s gone. The building up just seems too slow. Or the ball gets hoofed up field, to my lonely striker, who loses the header and we lose the ball. That's just not what I want to see! Also, when building a slow attack (because there are no counterattacks) everything seems really easy to defend for most teams. There is no surprise in our attacks. Now, after this very long introduction: can you guys please help my tactic to become a real counterattacking threat, whilst not losing my defensive stability? I know I’m not that experienced with the Tactics et cetera, so any kind of help is welcome. Ask me anything if something is not proper explained. I would love to make this tactic work, because it would be the first time I would actually start feeling really good about winning, because for the first time it would be with my own implemented vision.