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  1. If you head to the Advanced Filters you'll get a breakdown of what the "Recruitment Team" are.
  2. I flagged this up back in November and it was "under review" as from 5th December. So I guess we should all take "under review" as "swept under the carpet".
  3. Sorry to hijack this thread but ; In addition to this it seems that should the club go on to win the CL final, those players that were unavailable (due to international call up) do not get awarded with the CL in their player history even though they may have been ever present in the competition. As an example my main goalkeeper, Ridho (amongst many other first team members), was unavailable for the Asian CL final due to international call up. We ended up winning the competition but even though Ridho had played 13 times in the ACL he doesn't have the win of the competition recorded in his history. My reserve goalkeeper, Winata, with only 3 appearances (3 were for World Club Cup), does however. This is the same for any players of mine, Puhiri in this example, that missed the final due to that international call up.....even though they all amassed double figure appearances in the competition.
  4. All vanilla leagues plus Japan leagues 1, 2 & 3. Real name edit and graphical mods. Save uploaded : Borneo FC.fm
  5. Weird...they're present in mine but the option for the assistant manager to assign players to groups is always unavailable.
  6. Three patches later and this is still an issue. Surely can't be that hard to fix can it?
  7. 1. 60 fps 2. Always 3. 60 Hz 4. See attached DxDiag.txt
  8. ^Exactly as above. These frame drops/stutters seem to be so random. It doesn't seem to matter if you have loads of programs/browser pages open in the background or not....the stutters still occur.
  9. Are there any plans to fix the remaining bugs (non-ME) that are still present in this game or are SI now done with this years version and looking to FM20 instead?
  10. Bump! This is still an issue in 19.3
  11. This occured in much the same way that @namjai described above. Of the news items generated for that day, I skipped through them until I got to the "Pre-season Start Date to be Decided" item (which was generated after the "End of Season Team Meeting" one - see screenshot) and chose a suitable start date. It would seem that doing this prevents you from going back to the Pre-season Start Date item to then actually hold that team meeting. It will only let you continue if you holiday for a day after this as the "continue" has changed to a "must respond" and to "respond" you need to hold the team meeting.
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