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  1. Yet it is possible to manage a cup final in Indonesia and then manage an international friendly at home in Uruguay (or any other country for that matter) on the same day. Doesn't make sense to me. Bugs, bugs, bugs.
  2. Maybe it was rushed, maybe it's unfinished (certainly was when released), the product is a travesty, end of!
  3. If you head to the Advanced Filters you'll get a breakdown of what the "Recruitment Team" are.
  4. Are there any plans to fix the remaining bugs (non-ME) that are still present in this game or are SI now done with this years version and looking to FM20 instead?
  5. It turns out this was a hardware issue. Specifically, the power connection to the ssd had become loose.
  6. None of helped unfortunately. I removed all my graphics, extra leagues etc.....and after a reinstall I can now get the game to load to the main menu. But this is where other problems show. For some reason I can not deselect England when choosing which countries to play in (it is greyed out in the menu) and after sitting through the generation process, choose team etc...I then get a message saying the game could not be saved. I've repeated this process quite a few times now and always with the same result.
  7. I'm suddenly getting a crash when loading the game. I have verified the integrity of the game files through Steam but still get this pop up error message. Any takers?
  8. That doesn't really answer the question @Neil Brock. "19.2 is not far away from official launch" is somewhat ambiguous as an answer.
  9. @Neil Brock Will those of us not using this beta have to wait until February's winter update for it to go live??
  10. Any chance @Neil Brock you may be able to let those of us not using the beta know when an updated ME will be released? Will we have to wait until post Jan transfer window .....i.e. February??
  11. Do players mark Keepers when taking attacking corners with this latest ME?
  12. I haven't tried this beta branch, nor been able to read through all the comments yet...but was wondering if this was still a thing. More specifically the second and fifth posts.
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