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  1. Ok, hands up, I made an error with this one. I read it completely wrong.....but now that I have your attention, can you explain to me what the beta period is for?
  2. I have a save from before the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament starts (save is 28/6/21, tournament start is 5/7/21) so you will have to sim through some days and then hope that player/s pick up yellow/red cards for this issue to show. File name : Major Lee - Thespakusatsu Gunma (v02)
  3. Yup. No problems with it here. What skin are you using? @<<Macaco-RJ88>>
  4. So it seems that having a player pick up multiple bookings whilst managing an International team, Code of Conduct for the club side I'm managing applies ie. my Haiti players are getting fined as per my clubs CoD setting (managing club team in Japan whilst also managing Haiti at international level). Surely not right is it? Seems a bit pants.
  5. Just re-apply the file again @<<Macaco-RJ88>>. Every time there's an update you'll have to do so.
  6. You'll need to follow the instructions in the second post of this thread to get the overview screen working again
  7. Yet it is possible to manage a cup final in Indonesia and then manage an international friendly at home in Uruguay (or any other country for that matter) on the same day. Doesn't make sense to me. Bugs, bugs, bugs.
  8. Maybe it was rushed, maybe it's unfinished (certainly was when released), the product is a travesty, end of!
  9. If you head to the Advanced Filters you'll get a breakdown of what the "Recruitment Team" are.
  10. Are there any plans to fix the remaining bugs (non-ME) that are still present in this game or are SI now done with this years version and looking to FM20 instead?
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