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  1. sorry, yes I meant the scroll bar and clicking on a button once it has taken you to the page it was designed to, basically over clicking on something, that help?
  2. Evening, I'm still getting the issues with the graphics flashing when moving sliders up and down or clicking on a button when it doesn't take you anywhere, that make sense?
  3. ok, wasn't aware of the manager's face being disabled, thanks for getting back to me.
  4. Sporadically when I move the mouth or sliders up and down the graphics flicker with what look like red lightning strikes! The managers face doesn't appear anywhere. Ball has gone grey. Ball also continually rolls in dead ball situations. Shadow from ball on keepers body. Teams disappear from side panels during matches. Pop up menu of clubs interested in players fails to appear when mouse hovers over it.
  5. Done it, easy as picking your nose
  6. Ok, cheers, is it quite simple from there?
  7. Hello, does anyone know how I can add a second nationtality to a couple of young argentine players please? I'm Newcastle and they've both failed to get work permits, which is annoying and as it stands a total waste of funds, and I don't want to wait the x number of years for them to qualify!!
  8. Hello, Thanks for the reply. It was as I was loading the game from my desktop short cut. I've managed to fix it by following this and verifying the cache twice. Fingers crossed all seems to be working fine now!!
  9. I've been trying to load my FM 16 save tonight and continually get run time errors, followed by a message telling me the steam servers are too busy! I've run FM 15 and it works fine! Anyone got any suggestions or offer any help please?
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