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  1. I like tweaking these sorts of tactics as I go along. From memory so far I've done as other people have and disabled the offside trap and started to work the ball into the box. I've also been experimenting with trying to move away from the defensive wingers to something more expansive (ongoing experiment) and I now play with a poacher instead of a false 9. Working okay so far. A few teething problems to work out as always but I can see a few things that are beginning to make more sense now. I've been having some success with the 'hit early crosses' instruction, mainly due to playing a poacher, I suspect, and that's something I'm going to try to persevere with to see if it works long term. I've also changed the corner routine, as I didn't really like the short corners as much. I've been putting inswingers to the near post, which is yielding a few goals. I tweaked the setup to the following: I put the wingers on the posts, put my two centre halves on marking tall players, my striker on stay forward and everyone else on man mark. It's been working well for me thus far.
  2. Hi, I'm playing as Shamrock Rovers in the Irish league. I won the league last season and have qualified for the CL. The season before I also qualified and managed to qualify for the group stage and then finished third, to go into the Europa. I'm just curious to know where I end up. I'm guessing that performance will have increased the coefficient etc. I'm sure I won't skip the qualifiers altogether, but is there some way in the game I can figure out what round I'll end up being put into, bearing in mind I'll have to wait another six months to play any qualifiers due to the differences in the calendars? Ta.
  3. Has anyone had any success with this on 13.3? I've found it very hit and miss and the tweaks I've made don't seem to bring any consistency.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking as much. It seems to me that second nationality comes down to residency, not the ability to work, so it shouldn't impact it, unless I've misunderstood.
  5. Hi, Quick question. I have signed Beram Kayal for Swansea. He didn't get a work permit but had only a small number of days left on his days to gain nationality (Great Britain). I confirmed the transfer as I felt he would qualify for GB second nationality and a work permit ultimately wouldn't be needed. However since signing in July his 'days remaining' figure has remained at 21, despite the fact that he's been living in GB, albeit without a work permit. Does this mean that even though he's living in the country those days don't count as he doesn't have a valid work permit? Ta.
  6. As a little aside, I've found the tactic even better when I make the defensive midfielder more defensive and with less creative freedom, and also by moving the mentality of both wingers up one notch so that they are now 'attacking'. The defensive midfielder has made a lot of difference to conceding goals down the middle, especially from through balls and the wingers seem to be getting slightly closer to my lone striker which I occasionally found to be an issue. It also seems to negate the issue of not being able to break weaker teams down.
  7. True. The latest example I saw was Marc-Andre ter Stegen retiring at 25 despite the fact that I was offering him a fantastic contract which was everything he wanted except I didn't give in and give him the £30k clean sheet bonus he wanted. In reality he'd have had a few dozen clubs begging him to sign.
  8. Hi, Playing as Pompey, just been promoted to the PL. At the moment I have 'Average' training facilities and 'Adequate' youth facilities. In 2012 I requested an upgrade to the training facilities and was granted it. However the following summer, 2013, just before it was to be built I didn't have money left as it was the the end of the season and it was cancelled. Despite selling lots of players I then couldn't ask the board for an upgrade again until near the end of August 2013, at which point the construction start date was summer 2014 with the completion date a few months after. However after a few days the completion date changed to October 2015, over two years away. Am I stuck waiting over two years for facilities that will probably need to be upgraded almost immediately? Cheers.
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but for me on 12.2.1 the tactical sliders seem to be slightly broken. When I try to, say, drag a slider from the extreme left to the extreme right, it will stop on the way over a few times and will not go across in one go/smoothly. I have tried this on both windowed and 1024 x 768 - 59hz which is the resolution of my laptop screen. I have restarted Steam, my PC, checked for new drivers for both my graphics card and touchpad (there were none). Any ideas? Thanks
  10. I don't suppose some kind person could upload Fuss' tactic to an alternative site, as Mediafire seems to be acting up? Thanks.
  11. there is one thing i'd like to see in the game next time; Under the move to affiliate option you should be able to pick an option which specifies for how long, eg until work permit/2nd nationality gained. It seems to me that they would then not have to waste time coming back to you in the summer, and gain the 2nd nationality quicker, and i think it would be relatively straightforward to include.
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