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  1. I've seen it somewhere, probably in your training thread, but I'm tired.... Do you train all of your players in the same roles they are playing in the tactic or do you alter them to train the attributes you want to improve on a player by player basis? I'm guessing the FW and the HB are the ones where additional attributes might want to be trained? Can you train consistancy?
  2. Just purchased the game and I've been following this and the tactical thread. Great work! I start with an English level 8 team and so have only 2 training days on a 1 match week. What are the most important sessions, do you believe, I should be trying to use with my part time team?
  3. Very nice skin, a real Steklo challenger. Unfortunately I am unable to use it as I play on my laptop and the best resolution I can get is 1366x768. This cuts off bits of club staff faces, the club badge and everything below the stadium picture is un-viewable. I might need to get a bigger screened laptop!
  4. I struggle to play FM2016 without the Steklo skin. For me I hate the skins that have the club colours with name behind the players face. I really like the club badge behind the players face. Looking at the screenshots that doesn't look like it's in this skin. Would it throw out all of the alignments? I'm loving the rest of the screenshots and will keep checking back for it's release. Thanks for all the previous efforts Tom.
  5. Ok, I have been using EUPHORIA in the Ryman Div 1 South (level 8 of English Football). When I took over we only had youth players and so have brought in any players I could. I'm currently joint second which I think is very good as we were predicted to finish bottom. I may switch to FOLLIA then but I will train it for a while first.
  6. Which of the two tactics would you recommend as the best for a lower league team?
  7. Try Squad > Reports > Last Game > Teamtalk Feedback and it should show the screen that Steaton has shown. Cohesion is very very very important.
  8. Another tactic? How does this one rate against your others? I loved Awesomzilla and playing in the non league didn't lose a game in the league and only drew 3. In the cups I lost to weaker teams so started with Supremecy system. I am unbeaten so far this season 15 games in but I am not so keen on swapping tactics and trying to re-organise players for the two main tactics. This one may be the one!
  9. There is a lot more under the hood this year. I was giving up on every tactic so much so that I thought my save was bugged. The obvious things like teamtalks and morale need to be looked at but by far one of the most important things this year is team cohesion/blend. Have a look on the Squad > Report > Last Match > Teamtalk feedback screen. Are your team at least blending well together? If not start training Team Cohesion and don't sign anymore players until blend is sorted. I'm playing in the Sussex County Div 1 with a poor team and can't lose at the moment!
  10. I was wondering how you could tell that the marking of the fullbacks had been removed as the * was still against the fullback. I have just seen that if you click tactics in game after the oppo have made a sub, there is a yellow triangle asking if you want to confirm tactic change. Now to make this work at Level 10 of the English League
  11. Awesome achievement Mr.R. I'm not having so much luck. I managed to pull East Grinstead out of Sussex County L1 to the Skrill South before 14.3 kicked in. I've tried all of your recent tactics including testing with the tactics at fluid (FMRTE). I'm on my real save and 20 games in but 2nd from bottom. It's so frustrating. I think your v5 tactics are probably suited to slightly better players than at this level. I don't want to take you away from your 20 year Tonbridge save but when you were testing with Stockport the tactics you produced saw me rise through the lower leagues fairly easily but now..... I'll try and stick with it but I'm tempted to park the save and start a new save with Palace.
  12. Mr. Rosler, I think Pulis has been following this thread. What a result against Chelsea today. I'm in la la land!
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