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  1. I've seen it somewhere, probably in your training thread, but I'm tired.... Do you train all of your players in the same roles they are playing in the tactic or do you alter them to train the attributes you want to improve on a player by player basis? I'm guessing the FW and the HB are the ones where additional attributes might want to be trained? Can you train consistancy?
  2. Just purchased the game and I've been following this and the tactical thread. Great work! I start with an English level 8 team and so have only 2 training days on a 1 match week. What are the most important sessions, do you believe, I should be trying to use with my part time team?
  3. Switched to this tactic recently and am loving the football and the change in fortunes for my Berwick Rangers side. I have downloaded the player filters and had a look at them but is there anywhere (maybe a previous thread) which describes what each position is doing? I mainly want this for the three man midfield but if it covers the whole team even better. i.e. MCR - Playmaker. He will sit deep and look to play..... needs to be both creative, composed and strong... blah blah blah.
  4. Don't know if it helps but I didn't have man marking across the back. I had zonal and am going to stick with it for now. I may choose man marking for the full backs but will likely stick to zonal for the central defenders so they dn't get dragged out of position by better forwards.
  5. Have to be honest, I didn't expect this to work but it really is. I have tweaked the defence as I wasn't happy in the opening games. Over my last 8 games I have won them all with a goal difference of 20 for and only 3 against. I am using the classic and my tweaks are: - CDs -3 closing down - this was far too high and saw them flying into the other half to close down FBs -2 closing down - they don't get dragged off to the full backs and stay with the wingers defending corners put the full backs on the posts and make sure the CDs are marking tall players. I noticed too many goals were being
  6. Where can I download this tactic? Only joking. I have just trawled through 17 pages to find out more info about how to make this tactic work. I want to use the Classic as it has been reported as being the slightly better. I have however struggled away from home especially when the players get tired. Are there any recommended defensive tweaks for the classic? I noticed yesterday that 3 defenders chased after one of the opposition forwards leaving another striker completely unmarked in the middle. Of course they scored from this opportunity to level the game after we were 2-0 up. I can put a lo
  7. Well this tactic seems to be getting rave reviews. I noticed that there are only 2 versions now on the opening post. If struggling away from home with v4 should I try v3? I haven't tried these yet but may well do tonight after being offered the Yeovil job (in the conference).
  8. I'm going to give these a try after being totally inept at using my own tactics and some of the sets out there. As I haven't looked at the tactics yet (at work in Saudi but back home tomorrow morning) have you noticed any difference when playing on wet pitches. I.e. Would you recommended going more direct on those types of pitches?
  9. Having read through this thread and Cleon's thread where he won the premiership with Sheff Utd I have a few questions. Can anyone help? 1 - There is lots of talk about playing Direct if it is raining. Sure I can set up the general team settings but do I have to go through and change the players settings? 2 - In version 4+ of this tactic the strikers are on team mentality. Why is this? I can't see anything in the thread. 3 - Some of the advice in this thread contradicts Cleons advice. Shouldn't you play defensive and direct if you play Counter Attacking? I really want to have success with t
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