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  1. 11/20 for me, got a few wrong! Mainly the foreign ones as Nai Lampety was about my only buy off that transfer list. Off memory I used to play a 4 player game and buy and sell players between those teams and start with pretty much my dream team, not necessarily the best players but ones I used to like. Cantona, Shearer, Fowler, Giggs, Mcmanaman, Lampety, Brian Robson, Vinny Jones, Gary Speed, Schmeichael, Tim Flowers, while I always collected the Romanians, Ilie Dumitrescu, Dan Petrescu, and Gica Popescu etc. I also used to try and get Ceri Hughes from Luton, and Jason Cousins from Wycombe. Then your best players would go abroad at the end of the season and you'd have no say in it, while Red Star Belgrade would always knock you out in Europe. I always enjoyed watching Coventry getting relegated every season till they went to non league, that happened every game! Then I'd get bored take on a second / third division club and work them up the leagues, normally Cardiff or Swansea. I was half expecting Vinny Jones to be in there as he didn't play for Wales until the end of his career, possibly Keith Gillespie also who is listed as Scottish not northern Irish, off memory. I used to love this game on my Amiga back in the day, but I really wish they would of included players like Hagi, and Maradona on the foreign players transfer list.
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