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  1. Which is the panel for the player's pictures on the tactics screen?
  2. Does anyone know how exactly Bielsa tactics look, with players role's and TI?
  3. What are the changes? I've changed some panels since last year, I would not put all of it in again
  4. how can I delete this logo in the left corner ?
  5. Can you set tactics like this for Russians? If it's not a problem.
  6. Russian tactics against Egypt tonight, how would that look?
  7. If I do not have a player for the Enganche role, can I put on another and which would be the best AP or AM?
  8. What should be deleted so as not to see the tactic of the opponent (Player Roles)?
  9. Does anyone can help me to realize that the tactics of Leonardo Jardim this season?
  10. Maybe this year, with support for lower resolutions?
  11. Someone to help with the Pochettino's system in Tottenham? Help with assigning role players . Thanks.
  12. Can someone help me about tactics used by Tottenham this season?
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