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  1. Will post his season history later tonight when im on pc. I think 10 seasons as i am in 24/25 season now. Also for the intake you know you can go to world > tranfsers > youth intake and see all youth? Then drag and select scout all!
  2. finally got this achievement (breaking greaves' 220 league goals record)... sad to break it though! next up is the appearances which will be slightly harder!
  3. there are 5 games left in my season... Mitrovic is 2 goals away from breaking Greaves' record for goals in season (49)!!! i have NEVER had a player beat this record! fingers crossed! edit: woohoo!
  4. can that happen? thought teams in same country avoided each other in group stage?
  5. just started 20/21 season. have built new white hart lane (2 seasons ago) now i have season away as its being increased by 14k seats to be a total capacity of 70,312. So i'm currently playing at wembley for this (wasnt moved to wembley when we were building new one). also have survived a takeover, no additional money brought in or invested Eriksen has been a BEAST! so was lamela for a while but barca poached him on a free! and i had to do a sell now to get anything (got 10m). 2 seasons later he came back to england to play for Chelsea in a 14m deal, he's played 8 games in 2 seasons for the
  6. How is this a bug? Isnt it just a mentality issue? If your structured then your attacking players attack. And defenders defend. For me i love this setup. I typically play a structured 4231. And changing between A and S is great, depending on the opposition.
  7. Anyone else had this happen? I had tielemans in my squad and i was trying to loan him out with a monthly fee. i rejected an offer as it didnt have a fee, so he moaned about not being allowed to go to the club (Hammers iirc). From that i then promised to let him go if the value was good. Since then i've now been playing him quite frequently in the first team and his contract is expiring, but he wont talk to me because of the promise to discuss a new contract eventually, he came to me as i didnt meet his promise and i said i'd let him rot in the reserves till his contract expired and he dropp
  8. Ahhhhh! Thanks for that info! Didnt know about the ass man bit too!
  9. Hey all! I know you are able to set up an assignment for your scout to look for any position, but are we able to set it to look for a couple positions? E.g. all defenders? Or all defenders and keepers?
  10. Whats the best way to increase teamwork for my team overall? On the comparison i am ranked 13th! Currently i have general training set to team cohesion. Is it worth doing it on match training too and individual plans?
  11. I havent set any custom setup for corners and i very rarely concede them.. My defence is top in league in strength though. Rest of defence stats are roughly top 5 or top 8 i think. In beta it was bad so i had them constantly match prepping def set pieces and it did get better. I had around 40% match prep for a while!
  12. Do you have any other player that has a workload below heavy? If its coaches then another gk should have same issue
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