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  1. I've had a tough away match with my team. One of my players was sent off after only 17. min of the first half, regarding a professional foul. Still, I manage to win 6-2, but my players are very tired and now close to, or even under, 69% match fitness. I'm wondering if it's more wise to rest the players for one or two days in front of the next match or is it better to train them every day on a very light schedule instead. I think I've read somewhere that some players tend not to like to be told to rest for å period, but maybe that doesn't count for a few days. Any suggestions will be appreciated ?
  2. Anyone given the Board an ultimatum and still not been sacked ?
  3. This is obvoius wrong calculation in FM. Despite of your tactics ( who backpackant describes like rubbish ), we can't deny the fact that ManUtd got 22 shots on target. I consider Shots On Target BIG chances of goalscoring ). The former norwegian coach of the Norwegian National Team, who is an statistical guru, Egil Olsen, said that normally you score in about 20% of your BIG chances of goalscoring - this is a statistical fact. Then ManUtd should have scored 4,4 goals and Inter 0,2 goals. As you can se the normal result should have been 4-0. I can understand why Dextorious react. The best to do, to avoid conflict with our logical sense, is that the AI don't give away so many Shots On Target chances to the usercontrolled player, such as it feels more real to the natures law. If not, in my opinion, the result should more often reflect this statistical rule.
  4. Funny how you manage to manage people . This shows that FM-players do take it seriously. LOL
  5. Fitness Problem

    I've had some success in tweaking 'Strength' and 'Aerobic' up a bit. I like the 'Strength' parameter to stay at 'High' ( lowest point - after 'Medium' ) and the same for Aerobic, if the players can manage it without getting injured. Watch also the 'Overview'-option carefully. Maybe they even can tolerate tougher 'Strength' and 'Aerobic' intensity. I've experienced in many cases that this can get them up to 100% match fitness, when they earlier have struggle to reach this point. However, it doesn't always work !!
  6. I'm working hard to build a good U19 team, with young hot prospects that can be ready for my Senior Squad or a chance for some nice incomes through sale. I'm searching round the world to catch these young players, but I always like a second opinion from my AssMan before taking any decision. The main problem is that his scouting report is based upon the Senior Squad. The young player I want a report on is compared to the best player in the Senior Squad. I'm not sure it's fair to compare a 16 years old youngster to a 26-27 years old experienced player in the Senior Squad. I'm afraid that a good prospect can be lost when I get the message "XXX isn't near the standard of XXX" or "XXX is way off the standard of XXX". In these cases I'm not looking for a young player to immediately fill an important role in the Senior Squad, but to build him up through a long term customizing to my squad's playing style. Could it therefore be a good thing to have a scrolldown-menu where you can choose between a report based upon using him in the Senior Squad or the U19-team ? In the latter the report should state if the member of the staff would recommend him to your U19-team for future use. The main attribute for the member of the staff would be quality in recognizing his potensial. I guess the only way to get some information about these youngsters, is through the report-detail as it is now, or through the playerinfo saying 'decent youngster', 'hot prospect' etc. I feel this is not enough info to make some good decisions about these youngsters. Anyone who feels the same ?
  7. And it's most diffucult for the players that's not in the first team. Do they need to play matches in addition to the training to reach 100% match fitness. Can players obtain better match fitness just by playing matches for the Reserves ?
  8. Crouchaldinho, very interesting theory. How do you keep your players in such good shape? I guess you have to do something in your training sessions ? I struggle to get all my players in 100% match fitness to the next match. I've had best success with this when I tweak the 'Strength' and 'Aerobic' sliders to a 'High' position. It's balancing on a knife's edge, because some players tends to get injuries. Do you have a recipe for this ?
  9. Yes, it may happen sometimes that you can lose to a poorer club. But not in the long run. The majority explanation to this is that your tactic is wrong if this happens. But this is an too easy explanation, because when things aren't going your way, you immediately start changing tactics and formation to gain something better. I've done it alot and often of no use when the AI finally has cracked your tactic. And here comes another strange problem...if the AI has outsmarted you with it's tactic against you, regarding one computercontrolled club in a single match, it makes no sense that the next poor club can achieve the same using the same tactic. Does the AI let all the other managers talk together so they all can use the same tactics ? If the above is real, then there's always a chance that West Ham can beat ManUtd at Old Trafford, just by continuisly changing their tactic and formation until they find the tactic that really reveals Manutd's weak points. Is it really possible to try out a huge amount of tactics in a match to find the key to success?Normally such changes limits itself to low, middle or high pressure on the field during a match or change of the formation. Then...if West Ham finds the ultimate tactic against United, what is the possibilities of that Birmingham obtain detail information of this, to their match the next week after against United, and also uses it with great success?
  10. I don't think the FM cheats, but the calculation of the AI may sometimes seems wrong. I must admit that it sometimes looks like that the AI gives the computercontrolled clubs some advantages in the gameplay, when you can't find any logical explanation to an outcome in certain matches.
  11. The AI doesn't always act naturally, ufortunately. Sometimes you have to think in an unlogically way to meet such problems as you describe. A couple of days ago I met a club that played 4-2-4 from start to end in a single match. I wanted to take control of their only 2 midfield-players. I instructed my two central midfielders to man-mark these two specific opponents very tight. I also let ML and MR to man-mark these two specific midfield-players, but not with tight-marking. I addition I went to 'Opponent instructions' and instructed my players to ALWAYS close them down, ALWAYS tight mark them, HARD tackles on them and really try to press them to use their WEAKER FOOT. Nevertheless, even though I had my 4 midfield-players to REALLY take care of their only 2 midfield-players, the Action Zone showed 24% for the opponent team and only 22% for my team regarding the midfieldzone. Is this acceptable ? I guess there's only two ways to consider this: 1) the two midfield-players of the opponent team was outstanding ( not likely...since it was an ordinary team with ordinary midfield-players ). 2) The Action Zone parameter is also taking moves from their defenders and/or their attackers, into the midfieldzone, into consideration. But most of the time I had a lot of possession of the ball in the midfieldzone, without dominating this zone at any point of time, so I can't say that the latter is true. OR CAN IT ? I would appreciate a reply on this one !
  12. The FM manual states that you shouldn't change your tactics alot. It confuses the players when you use several tactics during a match, i.e. from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 to 3-5-2 to 3-4-3 and maybe back to 4-4-2. This is quite obvious a paradox to what 'glamdring' experiences. Maybe it depends on the quality of the teams and that the player of top European clubs can manage these changes in formations and tactics better that ordinary player. I guess it speaks for itself. Have you 'glamdring' noticed that this ability to absorb these changes is different among the players of Werder Bremen and East Fife ?
  13. What kind of clubs are you all managing? I guess it's easier to get grips of things if you are a manager of one of the top 20 clubs in Europe, i.e. Liverpool, ManUtd. Real Madrid, Roma etc. Does anyone of you have coaching experience IRL ? I guess there is three main areas that influeces the outcome of any change in the tactics. These are: 1) Team instructions. 2) Player instructions. 3) Opponent instructions. So..when the AI changes it's tactics, I guess you have to do something with one of these areas or a combination of them. Does anyone of you know if one of these areas is more important to change over the two others ? For instance is it more important to do some changing in each of the defenders 'closing down' slider in 'Player instructions' instead of changing the 'closing down' to "ALWAYS" under the Opponent instructions' for each of the opponent's strikers when you want to stress them alot, and be sure that your own defenders are close to the opponent's strikers when they receive the ball.
  14. I haven't any facts, of course, that concludes my opinion. It's a feeling that comes around when something unatural, through my eyes, happens far too often, and not occasionally. I guess neither of you have any facts that can verify that the AI is optimal in it's current shape and form, and it all comes down to our subjective feelings. I feel it's wrong when you're beeing outplayed by a much weaker opponent, and they score easy goals against you. The problem is that it happens in to many games through the season and NOT occasionally. This even happens when in front of the season is expected to be a title challenge/-winner. I know that the AI change tactics many times through a match and I catch a very close eye to the Action Zone screens. When I see that I lose grip in an area I try to counter that tactically. When I lose grip in the midfield I often increase the 'closing down" on all the opponents midfield-players. I addtion I combine it with hard tackles. If I'm desperate I also start to 'man-mark' them. And still...they dominate the area. I lower the defence-line. Still no effect. Since I'm often a big favourite I can only see two options...1) The opponent players are despite all, much better than mine. 2) The AI runs the show and help them to find the great tactics that overrun me. In the latter it's not likely that a weak opponent can outplay and dominate over ManUtd, Chelsea or Arsenal just through pure change of tactics and teamtalks on a regular basis. In rare occasions it might happen. that's the real world.