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  1. Accept that FM will always have bug? It's like buying a car and you say, "you gotta accept that the car engine has issue, it's normal." I guess it's the way they produce the game just like FIFA and PES. They only focus on the game for 1 year (or less) before moving on to the next project.
  2. What's the point when I'm always buying buggy game? The most simple stats and player analysis are not even working during match game. And I have to wait almost 2 months for a new update which might not even solve the issue. Then It will be delayed until June/July where they will be working on FM 2022 and comes up with something buggy. The cycle just repeats. I like the game, the match engine of FM 2021. But it really sucks when there are still obvious bugs after 3 months of release.
  3. Opposition FB cross from half way line, GK rush toward the ball but didn't catch it. The ball slowly rolls into my net. Goal happened at 43 minutes. GK Bug 43 Minute.pkm
  4. I want to add promotion/relegation to this league (5395850) but the boxes are grey out. I can't edit it. How do I edit them? Also I want to change the league format to split the league after all teams played with each other, how do I do that?
  5. All positions can do position swapping except for CBs and Libero Can you add the position swapping for Libero and CB? I want my players to swap between CB and libero during the game.
  6. When playing lower league teams, all the attributes are very low. However, the low attributes might be considered above average in the lower league. Is it possible to have the option to show the player's attributes as a percentage of the league's average? For example, a players has 8 for finishing and the league's average for striker's finishing is 10. Show the attribute as -20% instead of 8. This is just an idea, i think it can be improve by using other units instead of percentage. I suggest this because I find it hard to compare my player's attribute with the league's
  7. i'm doing something similar to this except that i'm playing with 1 DM and 2 MC. How do i stop conceding from long balls over my defence? the opponent normally just launch a long through ball to the striker which will just run pass my defenders and go 1-on-1 with my goalkeeper and my CBs can't catch up.
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