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  1. the wording of this one thing..... defensive-control-attacking and so on, should read as a risk. no risk, less risky, more risky and so on. @Rashidi had a very nice skin pack or language pack that changed this.
  2. first of all top stuff it really is. the amount of stuff some people put on this site is so helpful. I have one question. Central Midfielders now attack the space opened up - one has Attacking duty and the other instructed to get forward more. what is the difference? will using it that way attack the same way as a CM-A but help more in defence?
  3. to me against Arsenal you are way to attacking. both RB/LB will push on then you have an AP-A on the left of mid 3 going forward. when you loose the ball you basically have 3 players to hold them off. they most likely play 4231 so its a 4 vs 3. Im playing a 4312 at the mo the mid 3 HAVE to play as a unit IMO. they need to screen the defence. your left side as @Rashidi has already said is way to attacking. this with fluid and attacking is crazy. im noo tactical guru so people may say im wrong, this is just my opinion hopefully you can take some of what everyone says and fit it in to your system.
  4. could be that against weaker teams the are digging in deep against you just hit you on the counter or just set out better than you on the day. you beat city, spurs, arsenal, they wont be sitting back they will be attacking you and leaving space for you to play in. the smaller teams will sit deep and defend maybe hit on the counter. IRL no manager plays the same way every single game.
  5. yeah I wasn't 100% here on the old auto role. I personally never use them.
  6. you have 2 CM on CM-D they will both chase the ball! its not the best role for a holding midfielder, you could try and use a DLP-D with a CM-S, this will offer you more than your two at the moment are. your AMC is a supporting playmaker, from what I have seen so far in this game is he wont break his neck to get in the box as much as a SS or AM-A, you have Short passing-retain possession-much lower tempo.... you football will be sooooooooo slow and predictable! take off the retain possession and lower tempo. get the ball moving quicker, I would also consider your LB change to a FB-S not auto, you are on a standard mentality and that with an auto role will leave to big a gap down your left flank. (I could be wrong here) but im sure someone else will correct me if I am.
  7. you could also try taking off work ball in to box. it will limit your AMR's crossing. after reading a lot about the game last year, and watching @Rashidi Torino diary's on youtube (excellent videos) I start with almost NO TI's, play a few games, and see what needs tweaking just as herne79 has also said.
  8. use your left back as a WB. he will provide more crosses than a FB. I too really like this shape but I seem to struggle with it too much. im in the process of using a 4141 and changing the PI's to make it a 433.
  9. I love @Rashidi advice, he simplifies the game for me. it depends on the game situation really, I start with FB-S and if I feel the front 3 cant break the team down I will move to WB-S I don't think you need them on A as with the WB PI he gets far enough to offer an outlet out wide. the main reason for the BWM was to see if my 3 in the middle spread out a bit more. I only get to play the game 3 nights a week so I haven't tried anything more with the full backs. I might try 1 BWM and one CM-s with the PI's set to a BWM without the tackling set high. see how that plans out.
  10. I go with a simple AMC-A as I feel he runs in the box more allowing my DLF-S to drag defenders away and my AMC to run in to the space.
  11. that is the default setting for that role that cant be changed. you would need to change the role to one where for can change it manually.
  12. im at Weston Super Mare using the same formation. I have found 3 CM with good work rate, team work and tackling! I want good protection for the defenders. also using DLP-D with 2 BWM -s either side of him, I find that the 3 in the middle stay to close together and with BMW the spread is a bit better. im playing with a balanced width too, I must try fewer risky passes on FBs as mine keep trying to hit a long pass in to the corner of the pitch where there is no player
  13. tbh its all about 2D I find I can see more of what my players aint doing that way
  14. both my pc and laptop are below recommended specs as im to tight to upgrade for the sake of FM. on the PC I have no issues just a tad of lag on 3d if I used higher settings. Laptop overheats and as for your first question I believe touch is free with pre orders on steam but Ipad will be an extra cost. (I could be wrong)
  15. CM99 was the start for me, I remember I used to play my brothers Commodore... sensible soccer <3
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