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  1. Uncle_Sam Thank you for all of the hard work that you've put into this file set. I really wish that SI would make this a part of the game so you wouldn't have to endure creating it from scratch, but I'm very happy that you put such dedication into creating the actual U.S. Pyramid. Thank you again & keep up the good work!
  2. I put a lot of money into all levels of the Scottish system and moderately raised the reputations of the teams to make a more interesting game for me as Celtic. It took a few seasons to see better quality players arriving. The first season saw a few moderately better signings for some of the top flight teams, but the follow-on seasons saw increased spending. I didn't max out reputations because I wanted to keep it pretty realistic. I didn't want an overnight change because I was interested in seeing how the other teams would go about building their squads.
  3. The option to change player appearance has never been a part of SI's official IGE. If you want to do that you need to purchase a 3rd party version. I wish SI would add that feature though.
  4. I applaud your efforts to find a way to improve the facegen offerings. I really hope that this can be solved. Would this have a knock on effect within the 3D match viewer? I'm so tired of seeing my best players sporting ridiculous mohawks. Within the FM world, all of the best players in my save seem to be massive fans of Mr. T.
  5. I love the game Riz. I've poured a lot of hours into this version of EHM, and you've definitely given me my money's worth. I've been playing since the freeware days and have some fun memories going all the way back to it. I wish hockey fans around the world would all get into this game the way football/soccer fans do the FM series so you could get a full team working on the annual release everyone on this forum would so like to see. I truly appreciate your labor of love. As a father of three (9,5,& 3 years old) I'd say spend as much time with your children as you can. I can't bel
  6. Milan Djuric is my favorite target man and is always one of my first player acquisitions. His stats don't look the greatest in the world, but he's big, strong, good in the air, holds up the ball well, and can make some nice passes too. He scores lots of goals for me at Celtic which includes Champions League play as well. You can get him for just over 3 million BPS at the start of the game. Sorry, I don't have a screenshot from the game start.
  7. SI must have thought they were rebuilding from the ground up based on my Celtic squad's trip to Tynecastle in our recent match.
  8. Michael, thanks a lot. I've extracted the fmf files and added the old pitch textures. There's been a little difference. Mainly the color has been toned down an bit from the really bright green. I still haven't gotten the better pitch textures to display yet.
  9. So I should extract the .fmf files to my FM18 folder within My Documents and from there place the previous pitch textures into the pitch folder? Are you saying that they don't go here: \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\ ? Thank for the assistance in trying to get the pitch textures working.
  10. I've seen a change since the latest update in both of those areas (wingers & goalkeepers) too. I was doing really well prior to 18.0.3: high possession numbers, player ratings, high shot totals, shots on target, goals, and wins. Now without any tactical changes the wheels have fallen off for my squad. I'm being out possessed by inferior sides, giving up high numbers in shots and shots on target, giving up considerably more goals, and drawing or outright losing matches that I used to win fairly easily. Opposition keepers are making some amazing saves or my players are shooting into the
  11. I haven't seen this posted so I hope it's not a double. I'm Celtic & subs from the opposition keep showing up in my side's shirts when I look at the opposition screen.
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