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  1. Regen hair

    I applaud your efforts to find a way to improve the facegen offerings. I really hope that this can be solved. Would this have a knock on effect within the 3D match viewer? I'm so tired of seeing my best players sporting ridiculous mohawks. Within the FM world, all of the best players in my save seem to be massive fans of Mr. T.
  2. I'm having similar "promise" issues with several of my players over new contracts. They keep whining about getting a new contract offer, I agree to offer a new contract to a few of the players that are actually worthy of it, they decline my (I feel) generous offer, and then complain that I've broken my promise to offer them a new contract. I made the contract offer and in some cases several times. They refused my good faith offer and then complain about a broken promise which ruins the moral of the entire team. This seems to be a flaw to me. If I agree to offer a new contract and then follow through, how's that a broken promise?
  3. I love the game Riz. I've poured a lot of hours into this version of EHM, and you've definitely given me my money's worth. I've been playing since the freeware days and have some fun memories going all the way back to it. I wish hockey fans around the world would all get into this game the way football/soccer fans do the FM series so you could get a full team working on the annual release everyone on this forum would so like to see. I truly appreciate your labor of love. As a father of three (9,5,& 3 years old) I'd say spend as much time with your children as you can. I can't believe how fast they grow!
  4. Stadium fans changed

    No matter what the color of apparel they're wearing, the skin tone of the crowd is way too dark for the UK. Every match looks like I've taken my team on a tour of North Africa or Central America.
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. I was thinking that I needed some type of key code which is not in my boxed versions.
  6. Is there a way to add the old CM titles and pre-digital FM releases to Steam?
  7. Milan Djuric is my favorite target man and is always one of my first player acquisitions. His stats don't look the greatest in the world, but he's big, strong, good in the air, holds up the ball well, and can make some nice passes too. He scores lots of goals for me at Celtic which includes Champions League play as well. You can get him for just over 3 million BPS at the start of the game. Sorry, I don't have a screenshot from the game start.
  8. As to point #1, have you given him some time to settle in? I brought in a key player for my side & he was a little unhappy for a few weeks because he "wants to be a part of a social group." After a bit of time, he did become a part of a social group & all is well now. Sorry that I can't help with any editing advise.
  9. Change Penalty Taker

    I tried it just to see if it would work the other day & it did not.
  10. Reset Regen Faces?

    I get this somewhat frequently as well. At least it's not happening with my manager image anymore like it was during the beta.
  11. SI must have thought they were rebuilding from the ground up based on my Celtic squad's trip to Tynecastle in our recent match.
  12. 'Shoot on Sight'

    I have a BWM that loves to shoot aimlessly whenever he gets anywhere near the 18 yard box even though I have his instructions set to shoot less. It's very frustrating to watch him ruin a great build up time after time. That said, I think there's some truth in both of the above posts.
  13. Edit pitch Textures and balls for 3D

    Michael, thanks a lot. I've extracted the fmf files and added the old pitch textures. There's been a little difference. Mainly the color has been toned down an bit from the really bright green. I still haven't gotten the better pitch textures to display yet.
  14. Edit pitch Textures and balls for 3D

    So I should extract the .fmf files to my FM18 folder within My Documents and from there place the previous pitch textures into the pitch folder? Are you saying that they don't go here: \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\ ? Thank for the assistance in trying to get the pitch textures working.
  15. Pitch textures

    I think this should be asked in the Skinning Hideout, but that's something I was working to figure out last night. You'll need to unpack the .fmf files that are in the: \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\ & then in here: simatchviewer-pc The above info can be found here. FM18 Skinning & Graphical changes. The relevant info is about half way down the thread. Here's a link to the thread for the textures that worked in previous versions. I made an attempt to add the textures, but I did not get time to test them yet. There's more in the pitch folder this year so I don't know if it will work or not. I hope so because the default textures are way too bright and less detailed in comparison.