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  1. I picked him up for 120k euro without any extra clauses. Still in first season though, but I think he is going to be a monster. Check out Mads Roerslev from FC Copenhagen as well. Bit more expensive, but he has been incredible for me so far.
  2. Firstly: Big praise. I like the scouting centre. It's nice to keep that away from the normal mail box. Scouting is a big part of my game, so here is some suggestions, that I hope you would take into consideration. And thank you for a great game. Been here since 94. 1 - Scouting Strategy I would though like to be able to set a framework for the scouts to work in. For example I am playing as Aalborg in the Danish Superliga, and I have set a goal for myself only to use Scandinavian players – I would like to be able to tell my scouting team (or make it a club strategy), that I am only interested in Scandinavian players. I am also running a philosophy of developing or buying young players. It would be nice if I could tell my scouting team that I am not interested in players older than 17, 18 og 19 or whatever. I would also like to be able to tell my scouting team, that I am only interested in players playing the position in my current tactic(s). There is no reason for them to suggest me a wingback, when I don't play with them. So basically the posibility to create a ”scouting strategy”. As it is now there is just too much information that you have to give a thousand times – like nationality or age or say no to players who doesn't even play any positions in my tactic. 2 - Shortlists and scouts integrated I would like the shortlists and scouting to be more integrated and automated. Shortlists are nice, because you get alerted, when things happen around those players – bids, end of contract etc. What I would like is for me to be able to make a shortlist based on certain stats. That could look like: Fullback Right footed 17 or below Minimum 8 acceleration Minimum 8 crossing etc. The shortlists and scouts would be integrated and the scouts would automatically add players fitting the conditions to the list, so I don't manually have to add or remove players. If a scout saw that player once more and he no longer lived up to the conditions the scout would just remove him again. 2.5 - Keep knowledge level of shortlist up A small side note – if you could give your scouts an overall instruction to always keep your knowledge level of your shortlisted players over etc. 80 or 90 – that would be great. 3 - Scouting responsibilities I would like to give my scouts responsibilities for a country or region. Right now I can set them to scout Sweden or Denmark ongoing. But if I click ”scout” on a player based in Denmark, he is added to the scouting pool and just scouted by a random scout who's normal appointment is scouting Finland. It would make so much more sense, if the scout already in Denmark scouted the players based in Denmark. I don't even really understand how that's not a thing – the scout should just always be the scout physically closest to the player. Once again – thank you for a great game and making the scouting centre. Love this game. - Simon
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