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  1. Problem solved. When I continued the game the staff names had corrected themselves. I assume it was a bug, where the scouting centre remembered the name from the just canceled assignment and couldn't switch it out right away. But now it's here should anyone else encounter the same problem. Astrup
  2. Hi. I have scouts based in different nations on ongoing assignments in each of the Scandinavian countries. I wanted to scout some players based in Iceland so I selected all the players (13), left clicked then, picked the scout based in Iceland to scout the players as I didn't want any extra cost scouting them. But when I look at the list as shown in the picture all my different scouts has gotten the assignments anyway. As shown in the top right I have picked the specific scout who has gotten the assignment (Per Westergaard), but in the list the staff assigned to the tasks are not him. Al
  3. I picked him up for 120k euro without any extra clauses. Still in first season though, but I think he is going to be a monster. Check out Mads Roerslev from FC Copenhagen as well. Bit more expensive, but he has been incredible for me so far.
  4. Firstly: Big praise. I like the scouting centre. It's nice to keep that away from the normal mail box. Scouting is a big part of my game, so here is some suggestions, that I hope you would take into consideration. And thank you for a great game. Been here since 94. 1 - Scouting Strategy I would though like to be able to set a framework for the scouts to work in. For example I am playing as Aalborg in the Danish Superliga, and I have set a goal for myself only to use Scandinavian players – I would like to be able to tell my scouting team (or make it a club strategy), that I am
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