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  1. Digging a small club out of debt.

    Yeah, I was of course including location in my discussion of reputation there. I don't know the geography that well, but I'm aware that Ashton-under-Lyne is no metropolis, while the high saturation of clubs in Greater Manchester presumably plays a part too. I wasn't expecting my attendances to double overnight or anything, but I guess I expected more ticket sales than I got. Unless I managed to pull off something extraordinary, there will be no rapidly shooting up to the bigger leagues for me, so along with what you say about picking a club with a higher ceiling, this sounds like a vote for abandoning the save to me. It's somewhere between having fun carrying on and not having fun treading water. I feel like I've taken the club pretty far and it's a good time, but then the brush with relegation spooked me and the board slashed my budget. I'm not cackling with glee at a poor campaign (though I am of course relieved to avoid relegation!), but I'm not hating it either. As I said, I just want to feel I'm going somewhere, even if slowly or indirectly. I see people talk about getting successive promotions, or spending no more than two or three seasons in a division at least up to a fairly high level, and I don't expect anything like that. I don't want to languish in a series of relegation battles either. I want something in between: like, spending three to five seasons in a division like the National League before achieving promotion. I knew the club's finances were insecure, but even still, the budget cut took me off guard. And that's the main thing: is it possible that a combination of the currently poor finances and my poor performance this year led the board to make the decision, and after a year of saving some money on wages they might consider loosening up again? Or does the cut indicate that it's just diminishing funds from here on out? I think I'll play one more season just to see what I can get out of another year with this squad without real reinforcements. (Though I may stay over budget. How awful are the consequences of that?) If I don't see some tangible progress in that year, whether a much higher finish or a bigger budget or whatever, I'll call it quits. Maybe keep the save to play around with later, but it's my first one, so it's probably about time I take what I've learned elsewhere anyway. Maybe give Shenhua a shot. Thanks for your responses, guys.
  2. I saw an AI opponent in my previous FM 16 season in the English National League use it.
  3. Digging a small club out of debt.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful at all for the responses, but unfortunately most don't really help me. I know how to cut expenses somewhat and generate some income, but it's all just a drop in the bucket because it doesn't answer the central question. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough: the question is, is there a realistic way to progress? That is, is it worth it? Obviously I don't instantly want a massive budget or for it to be easy, but I'd like to have the feeling that I'm going somewhere or that a goal is reasonably obtainable with enough work. All the recommendations here would have me still around the bottom of the division (or relegated!) and still hemorrhaging money, just perhaps less quickly, with the situation still basically the same. This more or less confirms my suspicions: I'm sure those more experienced might be able to figure out how to go about doing that, but there's no doubt that my squad is among the worst four or five in the division even after years of building and focus on physical and "swing" attributes, and I don't have the know-how to jump straight to the playoff places. My intention was to continue building and reach first, say, a mid-table finish, then crawl up the league over a few seasons, hoping my attendances increase in the meantime so that the board would slowly increase my budget. And the attendances are the most frustrating thing: I realize that the clubs with attendances in the thousands are still losing money, but when my attendances are a small fraction of the next-lowest in the league, how can I be expected to make anything? I assume the game has simply assigned Curzon Ashton a pitifully small reputation (its being their first season reaching a division as high as the National North when the game begins) and that this keeps attendances relatively small regardless of where on the pyramid they play and what results are. I was expecting promotion to increase attendances substantially, but they went up only maybe 10 or 15 on average. Surely even away fans would swell that a bit? Even if I did get promoted to the Football League, would I be hosting much bigger clubs with only 280 or so paying fans? I certainly could tighten the belt somewhat, but nothing too drastic without gutting the squad and likely going back down. Getting decent loanees is really difficult: even U-21s at clubs one division above me usually refuse to come (presumably due to the aforementioned low reputation). I don't want to schedule friendlies against big sides for cash, as it feels like an exploit (santy001 referred to its being "fixed," telling me it probably shouldn't be possible). If I'm automatically given a friendly against Wolves U-21s, fine, but I only schedule friendlies against sides at my level or below. And deep cup runs are obviously beyond me. So with some decent signings and decent tactics, is it reasonable to expect a promotion down the line? The former would require my board not slashing my budget much more; obviously you guys can't predict their behavior accurately, but is that a realistic expectation? Basically, is it the case that people who play LLM either A) achieve rapid, successive promotions due to their brilliance or B) just happily make do with little progress or C) just have short stints at their clubs? Or is D) gradual but appreciable progress achievable?
  4. I'm managing Curzon Ashton in FM 16. I managed to get promoted to the National League, finished 16th in my first season in the division, then escaped relegation only on goal difference in my second. It's now May 15th. I let a few players go and created about 900 pounds/week of free space on the wage bill. I had been scouting players with a view to bringing a few in in order to finish higher up the table this time around. My board, however, have just announced the budget for next season, and they've slashed the payroll budget by about 2000 pounds/week, putting me instantly 995 pounds/week over budget. That means no new arrivals (excepting loans) and I'm presumably expected to let a few more go to meet expectations. The club has already been taken over once during my tenure, and the new owner has been injecting cash at irregular intervals to meet costs. I'm now 539,000 pounds in debt with no sign things might improve. I had the lowest attendance in the division last season, tiny compared to what many other clubs are getting. My reputation is low and results have been poor, so this is not surprising, but do the game's settings for club reputation pretty much doom me to low gates? Is there any way to get out of the mess? All I can think of is A) get taken over again or B) get promoted. A is pure luck, while B, with my squad, would presumably be mostly luck, probably with the addition of tactical genius beyond my experience. Any advice? Should I let several (or more) players go in order to slash the wage bill dramatically and just try to stay up every year? Persist with a wage bill over budget? Abandon the save?
  5. Where are the DLF's?

    DLFs abound in the English non-league divisions. Well, maybe not abound—they're certainly not as common as TMs or AFs—but they're far from uncommon. Perhaps this is partially because the more demanding roles (CFs, Ts and F9s) are nonexistent, so the likelihood of someone being a natural in one of the other five is higher? Interestingly, many of the natural DLFs are small, with low Strength and even low Passing, while big, strong guys are, unsurprisingly, more likely to be TMs. I have a so-called DLF in my squad right now who's 5'7" and is, to me, more suited to being a P or something. I don't think the role suitability recommendations are very useful at all. I'm playing FM 16, which might matter. The distributions of players "natural" in various roles in various divisions may have changed.
  6. Your days aren't necessarily numbered. You can do it. The question, of course, is what happens and what you do afterwards if you do it. In my save I recently got a similar ultimatum: 7 points from 5 games. I got 11. I did it mostly by sticking to my guns. First, I held a team meeting and picked up the boys' spirits. Then I used the same formation in all 5 games (4–1–4–1) that I've used most of the season, and mostly the same players, maybe with a couple dropped. I have one more aggressive and one counterattacking version of this tactic, and I think the main thing I did successfully was choose carefully in which games to use which. Against fellow strugglers or at home to mid-table sides on unimpressive runs, I was aggressive, against stronger sides I was conservative. Also made a few tweaks based on the particulars of the opposition but certainly nothing drastic. So I guess the main advice I'd give you is, unless you find yourself needing 6 points from the final 2 games or something, stick with your tactic, but be a bit more cautious where the odds might be against you. Look not to lose first and to win the required 2 games second (I mean in terms of priority, not chronologically). The problem in my case is that after the board backed off, I went on another poor run and am still in the relegation zone. Even if I don't get sacked, I'm up against the odds in the race to survive with 12 matches to go. So who knows? If I do go down, even if the board think I'm the man to bring the club back up, I'll probably not continue with the save.
  7. Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    Thanks. Would have been a bit annoyed if SI overlooked this, to be honest, plus annoyed at some poor results obtained when resting players who could have played. If I were to discover long-term wear and tear isn't in the game, I might even be tempted to continue to rotate as before to role play its existence, which would be awkward, to say the least.
  8. Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    Surely even if particulars and interface change, someone must know whether something so fundamental exists in the game or not? If so, it would probably have existed for many years, and if not, its introduction would be a big deal. As I said, I play like it does, because I assume it does—FM has a great level of detail and leaving out something so important to football would seem a huge oversight that makes no sense—but I've not actually seen any evidence. Are you certain it exists in FM 18, or are you just talking about the usual Condition percentage (or something that's replaced that)?
  9. Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    I don't see anything like a Medical Center. The Injury column simply states what current injury, if any, a player has. Doesn't even say the expected length out. It certainly doesn't show how worn out a player is. I suspect whatever you're talking about may not exist in FM 16. Regardless, I'm not entirely sure you've answered the question—when you say "it shows you how worn out a player is," what does this look like? Is it a number differing from the usual Condition percentage? Does it exist in FM 16, whether visibly or not?
  10. Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    What about injuries? Is there a measure of fatigue the game keeps track of we can't see (that is, "behind" the condition percentage), over the course of a season or multiple seasons, where a player being played into the ground gets jaded or has an increased risk of injury even if his condition on a given day seems fine? I play like there is. I mean, I try not to rotate too much just because I don't have quality backups, and I certainly will play a player whose condition is in the 80s if I feel I have to, but I will sometimes rest a slightly but not overly tired player for no reason other than he's been playing a lot. Is this a waste of sorts? Am I voluntarily handicapping myself in those matches (setting aside the fringe benefit of pleasing the backup)?
  11. Scouting & Attribute Masking

    Piggybacking on this topic just because. I'm playing FM 16 and I did NOT select "Disable Attribute Masking" when I started my save. However, unless disabling gives even more info, it IS disabled. I've never seen these attribute ranges. Every player I encounter has his attributes tattooed on his face. What gives? Is this a bug? Did I do something wrong? Is it possible to mask mid-save, or is it just a setting chosen when creating a save?
  12. CM(s) is definitely what came immediately into my head when I saw the thread title. I was tempted to say G(d) or CD(d) (just do your job, son!) but, yeah, has to be the Central Midfielder for all the reasons OP mentioned. I'm using a DF a bit and liking the results but it's too early to tell. Might have to give an honorable mention to the DM(d) because in addition to the obvious defensive work, he contributes a surprising amount offensively in terms of recycling the ball. With good Passing and Vision he can be a sort of deep playmaker without actually being a playmaker. Maybe a PPM or two like Tries Long Range Passes. The DM(s) gets forward too often for my liking, even with Stays Back at All Times.
  13. A 4–1 win at home to the bottom club and a draw away to a mid-table team. So far, so good. Thanks again for your post earlier in this thread, Harry: even if I fail in this save, I'm going to use your advice again in the future, I'm sure.
  14. Managing in China

    Haven't touched China in FM but I can tell you that in real life some pretty big-name managers have worked in League One. I would guess that the answer is yes, but those other countries wouldn't be particularly big-name leagues, and you'd probably be better served taking your reputation earned in League One and moving first to a Super League club and then abroad.
  15. This seems to have been satisfactorily answered but I'd like to piggyback on it. I'm playing FM 16, managing Curzon Ashton in the National League, and my senior affiliate is Luton in the Championship. They have plenty of youngsters available for loan and they always accept offers without requesting a fee. (Though this was NOT the case for a couple of older players who were loan listed only because they were on the fringes and unhappy.) And yes, I get a report (I think twice a year) on these players. The problem is that these players fall into two categories: players who are not nearly good enough and players who don't want to come. Luton accepts offers no problem, then the players turn them down. I understand that I'm playing at a much lower level with a low reputation, but should Luton not be leaning on these players to go on loan for the experience and to increase their chances of making the first team someday and because that's the whole point of the affiliate agreement? Also, I know it's not really tactics or training, but the second term of the agreement is that I'll host an annual friendly and keep all gate receipts. However, Luton never accept friendly proposals, saying they're too busy. What's up with that? In short, the affiliate is useless to me beyond the 9500 pounds they give me each year. Do I just have a poor one?