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  1. Thanks. Would have been a bit annoyed if SI overlooked this, to be honest, plus annoyed at some poor results obtained when resting players who could have played. If I were to discover long-term wear and tear isn't in the game, I might even be tempted to continue to rotate as before to role play its existence, which would be awkward, to say the least.
  2. Surely even if particulars and interface change, someone must know whether something so fundamental exists in the game or not? If so, it would probably have existed for many years, and if not, its introduction would be a big deal. As I said, I play like it does, because I assume it does—FM has a great level of detail and leaving out something so important to football would seem a huge oversight that makes no sense—but I've not actually seen any evidence. Are you certain it exists in FM 18, or are you just talking about the usual Condition percentage (or something that's replaced that)?
  3. I don't see anything like a Medical Center. The Injury column simply states what current injury, if any, a player has. Doesn't even say the expected length out. It certainly doesn't show how worn out a player is. I suspect whatever you're talking about may not exist in FM 16. Regardless, I'm not entirely sure you've answered the question—when you say "it shows you how worn out a player is," what does this look like? Is it a number differing from the usual Condition percentage? Does it exist in FM 16, whether visibly or not?
  4. What about injuries? Is there a measure of fatigue the game keeps track of we can't see (that is, "behind" the condition percentage), over the course of a season or multiple seasons, where a player being played into the ground gets jaded or has an increased risk of injury even if his condition on a given day seems fine? I play like there is. I mean, I try not to rotate too much just because I don't have quality backups, and I certainly will play a player whose condition is in the 80s if I feel I have to, but I will sometimes rest a slightly but not overly tired player for no reason other th
  5. This seems to have been satisfactorily answered but I'd like to piggyback on it. I'm playing FM 16, managing Curzon Ashton in the National League, and my senior affiliate is Luton in the Championship. They have plenty of youngsters available for loan and they always accept offers without requesting a fee. (Though this was NOT the case for a couple of older players who were loan listed only because they were on the fringes and unhappy.) And yes, I get a report (I think twice a year) on these players. The problem is that these players fall into two categories: players who are not nearly goo
  6. I apologize both for this question being somewhat off-topic and for posting it multiple times in the forums, but I'd really like to be able to do this and don't know where to ask. If someone knows, please advise. Is there a way to be able to see player numbers (NOT names) in 3D? I prefer 3D (though the 2D option is nice to have for post-match analysis) but I find it hard to distinguish the players. The floating names are too large and would obscure the action, but numbers would suffice. Oh, and I'm playing FM 16. Anyone?
  7. I think learning neither PPM is the safe play, and you need a good, considered reason to learn either. Coaches will constantly advise you to encourage Joe Jumpersforgoalposts to avoid the use of his weaker foot; ignore them. What I've generally read is that avoiding the weaker foot may be a good idea ONLY for players whose weak foot is "Very Weak." Even if their off foot is "Weak," the advantage gained by their not hitting a ball out to touch with their off foot is offset by the opportunity cost of constantly shifting the ball onto their strong foot. (That is, Weak is good enough for m
  8. Yes, I should have figured I'd be asked. The problem is that I've conceded so many (43 in 18—worst defense in the division) that it is very difficult to pick out an overall pattern. I've certainly conceded from positional errors, long shots, sustained pressure and more. (I know that the latter two are at least partially a consequence of a low block but I think it must be possible to figure out how to concede fewer.) Perhaps I would say that angled crosses through the area, long balls over the top and simple failures to clear balls defenders have gotten to are the leading causes, but I'm no
  9. Hi all, I'm managing Curzon Ashton in FM16, playing FM for the very first time. First, I'd like to thank llama3 for the great guide. Second, I'd like some advice on the tactic I'm using. If this would be more appropriate in its own thread or elsewhere, please let me know. I'm in the Conference North playing possibly the weakest playable English team in the game (media prediction 22nd, dead bottom), so I've kind of had to make the most of my resources. I have been able to find very few players to improve my squad who are willing to join and wage money is tight. In this ta
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