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  1. Shi Xiansheng

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    I remember Lee's Famous Recipe's biscuits being amazing but it's been nearly two decades since I've had one. I had Cracker Barrel's biscuits recently, though, and they were great. Per the poll, hat is indeed the best biscuit, therefore drink bourbon.
  2. Shi Xiansheng

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    "Bills, Bills, Bills" Recently I had my power turned off despite having paid the bill, which was around 250 renminbi for two months. I was without power for more than three days. In the end, I discovered that the people responsible for billing simply had not told the people responsible for terminating or restoring service that I had paid. I had to throw out all the food in my fridge. Chabuduo, as we say in the Guo.
  3. Shi Xiansheng

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    1994 was the first World Cup I remember. It was awesome. The whole country was gripped by it; it was everywhere. It was my football awakening. I still wish I had made it to a game. Maybe the US will host again someday and I'll get the chance. 2002 was my favorite World Cup. I was in college, and it was summer, and I didn't have a job, meaning I had nothing better to do than party and watch football. And the time zones were a blast. Games were in the middle of the night, so my friends and I just stayed up all night every night and slept during the daytime. My favorite goal was Donovan against Algeria in 2010. Not because it was a great goal, but because of what it meant in context. We had had one struck out for offside, had hit the woodwork, had missed open goals. We were dominating but facing elimination, and it was absolutely nerve-wracking. So of course, the only way to qualify for the knockouts had to be through a scrappy rebound in the 91st minute. I have never seen a place explode so forcefully in response to a World Cup goal. A man next to me was holding two full pints he had just bought from the bar but had not brought to his friends, saw the goal, started jumping up and down, dropped both to smash on the floor, and simply kept jumping. Even now, eight years later, I watched it on YouTube here in the office and had to restrain myself from shouting and disturbing my coworkers.
  4. Shi Xiansheng

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    No Carrasco at Dalian?
  5. Shi Xiansheng

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    Mmm, fair point, I suppose even if it's all agreed but the transfer paperwork hasn't gone through with a league, a player's not joined. But might that not suggest the "rules" could be different for a player's transfer than for a team which has moved divisions? And would it not also mean that a player going as a free agent, or who has joined a club as a free agent but not yet in the eyes of the league, would count not for the club he last played for but for no club, because he's "officially" unregistered?
  6. I survived relegation and it's the next season. I'm 16 games in and I've conceded 15 (tied for 5th-best in the division), but I've scored only 16 (tied for 21st-best in the division). I just can't find the net. A couple of 1–0 wins is of course just fine with me; a few 0–0 draws aren't the worst thing; the 1–0 defeats are annoying. I don't expect great things from my season, but I'd like to score more. My three tactics are: 4–1–4–1 DM Counter DF(d) WM(s) CM(s) BBM(s) WM(s) A(d) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) G(d) Counter/Flexible TIs: N/A PIs: G(d): Take Short Kicks 4–1–4–1 DM DF(s) WM(a) CM(s) CM(a) W(s) DM(d) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) IWB(s) G(d) Standard/Fluid TIs: Pass Into Space PIs: G(d): Distribute to Center Backs FB(s): Mark Tighter both CD(d)s: Close Down Less, Pass It Shorter IWB(s): Mark Tighter DM(d): Mark Tighter, Tackle Harder WM(a): Sit Narrower, Cut Inside With Ball CM(s): Get Further Forward, More Risky Passes CM(a): Roam From Position 4–4–2 P(a) DLF(s) W(a) CM(d) BWM(s) W(s) FB(s) LD(d) CD(d) FB(s) G(d) Standard/Structured TIs: Slightly Deeper, Pass Into Space, Hit Early Crosses PIs: G(d): Take Long Kicks left FB(s): Dribble Less, Mark Tighter LD(d): Close Down Less CD(d): Close Down Less right FB(s): Mark Tighter CM(d): Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter BWM(s): Get Further Forward I've been using the Counter tactic most of the time, the Standard 4–1–4–1 now and then (basically at home to a team that's not much better than I am), and I haven't started the 4–4–2, having so far used it only when chasing the game and deciding to chuck a second forward on. I feel like my scoring woes suggest I should be using the Standard 4–1–4–1 more, but then, my best result (5–0 at home) came with the Counter tactic. Is the 4–4–2 worth a try despite the potential weaknesses of fielding no defensive midfielder? Are there any obvious tweaks that might create more and better chances without sacrificing defensive solidity?
  7. Shi Xiansheng

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    Tier 1, surely, just as a player who's signed for a club should be counted for that club even if he hasn't played for them yet.
  8. In real life Lehmann is adamant he does not want to be a goalkeeping coach. I'd give him Shot Stopping (or whatever) and also at least one non-goalkeeping duty.
  9. Shi Xiansheng

    Who are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?!

    Larry Young.
  10. This thread is just not so useful without sound clips. :|
  11. Shi Xiansheng

    Card only country

    No, it was to ham_aka_stam. As anyone who's ever lived in China knows, things can be a hassle. Much of the waiting-in-line inconvenience I was talking about is, as I granted, not because of Weixin but occasioned by it. But this is pretty much impossible to explain to anyone who's never lived here. So I take it were just talking about the inconvenience stuff? I really was confused by the latter part of your post where you didn't seem to be disagreeing about the privacy stuff, which is really, again, what's far more important.
  12. Shi Xiansheng

    Card only country

    Have you ever been to China?
  13. Shi Xiansheng

    Family doesn’t understand what a Safari Park is

    Yeah, it definitely is like that, except it is not race, and people need to realize that.
  14. Shi Xiansheng

    Card only country

    You're perfectly entitled to. That doesn't make sense. There were a lot of Chinese people before Weixin existed, and the problems I mentioned didn't occur then. It was, as I said, faster overall. How would you explain that other than by the prevalence of mobile payments? Now I'm confused because it doesn't really sound like you're disagreeing with me that much at all. You're right that most people tend not to object to surveillance because they feel they have nothing to hide. It's the classic, "Sure, officer, you can look in my trunk," because I don't have packages of narcotics or dead bodies in there, but that of course only emboldens the state to expand surveillance in the long run. And this is the problem. Acquiescence makes it tougher for those who value their privacy and freedoms to opt out. Have I misunderstood you, or were you only referring to efficiency of mobile payments, or did you forget to say something else, or...?
  15. Shi Xiansheng

    2018 World Cup squads

    Makes sense. I'm used to watching the selection rumors in the run-up to US squads being announced (or those for other countries, for that matter), where it's common for two or three surprises, very young or very old players, to make the final cut, and where training camps and squads for friendlies give hope to any player involved. Thanks for the info.