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  1. I agree, they won't bother much because football is a game which is very popular, they won't care about what users in the forums will say about the ME. The game is probably selling after all, not because it's that good, it's because football as a whole is a sport which is maybe the most popular and there will be always demand for football pc games, 2nd is because the lack of competition. I don't understand people who buy the game and being disappointed of the crossing issue. incase you had fm17, you probably witnessed the crossing issue. Now, you bought FM18 and you witnessed th
  2. I'm calmed, I just made it big so you understand but obviously you didn't. Where from what I typed you saw me posting about strikers? I'm talking about specific issue not being fix 3 years, I never asked for perfect passes crosses, or strikers tricks what ever you refer to my post... please, just read my post again if you didn't understand, and if you still cannot understand what I typed and what problem I'm refering to, just ignore my post. Thanks.
  3. What? no, I didn't said we or i want to be able to play more to play the game later (it doesn't make sense and it also not what I said or meant). If you knew how companies which I worked for working around with Recorders and QA testers you would understand where I'm coming from. YOU ARE MISSING MY POINT, AND NOT ONLY YOU, ALSO THE MOD THAT ANSWERED TO MY COMMENT. I'm willing to help and make the product better (I EVEN PAID FOR THIS), by providing any information to make the product better. BUT WHEN I SEE THE ME HAVE THE SAME BUG FOR 3 RELEASES, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS REPORTED A
  4. I've made a review there for the first time ever on steam. Does it means i'm lazy? Why talking in general term and disrespecting other reviews? How do you know what other users experienced from the game? What made them think of making such reviews? I bought the game to support this company and to support the frenchise, does it mean that i deserve to be misreble? Wth are you talking about? Anyway, I refund the game because i said the reasons in the previous page or in this, and i dont need other people opinions, i have a grip and i can get my own opinion, learn to respect ot
  5. You either ignored or didn't understood what I typed before that. Companies does that all the time? instead or recruiting testing team which works more closely to the devs and QA, they are using us as a testers? The customers? that's really bad! let's assume i'm wrong in this part, we all gave a feedback last year and obviously the bug i mentioned in my comment which is so hard not catch, even if you will play one game you will see it happen, yet it wasn't fixed. Btw, Playing the beta doesn't frustrate me only, it was a general statement about how the beta which have lots of bug
  6. I also refund the game, just around half hour ago I got an email confirmation to the refund from Nexway. There is no point to add about how bad is the UI. GK cannot catch crossing balls and sends it to corner etc... which is part of the ME from FM16, is completely annoying and the fact that we are now on beta for FM18, this probably will not change I assume since this was reported from the FM17 beta, and nothing has done to improve it. You are not the only one who is disappointed, I'm also disappointed, because I'm a fan of football manager and this current state of the game is
  7. GK cannot handle the ball still an issue, I'm amazed how this issue which was very known in FM17 not yet fixed, not only that, also full backs crossing and they almost "being lucky to score"... If i were keeping the game, I would say that this is the 1st time I would use an unofficial skin (I always used the dark official one), but there is not point from doing that, cause the game will be refunded today. I appriciate the effort, but saying no thanks to this release.
  8. I have few questions which I cannot seem to understand: 1. I have a RB which I set him to train as a complete wing back, I also picked an additional focus for a player (composure), If I set the intensity level as heavy, does it reduce the workload for other areas from the complete wing back training? 2. I added a column named training load, what does it mean? i.e. the training load in a specific player currently is on medium, but the workload is on heavy. 3. I added another column named injury susceptibility, for some of my players (even though i didn't set any training yet) it
  9. I think the best is to just enter to one of the twitch channels who probably are going to stream the game and analyze by yourself if there are any improvements or if there are any improvements that you were looking for.
  10. I think it might be hard for him to understand it via description in game, and if I get his mind he might need help to understnad how they operate on the field. Formation, ti, pi, is less important. He first need to understand the player roles, otherwose he might think he is obligated when choosing roles and this is where he get lost in game (its just an assumption, i might be wrong).
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