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  1. I think it might be hard for him to understand it via description in game, and if I get his mind he might need help to understnad how they operate on the field. Formation, ti, pi, is less important. He first need to understand the player roles, otherwose he might think he is obligated when choosing roles and this is where he get lost in game (its just an assumption, i might be wrong).
  2. I find his videos very entertaining, but his tactical side atleast in this specific video is terrible, he is playing with narrow formation and have ti's such as exploit flanks... that's the 1st flaw on his tactics, there might be more but those came straight to my eyes. regarding the 3D, I honestly don't know how people in 2017 can watch matches on the current 3D (and even annoying when the characters suddenly freezes), the moves are totally misleading and it's impossible to add more stat windows because, the stat windows are hiding some part of the pitch. tbf, you could say the same about the 2D (how people can watch games in 2D in 2017), but 2D is way easier to analyze, but in general it's OK to watch on it. I care less about the graphic sides if they will improve the annoying bugs i meantioned. I just encounter on another example about stupid offside role that not translated properly in the ME (The video link posted with the current time, just open it) now, just imagine a casual gamer scoring this chance and the goal got disallowed because of a player who isn't even involved in the game (if it would happens once in a while, i would say, fine, referee mistakes happens in real life, but this BS happens all the time and ruinning user experience). I hope FM18 will fix this. anyway gonna test the demo on free and not even going to bother and post pkm's in the bug forums, because i simply don't give a **** anymore about the game being improved, it's anyway going to be ignored by SI staff
  3. You can already see the reason why he made such comment, leaking SI *** and getting what he was trying to get with his comment (which also include provocation in this thread that made this whole escalation). I didn't read all his way conversation with Ikork maybe Ilkork and him get's too passionate but his "negative wave" is just wrong no matter how you look at it, it's irritate me that someone think that way and being so narrow minded. Again, you are ignoring the fact that we, the "loyal fmer's" already have an history and already pre ordered and have been there already. It's not like by one day "FM turned into one of those games where people will never be satisfies", it's always been like that, and it's not only in FM, it's in every thing in RL, WAKE the **** UP kid. A computer game is something the human able to fix, not easy to, but you still able to fix it. Instead, in order to promote sales (or to milk gamers) they are adding "features" which is welcome, but if you go around FEEDBACKS, negative and positive, you might find the same experience the users suffer. Yes, users trying to help improving the game, but it's time for SI to tell us the users if there is any point to provide them PKM's on the same bugs in every year (such as GK cannot hanle the ball, full backs get tones of assists, because Arbeloa is the new Dani Alves). GK consistently cannot catch balls or sending them to corner. defenders passing the ball back to corner (when there are no pressure). those bugs are here from 15, are they going to be fixed? let's play the demo to find out. TBH, if they cannot fix those major basic issue that ruins the user experience in 3 years, they can fix it in 1? I doubt, and i will be very glad to be proven as being wrong and i will apology for that publicly in the forums. Yes, I might sound too harsh to you @dagenham_dave but you "respectfully" deserved it.
  4. You mean such goals when full backs, wingbacks, wingers etc... tries to cross the ball and accidently it turns into a goal? if that's what you mean being fixed you are possibly playing a different game. go conceed 2 goals like that in game against Chelsea or any team (2nd goal is what you claim in your post as no longer an issue in FM17). the "joke" on me: "now someone will come and will say it can happen in real life, yeah right, but not every game when the full back, wingback, winger, get lucky with their crosses, but funily this is not the subject, we thought the problem was fixed in this FM and well, it's not, arbeloa is going to win the baloon door again).
  5. 1st of all, I will talk about me personally. SI does a fantastic job in general, the product in general is amazing I put a lot of time on FM17 and in previous releases even though i put more time in searching for proper feature descriptions. Yes, some people might have high expactations, and even unrealistic ones from an engine and there are some who doesn't even care reloding the game every time they lose a match. Even before playing the Demo, the impression getting from watching the video (tactic screen), is that we are going to get the same flaws from the engine this year, and by flaws i'm not talking about positiong issues and high pressing lines and those who were mentioned here before, but again, it might be a wrong impression and I believe that who thought that way, will be gladly to be wrong. I'm more concerned about the most basic role in footabll, the offside trap which is absolutely bad in FM, THE MOST BASIC ROLE TO FOOTBALL that ruins user experience in the game. now, not saying that offside role is easy to translate in the engine, but this is an era they should have put more effort to improve in my opinion (obviously people probably have other opinions and I highly respect that), but it ruined a lot of users experience and not for me only for a lot of users here in the forums, just go to the bug forums and witness how many just reported it and now, imagine how many didn't reported it even though it's annoying. I mentioned the offside issue because you are saying that pressing technique is too wildly unrealistic or people have high expectation, and maybe you are right in some extend that it might be hard to implement such techniques to the ME. but what about the most basic role in football, is it too high expectation, if it's a high expectation for the ME, maybe it's time to take a step forward and please listen, I'm not saying it's easy to implement a new engine for football game, no, but if the basics doesn't work properly, than it's time to think different, because if it's impossible or very hard to implement such basic role, or basic "pressing technique" for a football that suppose to stimulate real life than it's not really a real simulation and selling it with words such as "real life simulation" or "the most closest to real life" is basically spitting in our faces. I didn't played the demo yet to experience if the offside is the same experience as FM17 and previous fm's, but if it's the same on FM18 and on FM19 presentation I'm going to see the same engine, I'm immediately gonna exit the video without even watching it as a whole (You can call it storm out ).
  6. Yes, waiting for the demo to test the final product is the final conclusion. But the video didn't even covered those areas where the users asked for a very long period time, which why people start to question and even they get a "picture" (dejavu) of what is coming next or what they are going to get, and to be fair, that's why they are so disappointed with the video. When a customer being dissapointed from a product and raising his "concerns", it's better for SI, than having a customer being disappointed and they won't hear from him again.
  7. Why calling it negativity instead of feedback? we all have the same comon desire, to improve the game experience. we are customers and we have the right to raise our concern (if we have) on the product, and by doing that, we really want SI to improve (or atleast consider improving) the areas that many others here, in this forums, and even outside raised as an issue fron previous releases. So if someone disagree with some of SI move, you "catagorize" him as a "negativity wave"?
  8. I think that after a while some of us (if not most) are going to let the AM to deal with the briefing, since the conversations are probably going to be repetitive (I might be wrong, just an assumption compared to the converstions we have to the press and we all let the AM to deal with that at the end).
  9. This is not true! FM15:
  10. Thank you very much for the response, that was the guide I was using which is the most easy to find in the net back than. Thank you for clarifying this.
  11. @Seb Wassell Please can you or any mod who have the knowledge about this specific info, can you confirm if that's is true? At the moment, when searching for senior coaches I tend to add the man management filter. I want to make sure if this specific info is true? does man management affect the quality of training?
  12. This is a very good improvment for scouting. Apart from that, the most annoying about scouting screen was that it was very slow in processing when searching or entering the scouting screen. I remember myself also reporting this issue in the bug forums, I hope there will be an improvement for that.
  13. Wait wait wait, when you are saying people downloading tactic, did you ever asked them what is the reason they downloaded the tactic? does they download the tactic because of the lack of understanding of the in game feature? which might be a valid reason. everyone in the forums including you and the experienced players and the mods agree that the description in any feature is either misleading or just badly described or whatever it called in English. And a Huge question from my side, what you expect from a casual gamer that just preordered the game and downloading a tactic which promoted by the FM Official facebook page ? what does they promote in this downloading tactic? A way to approach the game? or more like a way to get frustrated in the future? After the tactics fails, in the next day, when the casual gamer will decide to implement his own style of way (tactic) due to his failure he will create something on his own, but it will remain the same amount of TI's, PI;s etc... He will think that using multiple TI's, PI's like the downloaded tactic he used before is an OK/fine way to approach the game, but, this time he will use his own way... and evantually he will fail on his own way. what happens when the casual gamer starts to lose, how he is going to identify what's the problem with the downloading tactic? (the official FM facebook fan page promoting the opposite of what the game really needs, or maybe it';s good for sales, i'm not in this position to know, and i'm not assuming i know what's good for sales, i'm looking at it as a user experience). the downloading tactics included mostly 100 TI's, Pi's etc... (is BASICALLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT RASHIDI, HERNE, CLEON and THOG etc... tried to deliver for the casual gamer in this forums). @Svenc why you blame the casul gamer only, when the FM official site promoting those tactics? yes, it might be a failure for a casual gamer to understand football, because not all of us have pro licence or not all of us have the same understanding, vision etc... when it become to football. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THERE IS A LACK OF TUTORIAL/EXPLANATIONS WHICH HELPS THE CASUAL GAMER TO UNDERSTAND WHAT EACH FEATURE DOES, IN THIS CASE IT'S NOT THE USER FAULT. And i didn't mentiond the lack of misinformation there is in the net which will make the game even harder to understand, just imagine someone reading alot about the game from http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/ which contain some information that was clarified here in the forums that are false in some extent and now the user need a different trusted place to read from, IT BECOMES EXHAUSTING, me personally finding myself reading about the and searching what each feature does more than playing and enjoying the game (myself is just as example from dozens that from some reason afraid or feels ashamed of their failure to agree with me here). You might have a valid reason why the casual gamer might struggle in understanding FM, and also real life football in general. But it's not fair to put memes here and blame it on the user only even if they decided to download tactic (it's not like the ME is perfect and it's only the users fault).
  14. I take myself as an example, and I assume there are plenly of users like me who pre-ordered previous versions) I pre-ordered FM16 and FM17 you don't know what you are talking about, i was even streaming FM17 Demo early purchase (for FM16 i didn't had a proper system for streaming). When I pre-ordered the games I expected to have a more improved ME. So, now you became a mind reader of every FM'er? like most of your comment I read, you cannot be objective and I can understand that, because you are a forum moderator. But atleast don't talk in general terms when you obviously have no info on each of the users.
  15. It's very good to be loyal, I would really appreciate such person especially IRL that no matter what, he will remain loyal (friendship loyalty). BUT, here we are talking about something different, here you are called loyal by "Buying" a game which supposed to give you something in-return. While in the video you can already see a bug, or even if it's not a bug, it still doesn't make sense, I'm starting to ask questions about the game and how me as user going to play and enjoy the game after the demo? Is it going to be another year when i will see myself encountering too many bugs which turns me off from the game and capturing the moments in order to send reports in the SI bug forums in order for them to improve the product? And after getting a reply I or other users will see the same comments such as "it's something we look to improve in the next releases". Yes, the best way for the company to improve the product, is us providing feedbacks, but when providing examples, it's obviously not being ignored in the forums, which is good. but the problem is, those bugs appears again in the next year version every game has flaws, I agree it's hard to fix everything it's way more complicated than what we the user sometimes or even most of the times ask. but before implementing a new feature, the most important is to fix the most basic role in football. Put aside the tactics and the TI's etc... flaws the game has. This is the most basic example you can get, the Offsides in this game which supposed to be a the most basic role in football doesn't work properly in a game which supposed to stimulate real football, and it even becomes completely annoying when referee's doesn't let the players keep playing when there is an advantage (and no, I'm not talking about referee's mistakes which was the answer from the SI staff member when I provided one of my examples, because if it was referee's mistakes i would rate it 99% of the times for the referee to be mistakes in the game). when a user picks a comprehensive highlight, I tend to believe that we don't want to see 2 minutes highlight just to watch my players being on offside over and over again, as an assumption and it could be wrong, if this is supposed to be a sign for the user that the player is getting caught on offside just because he is not in a correct role, or team mentality as a whole than, that's really bad and can be exploited but I care less about highlight modes. It might be hard to implement a proper offside role in the ME, I'm not saying it's easy. But instead adding a feature which can make the game so bad with the amount of new problems it will add to the game (and i already posted an example of it in the Dynamics presentation video, you should've improved the offside role in the ME because this is way much better for the user experience and not only that, it's most importantly a basic role in football). You are encouraging people to go and buy the game, but you need to understand, people aren't like you, they won't pre-order just because the franchise called football manager. if you call me a personal who isn't loyal to the game, i could say the same about the SI company not being loyal to the customers till now with the 3 last FM editions I got. people have more worth to the money they put hard work to get, not everyone have the privilege like you/others to buy games just for them to be called "loyal FMer" when there is nothing worth it in-return. Maybe i was too harsh with this post, but that's my overall feelings.