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  1. Some of you on this thread are either naive, or just pretending like... "Reviews" ha, what a joke What i dont like the most is people who cant be honest. If you added one reason which is valid one, why not adding other possible reasons? (Im sure you were able to think about this one, from what i witnessed, you are intelligent enough). Why not adding that they also getting paid to give higher scores? Yes, the scores can be subjective, but if they were honest, the current state of the game doesnt worth such higher rating as 8/10. But hey, money talks.
  2. The way you think and have a belief it can be fixed, is the same way i thought after fm17 beta. As for results, nothing changed and we are already after the fm18 beta.
  3. I agree, they won't bother much because football is a game which is very popular, they won't care about what users in the forums will say about the ME. The game is probably selling after all, not because it's that good, it's because football as a whole is a sport which is maybe the most popular and there will be always demand for football pc games, 2nd is because the lack of competition. I don't understand people who buy the game and being disappointed of the crossing issue. incase you had fm17, you probably witnessed the crossing issue. Now, you bought FM18 and you witnessed this issue not being fixed, you have 2 options: 1. Refund the game (which is what I did). 2. Accept the fact that SI cannot fix this issue and keep playing. I came to the conclusion that there is no point to mention this on the forum anymore (the crossing issues), it's not worth to put an energy on it and provide your feedbacks about the issue.
  4. it was already reported by myself, in beta 2017 and i assume (I didn't checked) that it was reported even before myself and it wasn't fixed. So, no, I don't think it will be fixed. atleast not in FM18. I purchased FM18, and after the 1st match I saw this happening also in FM18, it made me make a decision to refund the game.
  5. Reputation in this game is something that needs a huge tweek Imo. I don't have fm18, but in fm17 for example, Ashdod s.c. (i live there) reputation is the same reputation as Bournemouth, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. A premier league side is on the same reputation as a very low league club, and also, ashdod in the recent years ends up at the bottom of the table, avoiding relegation. And tbis is one example of many there, i gave an example because of the place i live. Israeli clubs, should never be at the same reputation as premier league side, unless it's maccabi tel aviv, hapoel. B.S because in the recent years they qualify the group stages of the european leagues (hapoel b.s. even managed to qualofy the stages from a strong group, but lost to beziktas on the playoffs). Still you can find teams in the israeli side which have half start rating lower than much more reputable teams irl. The reputation system in the game is what makes it easier to bring high rated players which would make the game unrealistic (because those players irl, wouldn't even consider to come, not an option, unless he is a free agent and his age indicates he doesnt have much playing time left).
  6. We are talking about football, confidence is one of the most important for proffesional players. even for players like messi, ronaldo etc... (I took the most extreme example) without confidence they are garbage are garbage. I hope this is not true. I'm really shocked that confidence is not part of the game. I always though that morale is related to players confidence, and it felt very unrealistic that it's easier in the game to increase the player morale/confidence. But how the casual user should know that. I can assure you that maybe 50% if not more (which is alot) of the users would think the same about morale (that is related to confidence). Edit: after I replied I read your comment. ok, good to know I'm wrong in this one, thank you for 3 of you.
  7. I believe that you are wrong in this one, but, let's assume you are right and in game morale doesn't affect player performance... What about player confidence which is maybe 90% of how the players perform IRL (abilities aside). I can be the most talented player in the world, but without confidence I'm simply nothing. Assuming what you said is true, where is "confidece" in the game ? (My assumption always was that morale is also player confidence, and I think I'm not wrong in this one).
  8. I'm not talking about the option being there, i'm talkin about the feature being an exploit to increase the morale. Edit: by the way in 90% it works. (praising conduct and training performance).
  9. I would recommand that if you have a question, you should ask in the this thread: and hope that one of the SI staff members will answer you. after all they know the best about the game. Btw, for your question, i don't know if there is any effect, me personally set the attributes the same as you do.
  10. The way I describe it might be wrong, but according to your posts in the forums, I assume you are intelligent enough to understand what I mean so don't pretend being stupid (because it's not the 1st time you are doing this, putting forums users in the corner with your posts). I know that from my own experience IRL as a former player. things might have change, but i don't believe the way the game reflect it in the current conversation system is right. Regarding the game, I also talking about when the conduct conversations in game is repetetive.
  11. What I don't like with morale in game is that people tend to increase/boosting players morale by using the conduct and training performance talks. How I know that the player conduct is good? I'm not able to see players conduct, so according to what i'm praising him? And praising player conduct every week just to increase his morale so the player perform better, is an exploit (even though it's not recognized as exploit). IRL, you don't see managers talking to the players about their conduct and praising their conduct every few days. I don't know such of thing happen IRL, and even if it does, it's very rare. If you would tell me that the club hires a psychologist who tend to talk with the players and to work with player individualy, this makes more sense for me, but as managers in FM17/18, it's completely a feature to exploit so your players will perform better. IRL, not after every interactions players respond positively.
  12. don't count on this site too much. You might find usefull information and some who does make sense, but there are a lot of misinformation there. i.e. man management attribute which improve coaches training quality (in game) confirmed by SI staff member that is not true.
  13. I'm calmed, I just made it big so you understand but obviously you didn't. Where from what I typed you saw me posting about strikers? I'm talking about specific issue not being fix 3 years, I never asked for perfect passes crosses, or strikers tricks what ever you refer to my post... please, just read my post again if you didn't understand, and if you still cannot understand what I typed and what problem I'm refering to, just ignore my post. Thanks.
  14. What? no, I didn't said we or i want to be able to play more to play the game later (it doesn't make sense and it also not what I said or meant). If you knew how companies which I worked for working around with Recorders and QA testers you would understand where I'm coming from. YOU ARE MISSING MY POINT, AND NOT ONLY YOU, ALSO THE MOD THAT ANSWERED TO MY COMMENT. I'm willing to help and make the product better (I EVEN PAID FOR THIS), by providing any information to make the product better. BUT WHEN I SEE THE ME HAVE THE SAME BUG FOR 3 RELEASES, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS REPORTED AND NOT FIXED, THEN, IT STARTS TO BE ANNOYING, THEN I LOSE MY FAITH ABOUT ABOUT IT BEING FIXED UNTIL THE FULL RELEASE. AND FOR SOMEONE WHO CARE ABOUT THE GAME I LEAVE MY FEEDBACK HERE, OF WHY I'M AN UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. others might care about UI bugs, me personally care more about the ME. UI bugs is obviously much easier to fix, but 3 years to fix this issue and we are in 2018. this doesn't make sense to me.
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