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  1. Oh yes you are right, there is an icon for vision. I think you might be correct, the cause of the icon @craiigman upload might be a combination of mental attributes. I might say the combination of Anticipation, Vision and Decisions might be lower and they are the cause of the icon to show up in the player cons.
  2. I undestand what you are saying, I don't think it's possible with team shape and mentality only. Atleast in my experience and I played a lot with overload and very fluid shape, I never saw my GK going forward late in matches when we were 1 goal down.
  3. If I understood your question, I think it's vary between players. If you post the player profile or name it might be easy to say which mental attribute is the cause, I might call this for vision since anticipation has it's own "icon".
  4. Set pieces routines is the only way to influence who joins the attacks in set pieces, mentality and shape has nothing to do with that.
  5. Set pieces instructions, Drag the GK, DC to the opposition box.
  6. @Ed Hewison I overwrite the file, he joined a new club and it doesn't appear anymore, does the file is still relevant after he joined a club? If it's not relevant anymore, let me know and I will try to repreduce it and I will update you here in this thread if i managed to do so.
  7. @kick wilstra If any team comes to you with an offer to the player, I would consider selling him. His natural fitness is very low, that's a little indication of the player being ---> injury prone (check the coach reports, I might be wrong).
  8. Hey, I don't know how to prounounce it in English so the title might be misleading. I was searching for players with expired contract and I encounter this: the player never played for my team and he is also a free agent, yet he think simon francis is a good player (I never trial the player) I assume this is a bug?
  9. I have a problem I noticed recently. it only occurs when playing FM (after i updated windows 10 and the GPU aswell, but i don't know which might be the cause of the issue). the screen twitch or flickers for a single moment. if more info required let me know, Thank you. DxDiag.txt
  10. @ssrider IMO he has all the stats to be a very good ass manager. How much precentage you are standing in your scouting knowledge? (the higher the presentage, the more staff members you can find). After 4 year in game, you might be able to get some good newgens when searching by attributes (also, incase your scouting knowledge is high and you are playing with large database). For HOYTD, in case you are bringing one for coaching role only and you don't want to set him to bring regens to your club he might be good aswell, but also a waste IMO. 2 reasons that just came to my mind are (maybe there are more): 1. his scouting knowledge (only germany after i checked him in my current save), if you want him to bring good youngsters to your club, you want your HOYTD to have a good scouting knowledge from more than one country (countries such as brazil, argentina, germany spain etc... might bring you some talents) including the attributes such as, determanation, judging player potential, ability etc... (attributes that a scout required), also tactical knowledge for him in order to bring players that might fit to your tactic but with tactical knoledge i won't bother because you can always sell a talent that doesn't fit your system (there are more aspects, not sure my english is good enough to make it much clear). in addition, since he has 19 man management and 20 working with youngsters (and also other great attribute that you desire for training, tactical knowledge for friendlies and good media handling), i would defently would try to get him as an assistant manager. I will explain why, (incase you don't know) Man management is important for the quality of the training for senior players (24+ age), it's also important for other senior coaches and not only for assistant managers. The "working with youngsters" affect the quality of the training for young players, it's therefor important for the youth and reserve coaches (don't bother to search man management for under 18 coaches, all you need is working with youngsters in order for the coaches to affect the qaulity of the training). why in my opinion he would be good assistant manager? because the assistant manager also involved in the under 18's and he has the required attribute you want from an assistant manager also that can fill the job you want him to do, and he will be great for both, senior team training and under 18's, while if you bring him as a HOYTD, he will be responsible only for the under 18's training. about media handling, I don't know how you want him to handle the media (play mind game, evasive, media friendl etc...) it's up to you, I actually like Evasive , but again, it's up to you. I hope i didn't missed any detail, in case i did, my apology.
  11. How do you often use the Assistent manager?
  12. Wilshere finds Drogba, how it ended up? was it a goal? or GK becomes superman? in the 2nd picture, Gradel finds Ibe in the other side and the Goal is almost clear, did it end up as a goal? or did Ibe pass it to the opposition GK for "safety"? in the 3rd picture, the only threat the opposition had, while i understand that suppose to end up as a.... (i will let you guess), but what is francis doing? marking of 14, concetration 12, positioning 14 and anticipation 15, wondering how a full back with such attribute cannot hold his player...and instead coming to the middle when he doesn't suppose to and while my CD are totaly useless at the middle. in this particular scenario of the 3rd picture, francis suppose to mark gabiadinni (#20), and leave tadic (#11) to the central defender... which as you can see doesn't happen. so let's see if you guys can guess how those ended up?
  13. 144hz monitor?

    don't know if it's related but are you using in game skin? or some other downloaded skin? me personally don't have any problems getting 144 and never had to make something special in order to get the 144hz in game. which GPU do you have? would you mind to show your windows settings or nvidia settings please? (updating GPU drivers can help a lot in case your drivers is outdated). don't even turn Vsync on unless you have hard tearing. Vsync increase input lag especially in action games (such as FPS games). also if you can provide screenshot from your in game preference.
  14. I manage to get it work using proxi. I guess the video is blocked in specific countries might be due to copyright issues.