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  1. That's actually a really good point, I hadn't thought of that before. I'd still like to win the league, but that would at least be a consolation.
  2. April 2021 The month started off well with us continuing our winning run, we even equaled Dinamo's points total after the Lokomotiva game, but the loss against Slaven Belupo really hurt and it ended our 23 game unbeaten run in the league. We're now 6 points back of Dinamo. We do have a game in hand, but even at that we only have 4 matches remaining. Dinamo has to drop at least 3 points in their last 3, luckily, one of those is against us so that will be an absolute must win game.
  3. March 2021 Wow. What a difference a month makes. We went from no wins in 4, to 4 straight wins including 2 against the league leaders and one against the team who were in third place. This has definitely helped us in the title race. We now sit only one point behind Dinamo following the two wins against them. One win in our last 8 will secure Champions League football for next season, but we really want to beat Dinamo to the title once again.
  4. Youth Intake Well, I think the less that's said about this, the better. You could say that there's potential in there, but we have 21 players with better potential than the best ones in this youth intake in just the second team and the u21s.
  5. February 2021 We started the new year like we ended the last, but once our winning streak ended at 12, we absolutely fell apart and haven't managed a win since. This also sees our European run end which is frustrating as we had 7 clear cut chances in the second leg, but our finishing was very poor. This poor run also sees us drop to 7 points behind Dinamo as they once again won all their matches this month. I don't think the title is coming to Split this year. We do, however have a double-header against Dinamo coming us at the start of March so a few good results could make the title race close.
  6. Yeah when he came through in a scout report I was quite excited, especially when I saw we could bring him in for free, but when I went to offer him a contract he said that he wanted to keep his options open until close to the end of his contract. I figured he would get interest from the big clubs, but when he actually became interested in talking to us, he still had no other clubs interested in him.
  7. 2021 Winter Signings We made quite a few signings so I'll only show you those that are in the first team immediately, but I'll take you through the others first. Anas Achahbar is a promising attacking midfielder, but he's currently a long way off the first team. Gavin Chiarot is a right back who's transfer we had arranged a few years ago when he was looking much more promising than he is now. He's been sent out on loan. Lucas Lourenco is another attacking midfielder who is very close to the first team and at only 20 years old, I think he will be in the near future. For only $240K, he looks like an absolute bargain, I believe that was his release clause so there aren't even any add-ons. We desperately needed a good left back after Jukic left in the summer and Pilipovic very much fits the bill and for only $150K, he's coming in for far less than we sold Jukic for. I think for a free signing he looks very good. He also scored in his debut for us so he is doing quite well so far. As part of bringing him in, we had to improve in the goalkeeping department which led me to the signing of this guy: Easily my best signing ever in any FM. I have no idea how we managed to bring him in on a free, but wow. He has a $12.25 million release clause and I think he'll leave for that, but that's an insane profit considering we got him for NOTHING!
  8. 2020 Award Winners I'm very impressed that he actually beat Pulisic to this award. Too bad we don't play with strikers anymore. He has definitely benefited from our lack of strikers. As has Hamza Barry, winning African midfielder of the year.
  9. December 2020 Another excellent month sees us go into the break on a 10 game winning streak which could still go on for some time. Dinamo finally lost a game! We're now within 3 points of them and with the form we're in currently the gap could be closed entirely within the next month after the break. The win against Ferencvaros also meant we won our group in the Europa League. In the end, it looked quite comfortable with Nice and Tottenham drawing the final match between them.
  10. November 2020 Another excellent month with only one goal conceded in 5 matches. We also really liked scoring late goals with 5 goals scored in stoppage time in our first 4 games of the month including 2 to win against Tottenham in what was truly an amazing game. As good as we have been, Dinamo have been just as good if not better. They're still unbeaten and are 6 points ahead of us. It's safe to say that it's a two horse race with us a massive 14 points clear of third place Osijek. Our European run is also going to continue with the group looking like this after 5 matches: Our last match is against Ferencvaros so I'm hoping we will win the group. Only Tottenham can go ahead of us as we hold the head to head against Nice.
  11. October 2020 What a month! We're out of the cup early which is a massive disappointment, but it will allow us to focus on more important things like catching Dinamo in the league (who have conceded finally), and going as far as possible in the Europa League. I forgot to take a screenshot of the league table after this month, but I believe we cut Dinamo's lead to 6 points. This is looking very good. I think we might be in with a realistic chance of qualifying from the group.
  12. September 2020 First of all, who scheduled this? We played all of our games away from home this month including a trip to England. What the heck! We didn't do too badly although we did lose to in-form Dinamo and Tottenham. Dinamo still haven't conceded and have pulled 10 points clear of us already. We really have to close the gap soon or we definitely won't be winning the league for the fourth straight season.
  13. Transfer Window This was a bit of a crazy one with both out incoming and outgoing transfer records being broken. We sold a youth product, Sego for a potential fee of over $30 million, and three players, Macek, Jukic and Ruiz Diaz who were signed for a combined fee of just over $500k for deals worth a potential of 12.5 million plus a percentage of each of their next transfers. Not a bad profit. In terms of incoming signings, we have a bit of quality there too. He comes in and is currently in the second team, but he could easily be in the first team. He's got a bright future. What a bargain this kid is. He's already one of our best defenders at only 17 and he cost us under $10k. This was a great find. Another player who's in the first team at only 17 and he looks very goos, but I'll be looking to make him a more complete footballer as he still looks very raw. Here he is, the record signing. Are you a bit underwhelmed, because I am. He's not bad, don't get me wrong, but he's not as good as Sego. We'll see how it works out though.
  14. August 2020 The month started off really well, then the train sort of fell off the tracks with us conceding 7 and only scoring 2 in 3 matches. A long way off the 13 scored and 0 conceded from the previous 3 matches. We did return from that with a 2-0 win (that didn't matter) over Celtic, and a very, very late win over Rijeka. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as we come up against Dinamo in the first match of next month. We're in second, but already 7 points behind Dinamo who haven't conceded a goal yet! We're in for a rough year I think.
  15. Europa League Draw That's a fairly Nice draw (see what I did there ). In all honesty, I think we can get through this group behind Tottenham. Hopefully this prediction goes better than the last.