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  1. Thanks. I recently got a racing wheel so I've been playing racing games lately and FM has taken a backseat. I think I'll be getting back to this save fairly soon though.
  2. 2026 Season Preview and Transfers We aren't predicted to be relegated! After our incredible season last year, I think we can at least get mid-table. Included in these transfers are 2 midfield playmakers, a very good centre back, a decent backup striker, a promising full back, and a fantastic attacking midfielder that we brought in on a free. This was a very good window for us, bringing in several very promising young players. The first of the midfield playmakers in Aguirre. For a player who has only turned 18 recently, he is very good, especially with his techn
  3. Europa League!! First of all, we get extra money which is always good. I'm a bit unsure of this group. Plzen won the league last year and Vitesse finished in second in the Eredivisie. I think we got the toughest 3rd seed in West Ham, but other than that I think we can take anyone in the group. I definitely think we can get 3rd in the group and qualify for ECL2.
  4. Season Review I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was an unbelievable season. We sold out the home section of every home match this season, yet the board still refuse to expand the stadium. I don't understand, we even have tons of money in the bank now that we've received the prize money. It should come as a surprise to no one that our player of the season was Justin Edwards, the Golden Boy himself. Somewhat of a surprise package, Tomas Antosik was our signing of the season after working his way into the first 11 at just 18 years old. Somewhat surpr
  5. Man this is nice. Because it gives us this for a budget.
  6. May 2026 Wow, what an end to the season! We started off with a dominant performance against Köln, and carried that form through into our match against Frankfurt where we dominated in a similar fashion and held them to absolutely nothing. Our final match against rivals Dresden was not as convincing, but a fantastic free kick for Edwards got us the win. Schalke ended their season against the top 2 in the league and as a result, the league finished like this: Yep, that's right. We're into the Europa League!!! It's been a truly unbelievable season. I'm not sure if we can repl
  7. April 2026 This was a very mixed month. We started off with another loss against Stuttgart in a match where they got more shots, but we created much better chances. Then we hosted Wolfsburg and failed to score in what was an even match. Unfortunately, they scored a 93rd minute winner to prevent us getting any points. We weren't able to score in our next match against Hertha either and lost to an own goal after the ball cannoned back off the bar and hit a defender. Finally, in a complete shock result considering our recent form, we destroyed Dortmund at home 3-0. We were absolutely i
  8. March 2026 Well, this was another poor month. We started off with yet another loss against Hamburg, but we deserved more than the loss. I'm not sure we quite deserved to win, but we definitely should've gotten a point. The Freiburg match was much better for us. The shots were similar to the last match, but we were much better at creating chances than the previous match. Against Mainz, we took the lead, but then they outplayed us and got a deserved win against us. We've now dropped further and I'm not sure we'll actually qualify for Europe now. We're only 2 points clear of
  9. 2026 Youth Intake Now this is more like it! We have one player who has the potential to be an excellent player for us and 3 others who will likely go on to have careers in the Bundesliga either with us or for other sides. This is our best youth player so far, Dennis Schwartz. He has excellent tackling and first touch and other than that he is decent at most other things. He is a well rounded player for his age and he should improve nicely over the next few years. And here is Peter Hey, the second best player from the intake. He wasn't rated as highly on intake
  10. February 2026 Holy crap, what a horrible month. We started off against Bayern in the cup, I rotated the squad so I had no expectations for the match. Against BMG, they were the better side and deserved the win. In our second matchup against Bayern, it was quite an even match, but 2 long range strikes got them the win. Against Schalke, which should have been a winnable game, we were poor and didn't create any chances. Finally, against Leverkusen we were much better (after conceding an early penalty and led going into injury time, but they scored a 94th minute equalizer leaving us wit
  11. January 2026 This month was very much a mixed bag, a great start and a fairly poor end. Against Dresden, we were absolutely fantastic, but were unable to make our dominance count. We were able to get the win, but it should have been more convincing. Our performance against Düsseldorf was very similar, but this time we were more clinical and managed 3 goals. I still don't know how we even lost to Augsburg much less losing by 3 goals. We were better than them or equal in every aspect of the match, but they were far superior at taking their chances. I thought we were back on track with
  12. January 2026 Transfers We've had this signing lined up for a while. It was one of those free transfers that I couldn't refuse. He looks very good and still has room to improve. He'll be the backup for the rest of the year. United came in for Bazunu and he wanted to leave so I sold him for £5 million and brought this guy in for £4 million. He has more potential and is only a small downgrade on Bazunu. This also facilitated a transfer that I have lined up for next summer which I am very excited about. He's very decent, but I'm honestly never sure wheth
  13. I think it's safe to say that Edwards was a fantastic signing and well worth the £5 million we spent on him (plus add-ons). I believe this is the first player that I've ever had win Golden Boy, so I'm very excited about him.
  14. December 2025 Wow, what an end to the year. We went down early at Signal Iduna Park, but we were able to equalize fairly quickly and managed to get a late winner. We weren't great, but we held them to no real chances so it was a great performance for us. Against Köln, we were really poor early on and went down 2-0, but in the second half we were unplayable and a Justin Edwards hat-trick gave us the win. The Frankfurt match was very similar with us going down in the first half and then playing exceptionally well in the second half. Edwards was fantastic again with a brace to bring hi
  15. This is still quite disappointing. I'm hoping this will improve as the reputation of the club improves.
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