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  1. Mid-Season Break So far, this season has gone fairly well, even though it's taken me most of the season so far to actually settle on a tactic. Enough babbling though, let's get into the screenshots where you can actually see some results. League After the first two games, it wasn't looking very good, but after that our form picked up and we only lost 3 games after that, only drawing 3 too. This leaves the table looking like this: So it' s going very well. I expected to have difficulty getting past Dinamo and finishing above them in the league. So far, it's close but we are ahead. We're also 12 points clear to qualify for Europe, so that's looking pretty safe. Hopefully our league form will continue into the second half of the season. Cup We've been far from convincing so far in the cup with two of the games needing extra time. It's not even as if we've been playing massively rotated sides. We typically played a relatively full strength side with 4 or 5 players being rotated. So we can't even use that as an excuse. We have to do better it we're to win the cup. Europa League Considering we had a tough group, I'd say we did fairly well getting 7 points. We didn't get demolished in any of our games either, only losing by more than one goal once. This left the group looking like this: Even though we finished third in the group, I'm very happy with the performance this year. Getting 7 points was more than I has expected us to get and should help us with improving the nation's European coefficient. In addition to us, Dinamo and Rijeka also finished 3rd on their Europa League groups, so the coefficient could get a nice boost. Squad So far, Fran Tudor has been the best player on the team. I wasn't expecting this to be the cans, but since I changed tactics the last time, he has played a lot and performed well, as you can see from his recent form. Our two center backs have also done very well and are both some of the top performers in the team. The have contributed massively to us having the second best defense in the league.
  2. Europa League It's definitely a tough group, especially with Arsenal in there, but I'm just happy to be here, so at this point, whatever happens happens. It would be nice to get at least 5 points, though.
  3. Europa League We're into the group stage!!! When we were drawn against Bilbao, I thought we had no chance of qualifying, but we gave a very good account of ourselves and actually won. It was far from emphatic and made for a terrifying end to the game, but we pulled through in the end. Now we just have to see who we'll be playing in the groups.
  4. Europa League ...Or maybe this year is our year. I honestly did not expect much from this match (if anything), but we actually performed well and were decent value for the win. I still can't quite believe that we beat one of the best teams in this round of the competition. I am disappointed that we gave away a penalty just after scoring though.
  5. Europa League We've been drawn against probably the worst team we could have been. And by that I mean that they should be far better than us. I'd be shocked if we can actually qualify for the group stages ahead of these guys. Maybe next year...
  6. Europa League Another Europa League game, another very late goal for us. Although it wasn't necessary for us to go through, it certainly did put the tie to bed and made it a much less nerve-wracking end to the game. Bring on the playoff.
  7. Europa League Wow. I did not expect this. I was expecting a fairly close game, but I was not expecting a 3-3 draw. Drawing the away leg puts the tie in our favour going into the home leg. All we need is a low scoring draw or a win and we're through to the playoff. I'm quite relieved that we got a very late equalizer, though.
  8. Europa League We have been drawn against Slovenians, Olimpija for the third qualifying round. I'm not sure how the compare to us, but the Slovenian First League is quite a bit lower than us on the reputation standings, so hopefully that means we will have a good chance of moving on.
  9. Europa League The goal we conceded early in the second half made this rest of the game a nervy affair, but two late goals from us made it look far more comfortable than it actually was. Either way, we're through to the third qualifying round.
  10. Europa League We played very well in this first leg, absolutely dominating them in terms of chances created. We could have had a few more and held them to few chances, with them mostly shooting from range. After this first leg, I'm confident we can perform well in the second as well.
  11. Our European journey will begin at home against SK Brann, who are predicted to finish 3rd in Norway. This should be a close match-up with both of us being predicted to finish 3rd in our respective leagues. The Croatian league is bigger and better than the Norwegian league, though so hopefully that is a sign that we are the stronger side.
  12. The Club Hajduk Split are one of the largest clubs in Croatia and have finished in 3rd in the league the last 4 years. They play at the Poljud, the second largest stadium in the league, only behind Dinamo's stadium. This is the squad that I've inherited here at Hajduk. There are a few quality players and some who have significant potential. Overall it is a fairly young squad with no one over the age of 27 in the first team. I would say 'I think we can challenge for the title with this squad', but I really have no idea what kind of quality the other teams in the league have, so I'm coming into the league season not really knowing what to expect. Or at least that would be the case if there wasn't the whole season preview thing. This suggests to me that we should be challenging around the top of the table, however when I told the squad that I thought we could be at the top of the table at the end of the season, about a third of the squad got mad at me for having unrealistic expectations. Long story short, I still don't know what to expect going into the season so I'll just get into it.
  13. After recently watching a lot of @AccessEuphoria's Building a Nation series recently, I decided that my desire to use the new scouting system is enough for me to step away from my FM17 save and play FM18 (again). Basically I'm going to build a nation (more specifically Croatia) with Hajduk Split. As with many leagues, I have never managed in Croatia before, nor have I ever seen anyone else do so, so this is uncharted territory for me. My goals for this save are as follows: Establish Hajduk as the best team in Croatia Challenge for the knockouts of European competitions Grow the league in both reputation and coefficients to challenge the big guns (England, Spain, etc.) Win the Champions League Make the Croatian top tier the best league in Europe. To achieve these goals, I will be doing a similar thing to the aforementioned Building a nation series and signing many regens to either play for us or to go to other teams in our division. I will also try to avoid signing top players from other teams in our division to allow those teams to also challenge in Europe. I have added the following leagues to allow for a large amount of regens to come through each year:
  14. League Update What a way to win the league! I believe the were third prior to this match. Hands down one of our best league performances ever.
  15. Youth Intake Update What a disappointment compared to the last few years. One of our largest expenses currently is the youth setup, so I'd like to think that we'll get some top quality players in our youth intakes, but this one is just a disappointment. This kid is the pick of the bunch. He is decent, especially his tackling and a few of his mentals. I'm currently training him to play at libero.