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  1. I don't think I've ever seen quite as much of a 'Jekyll and Hyde' performance. We went in at the half, 17 year-old Gor already had a brace with Narek bagging in another just before the half. We were on a massive high and I naturally told the team to not get complacent. That worked well . We wound up completely bottling it and conceded two away goals . Worst team talk ever!
  2. Not sure how I feel about this (shocker!), but after last season's successes, I'm feeling good about this. I've just now realized that I contradicted myself in that sentence.
  3. 2018/19 Season Review In the latter half of the season, we had two excellent runs in which we could not stop scoring (or winning), but sandwiched between those, we were very poor and I was afraid that the tactical revolution was backfiring even to the point that I switched back to the 4-2-3-1 for the second leg of the cup tie. Needless to say, that didn't work either. I came back the next day and BOOM! We were incredible and I am now confused . With that incredible run of form, we finished 3rd and secured European qualification for a second consecutive year. As you can see, we were a quite entertaining team to watch scoring a league-high 49 goals. There were 89 goals in the 28 matches we were involved in! No wonder our attendances rose toward the end of the year. POTS was Narek Balayan with his team-high 14 goals, in addition to his 6 assists. He averaged a 7.22 rating. Signing of the season was Armen Ghazaryan, the young right back that was brought in. He came into the first team and started most games with the new tactic. He averaged a 7.17 and got 5 assists. This also features as a sneak peak into our Europa League campaign next season.
  4. Youth Intake 2019 Far from amazing, but we did get a good keeper who also has exceptional determination. He's the only player of note this season. He does look quite good with 13 reflexes, but I think we should use him as a playmaker with his 13 vision! On second note, maybe not, I just looked at his passing. I guess he'll have to keep the gloves on.
  5. Mid-Season Break 2019 I'm not going to go into great detail with this as I've finished the season and just haven't had enough time to update. We started the league off with a 5-0 thrashing of Alashkert, but couldn't seem to find any sort of form (except bad) so in the last 4 games, I went strikerless. Nothing revolutionary as I just copied @Guimy's Project Libero system, but it seemed to work (sometimes). That left the league table like this... We're 5th and sitting one of the league's top scorers on the bench after going strikerless, genius ! We're also some way off the European spots with Pyunik ahead of us by 6 and with 4th place only getting us a European place if the cup winner is in the top 3 (or if we win it). We made one signing during the transfer window... The new system, that I will cover in this post, has three central midfielders and this kid is absolutely one of them. He has incredible technicals and pace that kills. He also has the same surname as our previous best CM, he must be good! Project Libero V2 Not only have I completely stolen Guido's tactic name, but I've also taken each and every one of his team instructions (except instructing the team to play narrower). Imitation is the best form of flattery as they say ! The idea behind the tactic, especially the two BBM's is that we'll have lots of runners which will cause chaos for the opposition defense.
  6. After a very good run in the Europa League, we're now out. This has done wonders for both our finances and coefficient though!
  7. Far from an ideal result, but nothing less than we expected. Unfortunately for the 4 away fans who made the 3000 km journey didn't see us break the club record of 9 games unbeaten. I don't see us getting past them this year.
  8. We finished the tie off in emphatic fashion by absolutely dominating the home leg with 70% possession. We now play FC Thun who I am thinking finished the season in 4th in the Swiss Super League. They will be very tough opposition but I prefer them to Bordeaux, who we could have been drawn against.
  9. At the second attempt, we went one better scoring 5! I was so annoyed when the game crashed the first time, but it suddenly doesn't look so bad. I thought we were going to replicate the first attempt at this game, but then Edgar Mkrtchyan popped up with his first goal for the club. I've also saved the game now so I won't have to do this a third time.
  10. And then off the back of that excitement, the game crashed and I lost the result.
  11. He continued to be a beast in this match until he got a thigh strain in the first half of this match. I was very worried we wouldn't get anything but an away goal in this match when we went 2-1 down and had our keeper out with a sprained wrist, but I shouldn't have bothered as we made an incredible comeback scoring 4 away goals!
  12. Trackers Finances Year Value Balance Avg Tkt Price Avg Season Tkt Price Avg Attendance Season Ticket Holders Sponsorship Money TV money Merch Money 2016/17 $55k $25.6k $5 $13 224 65 $6.25k $18 427 $2 147 2017/18 $55k $2 530 $7 $18 367 94 $13 810 $67 637 $3 885 Facilities and Reputation Year Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Club Rep Club Ranking League Rep Euro League Rank (Rep) Euro League Rank (Coeff) 2016/17 Poor Basic Basic Limited 0.5 stars N/A 1 star 113th 48th 2017/18 Poor Basic Adequate Limited 1 star N/A 1.5 stars 103rd 38th
  13. We're putting all that Europa League money to good use
  14. We were absolutely unstoppable, especially the legend himself, Edgar Harutyunyan with two goals and an assist. That's just doubled our balance! The second qualifying round sees us face off against the third-place finishers in Bosnia. As with Neftci, I really don't know what to expect.