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  1. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today and I came across a post from a media outlet that stated that a club was willing to sell a player but for a certain price. now the story claimed that sources to the club has told them it will cost £20million to purchase this player. it got me thinking, what if we were able to "leak" to the press the value of certain players. the leak may be some psychological game to a rival that wants to buy our player. now, I know we can offer players for values and so forth but from the perspective of getting the media to play a bigger part in the game (as in real life) we can create relationships with certain media outlets that will tell the world what you want them to hear and potentially ban certain companies from attending conferences etc... on the flip side we can have some outlets that perhaps twist the words that we say to worsen things for us. just a thought
  2. Just a few ideas moving forward, some possibly could never be done and some may have been mentioned before. But here goes... 1) Have the option of becoming an interim manager. If a club have decided to hire a manager at the end of the season but they are currently still in February or March, have the option to go in as an interim manager until the end of the season, and if you are successful in that period then that will be noted by the club and improve your chances of being hired by them in the future (or work against you if you're terrible) 2) Players remember if you have been good or bad to them. I know you have a list of likes and dislikes, but how about if for example you're managing Liverpool and you fall out with Lallana for whatever reason and you decide to sell him because you want to improve the morale in the quad. Say you sell him to Stoke?... and then 6 months later you get sacked by Liverpool and Stoke hire you, if Lallana is still there, he can come and talk to you or vice versa and you can either clear the air or he may say that he still doesn't want to play for you and that he wants to leave there as well. 3) The option to travel. When you get drawn in the champions league and you are Arsenal and you have to go to Russia to play Zenit or whoever. You should be given the option of what days you want to travel there and back, because this could affect training and rest. Jet lag could play a bigger part in the game. 4) Scouts have the ability to poach players reports from other scouts If you are Chelsea and you have set a someone to scout League 1, you can assign them to follow a particular club or player. If you notice that the same scout is going to the same games or recognises that they are looking at the same player, if they are "friends" in their likes and dislikes then they are more likely to share player information and you could get your scouting report that bit quicker and more accurate. Or you could twist it and make it backfire by the rival scout giving them the wrong information, depending on how savvy your scout it. 5) Team Bonding You could offer the teams an incentive for winning matches such as days out or meals just like what Ranieri did for Leicester (Pizza - Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong) 6) Players refusing to travel to certain countries. In cricket at the moment theres a debate over wether players should go to bangladesh for a test tour amid reports of unrest and violence. Perhaps get some players to try and refuse to go to certain places for friendlies, cup matches or team building events. You could look at this logically and either discipline the player or understand their worries and allow it. Could be a huge factor in morale for the individual and team. 7) More players going to China or USA to finish their careers. Seems to be a trend these days, see more of them going there instead of them getting released and signing for Exeter. 8) Revamp the international management. It's boring, same old things every time. pick a squad, do an interview, repeat. change it up, add more into it. More interaction with players. Better training, more influence on playing games in different stadiums. 9) Revamp press conferences. It's the same questions every time, it gets boring after a while and I end up letting my Assistant manager do them. Change the questions, create a bigger library of questions, make us think about the answers carefully, they get too predicted at times. 10) Touchline bans If you're banned from the touchline, or even the stadium. Change the way in which you watch the game, create a Soccer Saturday type layout and act as if were watching from tv. What is everyones thoughts?
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