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  1. Week 28: Saturday 24 February Leicester 3-1 Stoke 12:30 Bournemouth 2-1 Newcastle 15:00 Brighton 0-1 Swansea 15:00 Burnley 2-0 Southampton 15:00 Liverpool 3-0 West Ham 15:00 West Brom 1-0 Huddersfield 15:00 Watford 1-1 Everton 17:30 Sunday 25 February Man Utd 2-2 Chelsea 14:05 (I am hoping Man Utd win though) Monday 26 February Crystal Palace 1-3 Spurs 20:00 Thursday 01 March Arsenal 2-4 Man City 19:45
  2. Week 27: Saturday 10 February Spurs 1-2 Arsenal 12:30 (Have to hope for Spurs to Spurs it up) Everton 3-1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Stoke 1-1 Brighton 15:00 Swansea 1-0 Burnley 15:00 West Ham 1-2 Watford 15:00 Man City 3-2 Leicester 17:30 Sunday 11 February Huddersfield 0-1 Bournemouth 12:00 Newcastle 0-3 Man Utd 14:15 Southampton 2-3 Liverpool 16:30 Monday 12 February Chelsea 2-0 West Brom 20:00
  3. Another player who you could get is Timo Werner from RB Leipzig, he is a class act. Shouldn't cost you more than £35m.
  4. All depends on the version you are running on your tablet. On the new marshmallow 6.0 update you should be able to use your sd card as an internal memory. Select your SD card from settings - storage & USB after this click on the 3 dots at the top right of your screen and you should see the option 'format as internal'.
  5. For your price range you won't find anything better than the Nvidia SHIELD tablet. I own one myself and can vouch for it. The battery life is amazing and handles FMT 2016 with ease so have no doubts about FMT 2017. The speakers in this tablet is sublime. Also contains the Tegra K1 processors. Check the specs for yourself https://shield.nvidia.co.uk/store/tablet/k1
  6. Unfortunately, you can run the PC version of FMT on the tablet. You can only purchase FMT on the tablet through app store that is relevant to that tablet, i.e Google play store or Apple app store. It's out now and here is the link http://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-touch-2017
  7. 1) In order to pull this off successfully, you will need CB's that are good in positioning, concentration and decisions as well as have relatively good pace and of course be good tacklers. You would need to set your defensive line to fairly high or higher and set to offside trap. Would be good to concentrate on the areas in the below screenshot when purchasing a defender. 2) Quite similar to number 1 but the only addition, is set closing down to much more, bear in mind though you will need players to have good fitness (in player stats this would be natural fitness) and I would suggest doing fitness training often. Also look at the stats of your fitness coach, providing the team I manage is of a good status I would hire a fitness coach with 20 as fitness and no lower. 3) Most often than not teams that you play against will get the ball to midfield, but the above will certainly reduce the amount of time it happens. Something I would like to add here and is very crucial is player roles. I have created a sample with the attached screenshots (had to use FM touch on my tablet as I do not have access to my computer at the moment). 4) This would hardly happen if you have good players with the above skill set (including those stats in the screenshot). I am currently managing Ebbsfleet in League 2 and it hardly happens to my team. I was actually going to suggest using a sweeper keeper but you have mentioned this in point 5. 6) I think the screenshots I've uploaded are a few ways you could set-up your formation. I think there are better ways to set-up your formation but wanted to keep it simple.
  8. @akash777 - thank you for your post. What you have outlined is very good and detailed, and I found a website from my bookmarks which had a extraordinary effect on my FM play. This opened the door for me and I have never looked back. Follow this link for details on attacking football - http://sisportscentre.com/category/the-art-of-attacking-football/. Once you are on the website scroll right to the bottom and look for the blog called "THE ART OF ATTACKING FOOTBALL – THE INTRO". The web page above is the front page if you like on each stage of attacking football. On the left of the page you will see blogs for all the other type of football you can implement on FM. Since you have outlined the type of football you want to play, you should stick to it in order to see the desired effect. Of course, what you then do afterwards is develop the tactics.
  9. @akash777 - that is no problem at all. I think that is good enough for me. I think it might help if I show you my approach when playing FM. Regardless what team I go and manage I normally have 2 ideals in mind of how I want my team to play but I always go for possession football over my 2nd favourite which is defensive football (a bit like Atletico Madrid). Irrespective of what players I have available be it if I am managing a team in league 2 or a team in the championship or even the Premier League, I will always go with my 2 ideals. So I guess what I am saying is that you have to almost be fixated with the type of play you really like. I am the best by any margin but I can help everyone who struggles with this aspect of the game, because I think it was last year, I had a meltdown. My issue was I loved playing FM but I was absolutely hopeless at it, even when I played friends online I would end somewhere like 6th or 7th with Man Utd. The best managers have an idea of the type of football they want to play and stick with it, the most they ever do is enhance their tactics, so for example a manager who has managed Bayern and was playing possession football like Pep can do the same with Wrexham in Vanarama National League. Of course there will be slight variations but fundamentally the same. So the idea on FM is to pick maybe 2 or 3 of your favourite types of play. Could everyone say what type of football they like best? For example you can give examples such as possession play, counter-attacking etc.
  10. I like your post @akash777. I think the first question I would like to start with is, what type of football do you want your team playing (for example, attacking, counter-attacking, possession football, defensive football etc)? I think we will definitely as the FM community answer your question, as I have been where you are too.
  11. I assume you are referring to team training, in that case you will find this on the training main screen and you will need to deselect 'Leave Training to Assistant' and then change focus to defending. I hope that answers your question.
  12. I love both version of the game, what does it for me is the ability to find almost any player on FM. I love the man management and interaction be it with players or the media. Also I love the online play with friends. I play FMT on the go, and love that you can get through a season quite quickly. The downside for me is the restriction of only being able to load leagues in 3 nations and no only play function. I will always prefer to play FM over FMT purely because of the detail.
  13. @MisterFixed All depends on what type of football you want your team to play. The best site I have to help you or any others is http://sisportscentre.com/. You'll never look back again, trust me.
  14. Since using this type of tactic I have never had to touch the creative freedom be it more expressive or more disciplined. When I play teams who simple play for a draw, I would change from control to attacking, and if ever I need to (hardly been the case) to overload normally in the 2nd half though. And change passing directness to more direct passing.
  15. It really works, and I used it in the Championship and hardly conceded goals, and that was with average players. I have also used this with big teams and works too. I was struggling on FM for years and thought I need to revamp how I use my tactics, and now I can confidently use any team and ship out any players that don't fit my style. Of course, depending on the team the team shape will change until I can accomplish what I really want which is a highly structured team.
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