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  1. Bingo, that's exactly it. Thanks They failed UEFA Champions League financial fair play regulations. A joke given I left them in great shape only 2 years ago having won 3 of the last 4 Champions League titles.
  2. Can I check if a team has been banned from the Champions League for any reason, namely FFP? In my current save I'm in year 2024/25 and Juventus have just won Serie A but haven't been included in the Champions League. 2nd/ 3rd and 4th all got in and have made the group stages but no Juve. Not sure if it's a bug or they've been excluded.
  3. That's great, thanks Smurf. I'll take the plunge as a month without FM has been a drag.
  4. On the hunt for a new laptop. Primarily for Football Manager and general web browsing. Budgeting around £500 give or take. I can get 20% off this one so works out around £510 https://www.tesco.com/direct/acer-156-f15-intel-i5-7200u-8gb-1tb-hdd-128ssd-gtx950m-full-hd-dvdrw-silver-laptop/132-1860.prd Or shall I dig a little deeper and plump for this one (which I've seen mentioned on here a few times previously) https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/7240-9067-StormForce-7240-9067_2060056.html I'd prefer to play FM17 in 3D view and normally run anywhere between 4-10 leagues. However, if anyone thinks this is a monumental waste of money and believe that for FM and just browsing the web I'd be better of saving a couple of hundred quid and plumping for something that I may only get 2D view out from I'm happy to listen. Thanks
  5. I'll do my best on last look a GB was going to take a day to copy across to my external hard drive. One second it's copying at 10mb/s the next at next to nothing. Could be here a while
  6. Good stuff so as long as I'm using the same version with the same editor changes my save game should work. Cheers
  7. Evening all, My hard drive and I are currently going through a tough episode. It appears he won't make it through the evening as he crawls to a halt and takes an age to do no nothing. Fortunately he has given me one last opportunity to take what I need and run before the screen of death. I have a current save which I've been on for a while and would like to keep for when I get a new hard drive. Do I just need to take the save from within game or is there any other folders I should try and take with me? I've managed to copy over some editor data to an external hard drive for the time being too but unsure my current save will work.
  8. Has anyone seen this before? On New Years' Day during my first season (2012/13) with Crewe we are sitting in the playoff spots. We don't have much money £80kish on transfers £25k a week on wage. Well Big Ben strikers midnight on New Years' Eve and a change of season expectations comes through and so does my transfer budget. I can consolidate, which is what I was to do pre-season, and receive a transfer budget around £4.4m or mid-table with a budget of £5.4m. I have checked the clubs finances and no sign of any loans, no sign of this money in my income but my balance is now £5.4m. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Or seen any suggestions what it is. Thought the chairman may have invested but would have thought that would pop up on my news feed?
  9. 8MB Ram (4.77mb available), Intel core i5, NVidia GeForce GT540M graphics card.
  10. Yeah I had checked before I started a new game and it's the latest patch, wonder if that has something to do with it? To be honest the game doesn't appear to be running any slower, yet to play a match so I will see then.
  11. I installed Windows 8, rookie mistake I know but I was intrigued and thought for the price of the upgrade I'd give it a go, however my estimated game speed and current performance starts have drastically reduced. I was getting 4 stars or 3 stars on 18 leagues across nine countries but now I'm getting one or half a star. How does it have such an effect? Did anyone have any similar issues which they may have sorted or can offer any advice to get my game speed and performance back up, without reverting to windows 7. Thanks
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