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  1. I'm seeing something and wanted to check if my thinking is correct to why this happens. I'm playing an almost default Vertical Tiki Taka 433 DM, with some roles adjusted and tempo to normal. AF (A) IF(s) IW(s) Mez(a) BBM(s) DLP(d) WB(s) BPD(d) DC(d) WB(a) With Work the Ball in the Box on my striker doesn't score a lot (The IF, IW and Mez do), with Work The Ball in the box off my striker is by far the main goal threat. Is this because with WBIB on my team is slower in attack, much more people are around/in the box, and there's a big chance that other players than my striker are getting the goal scoring opportunities?
  2. It was like that before yesterday's update on my laptop. Since than, UI has been very responsive for me.
  3. For beta's there is never a detalled change log (normal, since it's a beta and they are still working on hundreds of things in parallel before releasing the official release product) But here you can see it's mainly about speed (like UI lagging)
  4. Nice update, UI is a lot more responsive now :-) Good on track for a very nice, polished and enjoyable product on November 9th!
  5. If you're in doubt, always best to report, easiest way to have feedback from developers / getting things fixed in case it was wrong. If it's works as designed, they tell you as well... they will in any case be better to answer then most of the members in this topic
  6. You guys will now better, but I think the 1920x1080 resolution is probably one of the most used ones. The touchline tablet only offers 3 entries by default, and if you put 95% zoom you get access to 6 panels. I think if it's really that close now between having the 6 or 3 panels you should try to update the default skin to offer the 6 panels as well in the 1920x1080 100% zoom mode, as that is such mainstream resolution and the 6 panels are really what most people want to have The 6 panel version requires me to zoom to 95%... that doesn't offer so much more extra space compare to 100%... so I think you guys should be able to change the min-space-needed for 6 panels and have it work almost as good on 100% zoom 1920x1080
  7. Hi @XaW are that custom match panels you are already using to have 6 panels (instead of default three i have) or do you just run a very large resolution? If case 1... Could you Point me to the mod you are using?
  8. Work the ball in the box, but i typicamly avoid it because for me it makes the Striker less of the main goal scoring threat. And I personnaly like the Striker to be the main goal scorer
  9. I have exactly the same issue in all of my savegames, when viewing Team detailed or overview, player detailed or overview stats in the competition screen it hangs for minutes before the UI is loaded. Once the screen is loaded it hangs again when you select another stat (like switching from the default selected "most goals" to "most clean sheets" fore exmple)
  10. You see how opinions can be so far apart... some people hate this... some love it... I'm in the second group, I love what they are trying to achieve with this and I love how it's implemented.
  11. For the first time since FM entered the "purple era" I really really like the default skin... (and I come from "how could they have released such an ugly default skin a few years ago when the purple was introduced)
  12. Is this "normal/real life" that starting a save with Ajax gives you almost no staff by default...
  13. Why is the new scoreboard / popup when a goal is scored only active in bundesliga?
  14. Just came here to congratulate you with this amazing work. Thanks and keep up the good work. Already looking forward to your FM22 version of this.
  15. One of the QoL improvements that was announced was "faster UI loading/page loading"... but I seem to experience that it's just that bit laggier... (apart from even the obvious pages that are bugged like the competition team/player stats that load very very slow and even hangs the application)
  16. Are you testing with any condition freezing on? (Probably not as the tools like FMRTE are not out I think) but just wanted to double check, because this could be the year that testing with condition freezing on is very different result from when people actually play, because of the greater stamina/fatigue effect
  17. Things you love to see when you've spent the last weeks creating a "less-high-intensity" tactic (since the new stamina system announcement) and test it for the very first time on FM22 to see if it works as well as on your FM21 tests
  18. My steam just updated overnight from 9th to the 10th (Belgium, central european time)
  19. Really loved the new "Youth Intake" preview messages/panels and than once it's intake day you have the same new panels, much better overview and info. Was something I hadn't seen before. (second video of SecondYellowCard)
  20. I'm testing that 433 variant you've made, it's really impressive I think I like it even more than the 4231
  21. I will try and do the same for FM22, creating a plug&play that is not looking like an abusive 99 team instructions tactic I'm a bit afraid with the new stamina thing that this tactic will not work as good anymore. I'm also afraid that other plug&play tactic creators will still offer full gegenpress tactics, as it will come out "great" in their testing, because most of them use freezing of attributes, morale and condition... which will obviously result in a "wrong" test result, because people don't play with condition freezing on and will suffer from the reworked stamina.
  22. Great results mate, same question as above for the other user, I'm curious if you used any opposition instructions? (because I'm doing some tests with them)
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