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  1. I believe it was towards the end of the window, but not deadline day. Had a news item saying both Bayern players had agreed their terms with us, however, then received another news item saying Thill rejects Bayern contract. I just cursed my luck and carried on. Before the window shut though I thought I may be able to buy the players anyway, but that's when I noticed the bug. Almost like the deal was still going through as far as those players were concerned.
  2. Hi @Andrew James Uploaded again as 1860 München (v02).fm The deal was Bayern purchasing Vincent Thill from me (1860) for a sum I can't quite remember (£50m maybe) plus Kingsley Coman and Jordan Torunarigha. Thill rejected the move and you'll notice in the first upload that if you select make offer for the Bayern players following the break down it pops up with "Player has already accepted a contract offer."
  3. Hi @Andrew James I've uploaded one before and one after. 1860 Munich (v02) is before and 1860 Munich is after
  4. Hi Andrew, I will check when I'm home, but I've got a feeling that I haven't Will it help to upload the current game? You can at least see what happens when you try to make the offer on the player? Or is this no good?
  5. Hi, So I'm managing in Germany and Bayern make an offer for one of my best players. I demand a sizeable fee and 2 players in return which, to my surprise, they accepted. The player that Bayern are after then rejects the contract offer and remains with me. The problem I'm having is now the saga is over and no players have changed clubs, I cannot put in a separate bid for either of the 2 players from Bayern that were part of the deal. Whenever I click "Make an offer" I get a message saying "This player has already accepted a contract offer", but when looking in his transfer info there have been no bids. I assume the contract he "accepted" was the one during the part ex transfer deal and for some reason that hasn't cleared when the transfer broke down.
  6. Literally just had this happen to me in a Bundesliga match. Defender knocks the ball back to the keeper who takes a touch and picks it up.
  7. Hi Ed - Thanks for the reply, I won't be in front of FM until Friday (how will I cope?), so I'll put a list together as I go along and report back.
  8. Think this got lost early on. Not sure if it is maybe a data issue instead? I'm still finding the prices in Scotland are ridiculous. I'd love for clubs to sell players for more money and bring some much needed cash up here, but players rarely go for 1m let alone 5-10m.
  9. Hey, So just finished a season and got the message below that we missed out on the title on the final day. However, as you can see, the title was wrapped up well before then.
  10. I think asking prices are a bit high again. Not entirely sure how it would be fixed but for instance Motherwell wouldn't be rejected 5m+ for Allan Campbell. Seems to be across all sides in Scotland, demanding outrageous fees. I know, on occasion, some clubs would do that. But transfer history in the SPFL show that players outside of Celtic and Rangers go rarely go for a lot of money.
  11. My friend is a data analyst at Hibs and they 100% have training camps :S
  12. I downloaded via Steam and seem to be having the play-off issue in my 3rd season. A right slog to get there and now all my players are on holiday Great work apart from that though.
  13. I don't have the player's nationality or caps on the profile screen? Amazing skin!
  14. Hi, Great skin! I've downloaded the mini stadium and cities pack but they don't appear to be showing. I've reloaded the skin and cleared the cache but still no luck. Any ideas?
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