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  1. Hi Andrew, I've not played much since posting that actually, so the works are about 2 months into the project which is set to be completed at the end of the season (I assume to not interfere with matches). However, the current condition of the stadium is 'Very Good' and the pitch condition 'Perfect'.
  2. Hi, Board have just announced they will increase our seating capacity at the stadium by around 6-7k seats and that it will cost £42m to do so. This seems a tad expensive?
  3. Just played a match where my defender drilled a ball all the way back towards the keeper (about 25 yards short of his goal), he comes out to meet it as the opposition striker closes him down, however, instead of taking a touch and assessing the options, or just plain clearing it, he hovers around the ball for a second or two before trotting back to the goal. The striker then runs around him with the ball and luckily for me, misses! Doesn't look right at all. I've attached the pkm - Happens around the 73rd minute mark. Rangers v Aberdeen.pkm
  4. As the title says, had a story on my news feed regarding a takeover which stated that we were the Europe League Champions, even though we lost the final. Screenshots attached.
  5. I've uploaded it now - Rangers (v03). Managed to find one before the fixtures were played, but not before the split fixtures were decided. I believe it's the 2nd or 3rd weekend before the end of the season, both Old Firm have home 3pm kick offs.
  6. I have the save game, but not sure if it's before the post-split fixtures are announced, will this matter?
  7. Following my 8 in 11, I've now missed 6 in a row
  8. I noticed this a few times on FM19 and seems to still be an issue in FM20. I'm managing Rangers and my post-split fixtures have given me Celtic last game of the season. There's 2 points between us in the league so I would be willing to bet a lot of money that this fixture would be the first one after the split (as in previous years irl) in order to prevent an Old Firm league decider. There's also no way they'd have the final league game of the season against each other, would be carnage! EDIT - Found another fixture issue - Rangers and Celtic both just played at home at 3pm on the same day. I think this last happened about 3 times in 30 years with the last time being in the 90s. Appreciate these sort of things may be difficult to add into the game, but thought I'd raise it.
  9. Not seen this myself, I've had 11 pens in my game and scored 8. Swapped penalty takers after missing the first 2 and have scored 7 of the last 8.
  10. Livingston play on a grass pitch in the game whereas in real life they play on a plastic pitch.
  11. I've seen quite a few of these in my few games so far. Wicked cross followed by a bullet header from 18 yards. Will try to upload a pkm when I get time.
  12. I downloaded via Steam and seem to be having the play-off issue in my 3rd season. A right slog to get there and now all my players are on holiday Great work apart from that though.
  13. I don't have the player's nationality or caps on the profile screen? Amazing skin!
  14. Hi, Great skin! I've downloaded the mini stadium and cities pack but they don't appear to be showing. I've reloaded the skin and cleared the cache but still no luck. Any ideas?
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