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  1. What rating is your youth recruitment? For some reason i cant even ask the board to upgrade them.. Your youth intake is much better then mine, even tough my facilities are better. Some exciting young players you got there! Nice job in the league, hope you can keep it in all the way!
  2. Yeah i hear you, you have a tough task to brake the top 3 teams down. Hope you can push in some more consistency and go all the way in the league several seasons in a row! Wow that was some poor career stats for Turpel! In real life he is crazy in front of goal and obviously in my save with 35 goals in 43 matches last year and 31 in 26 so far this season. I feel he kind of is the Jonatan Soriano of the Luxembourg league hehe to good to play here, like a grown up paying against kids. In my save so far Differdange is really weak, here Fola Esch and Progres are the two other "giants" in the league. While Rosport finished rock bottom 12th with only 12 points and 17-56 and relegated. So far in 2division thing are not looking very good, standing at 8th after 15 matches.. Ps! I now remember you play fm18 and the player stats might be different:)
  3. Bitter draw to face Brøndby ,especially in the first round.. Started with Dudelange and managed to reached the 1 knockout stage in the europa league. Finished second in the group stage the first season! Qualified for europa league this season also. But of course Dudelange is a easier task then Rosport but still! The board is accepting all my request to make the facilities better, but they dont want to improve the youth recruitment which is frustrating.. Can you post a ss of david turpel if he still is alive in your save? Of his career?:) Cant wait for next update:)
  4. aaa i didnt know it was that he was doing.:)
  5. The tweaked Beowulf tactic is amazing, winning scoring not conceding but my attacking mid is useless, stats wise he is my best player but is invicible in every game, any tips?
  6. hmm never seen it in any of my own saves:S maybe a thing to turn on/off?
  7. This is a fantastic read, incredible save:) but one question, what is the numbers behind your players names?
  8. Not so funny, but with no place to think of posting this ( i know about the career update tread, but i have no plans of making several updates of this save). Just wanted to share my incredible run in Europe in the first season with F91 Dudelange from Luxembourg:)
  9. I have read trough all of this today and man this is so much fun and really impressive! Can you please tell me where you dowloaded this add on for the Luxembourg league? I want to give it a go myself:)
  10. very nice, it will only show when i am i look at the league table from the "format" where you at the same time can se the assist king, top scorer, past winners etc. But one question, what is the point really with the 2 parts of the season, the apertura and clausura? I know you qualify for playoffs. But winning the apertura or clausura does not really matter except you meet the 8th place in the play off. Are there no "supporter shield" table which they have in mls or something? SOmething that shows the overall winner of the 2 "parts"?
  11. Guys please help i am desperate! I know how to install skins, i have done it several times and its always work, except with the skin i want to use most of all the andromeda skin... I have done everything correct and tried it with unzip, winzip etc etc but the skin just wont show up in the skin folder/menu in the game... please help. I play on a mac:)
  12. is it possible to see a average points relegation table in fm?
  13. Aaa thank you so much, bit its still a bit weird why it gets a "fresh" start on fm since the average points from earlier seasons are plottet in in argentina/colombia etc with this relegation system. Will this average pts table show up after 3 seasons in mexico show up in the game?
  14. Hi guys! So this week i decided to give the Mexican league a go, and started with Cf America in Liga mx. I understand that the league is split into to "seasons" etc and blabla. But what i dont understand is the promotion/relegation deal. I know that they do as in Argentina they take every teams average pts last 5(?) seasons etc and the worst relegate. But how to promote? But there is no way to see this average pts league table, which you for example can see in Argentina. I just finished my first season, in this season there was 18 teams in liga mx, now at the start of season 2 there are 19 teams (what!?) I will add some ss from the ingame and as you can see the rules says promotion 0 relegation 0 etc, is this system bugged in this game? Someone please explain this for me, i really enjoy this crazy league but a bit frustrating to not understand everything. Thanks. I will add a ss of the Argentinian league overview if the average pts for relegation, which is weird you cant see in mexico..
  15. I often switched to defensive mentality the first weeks of fm19 and it always led to a goal against, never tried it after the first patch. Attack is the best defense:)
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