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  1. TFF this tactics are giving very good results and i really appriciate you making these tactics so this is not meant as criticism but i have som question you maybe can answer if you have the time. How come on almost all tactics this year that wingers are playing very mediocre and producing little to none goals/assists? I have Coman, Man, Thauvin and payet as my 4 best wingers and they have an average on 6.80-6,95 with thauvin leading with 3 assists and 3 goals after 30+ matches played.. The only offensive players who play good are the right central midfielder and the right attacker. The left cm and striker are very average. On the left cm palacios, Samson two class players for League 1 are struggling. Once i move them to the right cm they play good. I have tried tweaking but it just wont work. As the mastermind of these tactics how are the goals supposed to be scored? 10-15 times a match my players are alone with the GK but miss. So i guess the main plan are long balls behind the defense. Even both my strikers have superb stats they rarely scores 1v1 with the GK. Most my goals are scored after the keeper gives a rebound, a cross that is poorly cleared away or set pieces. Which means my players produces very little assist also and the goals mainly comes from my striker and the right midfielder. My top assist king so far is Left Back Amavi with 6 assist and i have played a total of 33 matches. Once again i am not being negative and the tactic is producing good results. But the football is a bit to boring/predictable, and i can also win 2-0 with the average rating of my team being 6.9 which is a bit weird? I am Marseille so its not like my players are Sunday league footballers. And yes i know someone thinks i should shut up and make my own tactic if i am not happy, but i will be the first to admit tactic making is not my field and i dont have so much time to play so i want to use the time i have to actually play the game:) Thanks TFF:)
  2. using predator v1, works pretty well for me:) also reached one of the cup finals:) Best of all the strikers are scoring goals!! But all over a bit few assist, many of the goals are rebounds from the goalie etc. I am predicted 4th and the board expect top 5.
  3. How come all my players play better/score more. goals come from open play etc etc when i am on holiday vs the "boring/bad style of play while watching?:)
  4. results are good but no one is really playing really well. Assist are from rebounds etc.. wingers are terrible.. but results good. very weird.
  5. wow.... this is awful! Yeah i have a long winter break and he has prepared for 13 matches i had to cancel, i like to arrange them my self...
  6. How to stop this? It makes me crazy haha. I know where to turn it off in "normal FM", but cant find it here. Please help.
  7. determination was the word i was locking for! i keep very good track of my prospects and the 6 biggest prospect have 14++ in determination. where 2 are ambitious and wonderkids. 3 of them are(dont know the english word) carefree?? I cant decide if that is good or bad :P I also rotate if they have 92 or less on match physics so it cant be that:S Maybe just bad luck and it will be better. Just frustrating seeing the youngsters getting long term injuries stagnating the development...
  8. Hi guys, having played both game modes or what you will call it for 100+ hours, i find it to be strange why there are so much more injuries on fm touch vs "normal" fm.? I have also played with the same team on both versions... Anyone else having this problem? It seems to be a lot of injuries for a 4-5weeks. On the normal version i mostly had injuries for some few days but on touch they are always out for 3weeks to a month several players. I just ask if anyone else have had "trouble" with this or if its just maximum bad luck for me ? And one more thing, since the training on fm touch is back to basics its and you cant have coaches for specific roles its hard to make training very good or what to call it. I now play with RB Salzburg and there are so many who does a real bad job at training, a lot of red arrows on the players, and talents with really good resolution or whats the word? I find it a bit weird since the facilities are state of the art and all of my staff are 4+ stars... just asking:) Before people attack me and say stop complaining and play normal FM hehe i play touch because its faster less micro managing and there are just 24h in a day... Thanks guys and happy new year:)
  9. So guys quick question. When i look at a Brazilian team on a table/fixtures the logo are "gone/fake". But when i go into the club profile the logo appears again.. Anyone know why:)?
  10. yeah but if a striker get so many chances every game but misses its not the tactics fault? The tactic does not decide if he miss or score 1v1 with the keeper
  11. well i mean consistent, not my first language english so struggled to find the correct word. I mean i starts of really well and then the 2 half of the season he just stops scoring, this has happened with 6 strikers with 4 different teams.
  12. Topic says it all:) Please share if you have a tactic where strikers are scoring 20+ goals a season.. I have tried to make several and failed same with the ones from fm forums. The striker always starts the season off very well with like 8 goals in 10 matches and ends up with 14 goals in 34 matches.. Thanks.
  13. Playing with fenerbache, no tactics at all seems to work... so will try this out and let you know:)
  14. Nice to have you back! just one thing, why does it seem that all the "magic" tactic have tackle harder?
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