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  1. Good luck, really do enjoy seeing saves in not so popular countries! Will be following this.
  2. ITFC_Blue

    [FM19] Viennese Waltz

    Great to see someone else trying a save in Austria. I went to Austria earlier in the year and took in an Austria Vienna game and immediately came home and started a save with them on FM18. I'm still playing that now as I'm enjoying it so much!
  3. ITFC_Blue

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Loving your work so far Makoto, especially of that in Bhutan!
  4. ITFC_Blue

    [FM18] Take Us Out Of This Eely Swamp Land

    Good luck, will be following. Out of curiosity, are you from Ipswich (noticed it on your staff page)?
  5. ITFC_Blue

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Keep up the good work. Love it when you take on saves like this!
  6. ITFC_Blue

    Virgin Football

    Really enjoying this, keep up the good work!
  7. ITFC_Blue

    [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    Love your stories where you play in the most obscure countries. Keep up the good work, following this with keen interest!
  8. Delta, are you an Ipswich fan and from the area?!
  9. Love saves that this in the most random of countries! Great start so far, KUTGW.
  10. ITFC_Blue

    This Saint Gonna Be Easy: Ch. V - Endgame

    Agree about numbers! I have a weird obsession with squad numbers and making sure each player has correct number according to position. I also find it strange when people change numbers of players from their real life numbers (i.e, changing Alexis Sanchez from 7 to 10 or something like that, whilst at Arsenal). Each to their own I guess!
  11. Nice! Who did you watch them against?!
  12. That is my aim at some point in the future, would love to go see a game!
  13. Can't wait for this! I'll be sure to start as RKC on FM18, when I can finally pull myself away from my FM17 save with them! Good luck!