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  1. [FM18] AFC, A Chainsaw Massacre.

    Get in there RKC!
  2. This Saint Gonna Be Easy

    Agree about numbers! I have a weird obsession with squad numbers and making sure each player has correct number according to position. I also find it strange when people change numbers of players from their real life numbers (i.e, changing Alexis Sanchez from 7 to 10 or something like that, whilst at Arsenal). Each to their own I guess!
  3. Nice! Who did you watch them against?!
  4. That is my aim at some point in the future, would love to go see a game!
  5. Can't wait for this! I'll be sure to start as RKC on FM18, when I can finally pull myself away from my FM17 save with them! Good luck!
  6. [FM18] AFC, A Chainsaw Massacre.

    Enjoyable read so far, and good job on staying up in your first season. I'm a massive fan of Dutch football, and thanks for Deisler, I am in the year 2032 with RKC Waalwijk on FM17. I like them so much, that I recently just brought their new home shirt! Anyway, enough rambling from me, massive good luck for your new season!
  7. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    Probably the save I am in now (FM17), which was inspired by Deisler (sp?). I am managing RKC Waalwijk in Holland, currently year 2032. The aim of the save was to topple the likes of Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord (which I have now done). After 2 attempts at promotion from the Jupiler League, I finally made it in to the Eredivisie. After 5 seasons (at first) struggling to stay in the division, consolidating mid table finishes and then finishing in the European spots, I won the title for the first time. Since then, I haven't looked back. I have now won 10(or maybe 11) titles back to back, with 1 undefeated season amongst that lot. I have won the Europa League 4 times, and have just won the Champions League for the 2nd time. Believe it or not, I still have a 'real' player in the side, Armardo Obispo at the ripe age of 32 is still leading the defence for me. I have managed the Dutch national side on 2 seperate occasions, firstly 2021-2025 where I won the European Championships in the 2024, and then again from 2029-2031 where I won the World Cup in the 2030. I consider myself fully retired from International management now though, however! Lastly, I'm still surprised at myself for how I haven't got bored, yet, and my aims going forward are to try build an all Dutch side (by our youth system or poaching other clubs youngsters) to conquer the league and European trophies. My best regen I have ever managed in any FM game recently transferred to Man City for £118m. I had sold him some 4-5 years earlier to Wolfsburg for £58m. Since then he went from Wolfsburg to Arsenal for £75m, Arsenal to Barcelona for £92m and the Barcelona to City for £118m.
  8. Outdoing Sir Bobby Robson

    I live in Ipswich too, the bloke is a legend round these parts. Love walking down to the ground and seeing his statue outside the ground, fully deserved.
  9. [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Good to see Cemal Ramadan doing well for you, he was at my club, Ipswich Town as a youngster, never really got a chance other a couple of loans out at some local non-league (I think 7th or 8th level) teams.
  10. Fortuna Favors The Bold....

    Keep up the good work! One thing I've noticed on my RKC save, is that the Dutch Cup has vanished! I'm now in 2022-2023 season, and we haven't played (well nobody) has played a Cup game in 3 seasons. The Dutch Super Cup takes place, but that's just between the team that finishes first and second. Not sure why this has happened for to be honest!
  11. Fortuna Favors The Bold....

    I absolutely love managing in Holland. I'm currently RKC Waalwijk and now beginning my 6th season with them having one the Eredivisie title the last 2 seasons. One player I signed in my first season (Jupiler League) was Ruben De Jager (striker) on loan from FC Twente. He was a goal machine for me in the Jupiler League with 25 goals in 34 games. I tried for ages to sign him once I got promoted but he instead joined SC Heerenveen. After a year of unsettling him etc I finally got him back for £300k. Anyway, good luck with Fortuna!
  12. R.W.S Bruxelles

    I have the same problem with RKC Waalwijk in Holland. I literally have no more than 150 away fans at any away game ... yet, when i've played a few friendlies during pre-season in places like Andorra and Luxembourg, I get over 700-800 fans!
  13. Me too. In fact RKC Waalwijk have been my only save on FM17 so far. I like them that much I'm thinking of buying their shirt! I'll try and get a screenshot tonight of him. Indeed, i'm only in November at the moment, so still a long way of the season to go. Got knocked out of the Europa League group stages unfortunately though! Anyway, keep up the good work, i'll definitely continue to read.
  14. I'm reading Daz, keep it up. In fact, I currently have a Dutch save going myself with RKC Waalwijk. Now in season 4, currently sit second behind SC Heerenveen. I love Dutch saves, I love the challenge of trying to bridge the gap to PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord. I've currently got 3 fantastic youth players (regens) who have propelled in to second place this season. I sold my main striker who wasn't willing to sign a new deal for £3m (he said he'd sign a new deal if we qualified for the EURO League, which we did. He still wouldn't sign a new deal so he joined Girona in the Spanish SECOND Division!). I now have my 18 year old youth regen striker starting, and he has 13 goals in 15 league games so far.
  15. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I see, I didn't realise that was the case with macs and FM! If that is the case, what is the best laptop you recommend? Many thanks. ITFCBlue