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  1. Outdoing Sir Bobby Robson

    I live in Ipswich too, the bloke is a legend round these parts. Love walking down to the ground and seeing his statue outside the ground, fully deserved.
  2. [FM17]Faster than The Hound....

    Good to see Cemal Ramadan doing well for you, he was at my club, Ipswich Town as a youngster, never really got a chance other a couple of loans out at some local non-league (I think 7th or 8th level) teams.
  3. Fortuna Favors The Bold....

    Keep up the good work! One thing I've noticed on my RKC save, is that the Dutch Cup has vanished! I'm now in 2022-2023 season, and we haven't played (well nobody) has played a Cup game in 3 seasons. The Dutch Super Cup takes place, but that's just between the team that finishes first and second. Not sure why this has happened for to be honest!
  4. Fortuna Favors The Bold....

    I absolutely love managing in Holland. I'm currently RKC Waalwijk and now beginning my 6th season with them having one the Eredivisie title the last 2 seasons. One player I signed in my first season (Jupiler League) was Ruben De Jager (striker) on loan from FC Twente. He was a goal machine for me in the Jupiler League with 25 goals in 34 games. I tried for ages to sign him once I got promoted but he instead joined SC Heerenveen. After a year of unsettling him etc I finally got him back for £300k. Anyway, good luck with Fortuna!
  5. R.W.S Bruxelles

    I have the same problem with RKC Waalwijk in Holland. I literally have no more than 150 away fans at any away game ... yet, when i've played a few friendlies during pre-season in places like Andorra and Luxembourg, I get over 700-800 fans!
  6. Me too. In fact RKC Waalwijk have been my only save on FM17 so far. I like them that much I'm thinking of buying their shirt! I'll try and get a screenshot tonight of him. Indeed, i'm only in November at the moment, so still a long way of the season to go. Got knocked out of the Europa League group stages unfortunately though! Anyway, keep up the good work, i'll definitely continue to read.
  7. I'm reading Daz, keep it up. In fact, I currently have a Dutch save going myself with RKC Waalwijk. Now in season 4, currently sit second behind SC Heerenveen. I love Dutch saves, I love the challenge of trying to bridge the gap to PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord. I've currently got 3 fantastic youth players (regens) who have propelled in to second place this season. I sold my main striker who wasn't willing to sign a new deal for £3m (he said he'd sign a new deal if we qualified for the EURO League, which we did. He still wouldn't sign a new deal so he joined Girona in the Spanish SECOND Division!). I now have my 18 year old youth regen striker starting, and he has 13 goals in 15 league games so far.
  8. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I see, I didn't realise that was the case with macs and FM! If that is the case, what is the best laptop you recommend? Many thanks. ITFCBlue
  9. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hello everyone. Just wondering, what is the best apple mac laptop out there that would run FM2017 smoothly on? Me and the missus are looking to get one each, mainly so I can play FM on, and so she can do some of her work on for her job. If anyone can recommend, that would be great. Many thanks. ITFCBlue
  10. Ipswich! My place of birth and where I currently still live. Have a Town season ticket as well. Really looking forward to this story, good luck!
  11. Great to see you starting again with RKC in FM17! I'm still playing as them on my FM16 save (which was inspired by your good self). Just finished the 4th season where I won the Eredevise. Won the title on the last day as Ajax only drew their game, and we won! We currently have a new stadium on build (19,000 seater) and upgrading the youth and training facilities as much as I can. Not sure i'll get FM17 yet as this probably has been one of my best ever saves i've had on FM.
  12. Yes, we are doing just fine in our first Eredevisie season. We are currently 8th after 24 games (I think that's the amount). I signed plenty of players from the English League 1 & 2 after winning promotion via the play-off games. I have also set up a link with AC Milan which has seen me sign 3 of there most talented youngsters on loan. Just beat PSV 3-0 at home, which saw Phillip Cocu sacked and me installed as the favourite for the job ... I won't be taking it of course as I want to keep on with RKC for a few more years yet!
  13. The Blue Side of Eindhoven

    Good luck, i'm currently in the middle of a dutch save, but with RKC Waalwijk. I won promotion in the first season after finishing 3rd and winning my play-off games. I've made wholesale changes to my squad, signed many players from the English league 1 & 2, and set up a link with AC Milan where I have taken 3 youngsters on loan. Currently 24 games in to my first season in the Eredivisie and am sitting 8th, however, the league is tight and i'm only 9 points clear off relegation places still. That said, just beat PSV in my last match 3-0 at home, which resulted in Phillip Cocu being sacked, and i'm favourite to take over, which I won't be. Really loving this save at the moment, and hope to try and win the league in the next few years with RKC. Pietr Langedijk is a seriously good striker as well, may be worth seeing if you can prise him away from RKC.
  14. Started a career myself last night with RKC Waalwijk, and absolutely loving it. Currently sit top after the first 2 games, and pre-season was a bit of a roller coaster! Beat Willem II 2-1, and De Graafschap 3-1, before losing to a non league Dutch side 4-0 whilst playing my full strength team! Made 2 signings so far, with Jack Barmby on a season long loan from Leicester City, and Marlon Sladderkoorn from Feyenoord on a season long loan as well. Feyenoord are also my affiliate club, which should come in handy whilst I try and make the play-offs this season. Completely overhauled the backroom staff, Edgar Davids is my assistant, Wilfred Bouma and Bolo Zenden are coaches, with Michael Ballack reserve manager and Khalid Boulahrouz as reserve assistant manager. Also moved to bring in an English fitness coach, Scottish chief scout and another English scout.