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  1. Incredible Jim, this entire thread is just incredible. Very well played sir and KUTGW.
  2. Fantastic work still Makoto! Out of curiosity, what is your current career earnings to date?!
  3. The state of Austria Vienna, makes me sad considering how successful I've been with them on FM18! Anyway, as ever Makoto, cracking story and KUTGW.
  4. KUTGW, loving the save and detail in your posts so far!
  5. KUTGW Makoto! Enjoying this a lot. Good to see you're in Austria now. I'm still playing as Austria Vienna on FM18, absolutely loving it!
  6. Love the attention to detail in your posts. KUTGW.
  7. Good luck. Will certainly be following this!
  8. Good luck, really do enjoy seeing saves in not so popular countries! Will be following this.
  9. Great to see someone else trying a save in Austria. I went to Austria earlier in the year and took in an Austria Vienna game and immediately came home and started a save with them on FM18. I'm still playing that now as I'm enjoying it so much!
  10. Good luck, will be following. Out of curiosity, are you from Ipswich (noticed it on your staff page)?
  11. Keep up the good work. Love it when you take on saves like this!
  12. Really enjoying this, keep up the good work!
  13. Love your stories where you play in the most obscure countries. Keep up the good work, following this with keen interest!
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