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  1. I haven't, no, ha! Managed to sign Cole Palmer on loan for 6 years, but he ended up signing for Celtic when his contract ended, couldn't have been anymore gutted. Yes, I originally had him on loan, then managed to sign him permanently once his contract ran out as well. Has been so good for me! I'm 7 seasons in, and still struggling with the rules etc, but getting there slowly!
  2. Great work Butlee. I'm currently in the middle of a long term (and successful) save with Melbourne City.
  3. Very best of luck! I had the absolute pleasure of going to Lucerne in August 2019, where I actually ended up proposing to my partner at the top of Mount Pilatus. A beautiful country, and Lucerne was a truly wonderful place!
  4. Really enjoying this save! Have a soft spot for Arsenal (Dad supports them), so always intrigued when people start saves with them. Be interesting to see if your more experienced signings of the window have any influence on the squad! KUTGW and looking forward to more updates!
  5. Just read this the whole way through, and what a read it was! Fantastic effort so far, KUTGW! Just wish I had another 4 pages of it to read now!
  6. Yet again, this is exactly the type of save I am here to see! Good luck.
  7. Blimey, some going! I was gutted to miss out on Daka, but not sure if he would've fitted in with Esposito in such fine form! Had a slow start again, but now find myself in 3rd place. Beat Dortmund 2-1 away and the Bayern at home 3-1 all in the space of 4 days. Then, whilst in an unbeaten run of 12 games, I lost 5-2 away at Freiburg! Freak game as I was 2-1 up with only 20 minutes left!
  8. Ahhh, not just me then! Frustrating as 2 of my players have favourite squad numbers over 40, but I can't give them to them! I'll query that. Also, you have definitely missed the trick with Esposito. I honestly think he is the best player I have managed n any FM series. In total, 23 goals in 18 games so far. He's been unreal!
  9. Yes, I sold Nastastic to accommodate Stergiou, can't wait to see how he gets on. I'd try and get both of them, Wober would be a stel at £3.2m! Unlucky on not winning the title, but well done on the Cup. Hopefully you can go one better next season. Random question, are you only allowed squad numbers up to 40?
  10. Got to be done, they produce amazing players! Happy days! I had a good AMC, but I don't play with those. Hopefully I can retrain him as a centre mid. Mwepu was brought in as a rotational player really. I'm trying to retrain him so he's fully trained as a centre mid, as I feel that's where we really lacked in the first season. Kristensen has been phenomenal for me, only cost £6m as well. Wober I tried signing in the first season, but he ended up at Palace which I was gutted about. Ha, I'm glad I've got him, hopefully he hits the ground running.
  11. I didn't in the first season. I signed the keeper which you did, Macias from Chivas, Rasmus Kristensen from Salzburg, Thiago Almada from Velez and Daniel Podence on loan from Wolves. This pre-season, I have signed; Farinez, Stergiou, Mwepu, Tijani, Szoboszlai (all 3 from Salzburg) Esposito. I'm trying to find someone who can cover both left/right back and I'm after a 3rd choice keeper. I did try signing Daka also, but he went to Leicester.
  12. Ha, I have never managed either of them, so was just happy to get them both! Managed to finish the season in 5th, which, considering after the first 10 games I was sitting bottom, is a bit of a miracle. Made wholesale changes and now about to start the new season. Great signing in Bergwijn, keep up the really good work!
  13. Not too bad, currently sit 6th with 3 games left, however it's very tight for European spots! I think there is 4 teams below me who are all within a point or 2. I have managed to arrange transfers for Sebastian Esposito & Dominik Szoboszlai, so hoping they'll fire us up the league a bit more next season.
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