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  1. Have a couple of idea for create-a-club - mostly when creating your own players. -> be able to choose not only first nationality, but second / other nationalities & birthplace, so that when starting the game, all the players from foreign nations you create don't just magically gain citizenship of the home country. -> on a similar note - be able to add international caps to a player you've created ->make the kit making a bit simpler - when i try to make new kits I find it very difficult to see what colour will affect which part of the kit meaning I have to go through a couple of times to make the kit I wanted -> being able to change club colours - just be nice to have a club as your favourite colour
  2. So.. I have FMH08 on PSP and am still loving it - a fast game with simple tactics and simple gameplay. However, it's getting a little boring, and I was wondering if anyone could help me transfer the current players (i.e. from the 2016/17 season) to the game to change things up - or anything along these lines. Furthermore, I would like to update the league functions (you can only pick one league atm) and a few other things. Would really appreciate some help.
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