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  1. The Double on the Commodore 64 was my first ever foray into a football management sim, however the game had a bug, after all the results came through (like on the old granstand vidiprinter) which took about 10 minutes Zzzzz it would then do the same with the attendances (grrrrrrrrr) well it didnt stop me and my mate during the summer of 86 playing it for a whole month non stop, we even took turns during the night to keep playing while the other grabbed a few hours lol. Sadly I dont think we actually won the double, won the league and won the cup loads but never the same season. Just downl
  2. Cant believe I have been playing this game for 20 years(cm2 96/97) in that time I have been married, had 2 kids - one of whom is at University, moved around the country, made friends, lost friends, lost family, changed jobs, changed careers , my whole life has changed but the game is still there, I think I did so many all nighters during CM 01/02 its a wonder my missus didnt kill me, she would be be in almost every hour "hun its 2am are you coming to bed" ditto 3 am, 4 am, 5am etc and I would be just "yeah just after this next match hun" Then there was FML, really loved that game and the
  3. Its been a while but a bunch of FML'ers joined forces and were putting a FML type game together after the sad demise of FML, they had got to the beta stage, have no idea what happened thereafter, think it was called U-FM or something along those lines, I did have them on my FB account but I must have deleted them . anyone know if they got it off the ground ?
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