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  1. The Double on the Commodore 64 was my first ever foray into a football management sim, however the game had a bug, after all the results came through (like on the old granstand vidiprinter) which took about 10 minutes Zzzzz it would then do the same with the attendances (grrrrrrrrr) well it didnt stop me and my mate during the summer of 86 playing it for a whole month non stop, we even took turns during the night to keep playing while the other grabbed a few hours lol. Sadly I dont think we actually won the double, won the league and won the cup loads but never the same season. Just downloaded an old copy of CM01/02 for old times sake
  2. Cant believe I have been playing this game for 20 years(cm2 96/97) in that time I have been married, had 2 kids - one of whom is at University, moved around the country, made friends, lost friends, lost family, changed jobs, changed careers , my whole life has changed but the game is still there, I think I did so many all nighters during CM 01/02 its a wonder my missus didnt kill me, she would be be in almost every hour "hun its 2am are you coming to bed" ditto 3 am, 4 am, 5am etc and I would be just "yeah just after this next match hun" Then there was FML, really loved that game and the community, I was lucky enough to be a beta tester and then a moderator for the game, was sad it ended. I was initially gutted when Eidos and Sigames split, I really thought that would be the beguinning of the end for the game but Football Manager rose from the flames, I did give Eidos and Champ' man' a go but didnt rate it at all Even now I still get excited by the new release every year and I really enjoyed fm17 and although not many for some have gotten through 1048 hours of gameplay which is the most I have played in a long long time, although probably no where near what i did with the earliest incarnations - I loved the early years, Scott Huckerby, Mike Duff, Cherno Samba, kim Kallstrom et el !!
  3. Its been a while but a bunch of FML'ers joined forces and were putting a FML type game together after the sad demise of FML, they had got to the beta stage, have no idea what happened thereafter, think it was called U-FM or something along those lines, I did have them on my FB account but I must have deleted them . anyone know if they got it off the ground ?
  4. I have a pre-order with thehut.com, I emailed them a couple of days ago to see when they would release the beta key, had a reply today to say they havent received the codes but should be with me by monday - SHOCKING !!!!. I just hope the reply was from a bod who didnt know what he was talking about SI - have thehut.com been sent the beta codes ?????????????????
  5. ok so I have just pre-ordered from 'the hut', when should I recieve the email for the access code ?. thanks in advance :>)
  6. I feel a nice addition would be if you could stamp your own personality and real life football knowledge into the game. I believe the only way of doing this would be if there was a seperate SI Site that could test you on your football and FM knowledge which also incorporate a psychometric test - once finished you would then recieve a code/password or whatever Then when you start a new game oyu would enter your code/password and then the game would know your knowlegde and which type of personality you have your knowledge of the game would then be used at which club/league you begin with As for personalty types this would trigger different types of press releases, determine the types of players you get on with, players may play better or worse for you depending on how they get on with you. And of course this would also affect who might sign for you. It could also affect how you get on with certain directors at clubs. However for those who do not wish to use this feature could use the default option
  7. Firstly I would like to get more info on injuries during games i.e if a player has to go off injured I would like a line or two in the commentary or wherever telling me the location of the injury and possible severity for e.g "wayne rooney seems to have injured his foot - first impressions that its not serious but will have an xray to be sure." upon finishing the game you should then get a full analysis i.e " unfortunately Rooneys injury is worse than first feared as he has broken a metatarsal bone in his left foot and looks like he will be out of action for 6 - 10 weeks. Also similar info should be given to about players who are injured but are able to continue - however the physio should give a risk % on whether contuing would make the injury worse. I would like players stats to be reflected visiblity better within the match engine i.e a player with pace and accelaration of say 16 - 20 shouldn't be caught by player with stats of below 10. ageing/retiring chairmen and takeovers should be in place. Ageing / outgrown staduims - the chairman/board should decide if the club should move to a new stadia. Clubs favourite players - very hit and miss, upon signing a player he goes straight into club favourites no matter what he does for you - needs looking at in my opinion. I also like other peoples suggestions of having more control over the reserve team i.e putting players in to regain fitness/match sharpness without them getting upset. increased media nad player interaction/mood sensitivity for big games/derbies etc. I could think of many more but it's late
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