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  1. We have a fix that we're looking to put out asap, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I'd suggest checking what manager reputations you can start a new game with
  3. Which we very much appreciate, even if we don't reply every time! I'll take a look into this, thanks for bringing it up.
  4. 1) We don't support player shirt numbers. 2) The in-game editor allows you to edit many aspects of all playing staff and clubs, such as names, ages, abilities, kit colours, etc. 3) Due to legal reasons, only some players have pictures. Busquets and Spanish league players are an example of where we don't have the license. 4) In "Home Stats" (or "Away Stats" when you're the away team), you will see a column that shows how many assists easch player has. Hope this helps!
  5. Could you try sending to us at help@sega.co.uk with a link to this thread so we can take a look at it please?
  6. We don't support this customisation for legal reasons.
  7. Is this on the mobile game? If so, can you upload a screenshot of the issue to help debug please?
  8. This is a known issue, thanks for bringing it up.
  9. I'd argue that Sane plays (a very attacking) AML Inside Forward, which is doable using the current positions and Team Mentality.
  10. This is a known issue that we're looking into, thank you.
  11. This is a known issue that we're looking into, thanks.
  12. Do you have a save showing this issue? If so could you send the save to help@sega.co.uk so we can take a look please?
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