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  1. I have been lucky enough to have a weeks holiday that coincided with the Beta release and an understanding family. My MK Dons save has become highly addictive and my favourite ever long term save. I won the Division Two title in my first season and am currently four matches into season two. Even my 'family' (non players) have got involved via a long discussion over a family meal regarding an interview for the Celtic Managers job. I declined the kind offer to continue with my new adopted sons! I am still finding new features and barely scratched the surface on some of them. This game has to be the best value for money spent every year. Time for bed I think.
  2. After completing my first 24 hours (since release, not in one sitting) with my MK Dons save a few thoughts on my experience. I think this version has knocked previous editions out of the park. I have yet to spend much time on training but have just taken over the individual training schedules of my players. The 'purple' has been the real surprise and works really well. I have not one complaint and would like to thank everyone who has made FM19 as good as it is. I think you may have your work cut out next year to improve on it!
  3. MK Dons - A Great Stadium and set up with a young squad. Although one of the younger English teams a great choice for a long-term save and learning about FM19 and the new features.
  4. With an eye to FM19 does anybody know any clubs who play the same tactics as the parent club. I have in the past started a game as a parent club and added another Manager for the feeder club which gives you control of youngsters and back up players of your main club. This is good for both future reference and a long-term save as well as not using an editor. An example of a 'perfect' set up at the moment would be Brentford/MK Dons who both play 433 Variants and have well run clubs and no need to use the first transfer window as I like to start with what I have got. The problem is I would have to use an editor to set this situation up.
  5. With news of a launch date for FM19 my thoughts turned towards my FM19 long-term save. Mansfield Town ticked most of my boxes and I spent way to long setting up and scouting my new side with a learning brief about the Club and Squad over six months of a season. My 352 Formation was performing superb with my five man midfield keeping the ball like Brazil. Matthew Rose and Lee Angol were forming a young exciting strike partnership destined for a long and happy career over many seasons when 'in the real world' Lee Angol was sold in the transfer window. Cue much knashing of teeth as I try to find a young talented left footed target man I can afford!
  6. After watching this weekends Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports the subject of Black Managers was once again discussed. With a new year approaching and my long-term Southampton save fully established I thought about a new save but as a Black Manager, something I have never attempted before. Suffice to say despite my best efforts using the skin tone slider on my latest avatar the best I could manage was an Asian/Indian looking Manager. With the 'Kick Out Racism Banner' a constant part of the FM Series is this a huge oversight by the computer geeks at FM Towers or does my avatar creation skills need updating?
  7. I am now 90 hours into my Southampton save and having a ball. May I suggest with the new 'dynamics' feature in FM18 that potential Saints Managers keep all of the current squad and not make wholesale changes in the transfer market, it is really not nessasary. I have made three signings with my buy players 17-24 with a view to making a few quid on them in the future. I have made two 6M purchases a ball winning midfielder and an attacking left winger (who can also play down the right). The third player was a 120K under 23 squad player who has made a couple of apperances off the bench as he plays in a couple of postitions. I am approaching match 29 and currently sit in 2nd place with a five point gap down to 6th place (no european football). I have won the Carabo cup and got a Euro Cup spot for next season, albeit I was more than a little fortunate winning my first two ties on penalty shoot outs after 'holding on' for draws in both matches. For the record a few Managers have already been sacked in the top league in my save including both Klopp and Pepe! Keep up the good work FM this version is top drawer and very testing on your PR and observation skills.
  8. I have waited to comment on FM18 until I had put in 24 hours gameplay. Absolutely superb and well done to everyone at FM HQ. It feels like the most complete updated version since I have played the FM series, which is quite a long time. Although early days the standout new features are the 'Dynamics' and Scouting pages. In particular the 0-100 rating system used by the scouts is a superb way to gauge potential value for money new signings against your current squad and more importantly your younger players that are out on loan in different leagues. As a complete anorak in all FM18 matters suffice to say despite my 24 hour gameplay since launching I have only played two league matches but have learned a lot about all my squads and my staff is looking very competent. The finances are now looking good as I approach the first transfer window with a few of my better players attracting a little to much attention for my liking. Keep up the good work!
  9. it's the 'Matthew Benham' Challenge for me, Brentford FC and FC Midtjylland as a dual Manager game with my two cats (Ant & Dec) as the respective Managers. FC Midtjylland - Are in the early rounds of the Europa League and will need to start fast to progress as well as making an attempt on the Danish League title. Brentford FC - Will be all about consolidation of a squad with a good team ethic and no superstars, knowing that any emerging stars will probably be sold by the owners to fund the new stadium and a promotion push to the premier League when revenue becomes available via increased fanbase (bigger stadium & top ten prominance in The Championship). It will be interesting which 'Manager' survives the longest?
  10. I have had a late change of heart after working my way through James Tippett's new book 'The Football Code'. I am now going to play a dual manager game playing as Brentford FC (Championship) and FC Midtjylland (Denmark), both teams owned by Matthew Benham. With both sides being ran as solid squads with a sound financial backing I am hoping for an interesting long-term save. For the record the book is a superb read and a great insight into modern football thinking.
  11. Strangely although I have played FM for a long time I have never managed a Premier League side I tend to start with Conference or lower league sides. So this year after much real life research I have whittled it down to Southampton or Everton with the plan of selling Van Dyke/Ross Barclay and buying a decent striker or two which both teams lack with Giroud my number one target.
  12. Just to clarify around the word 'Dynamics' that has been reported to be heard around FM18 HQ in recent weeks. Diane Namics is my Mum and the new head cook of the FM canteen she has caused quite a buzz with her new menu and would like it known she has no imput into any gameplay decisions! Master Namics
  13. The most obvious but overlooked 'Island Team' is Portsmouth FC. Portsea Island is a true island and can only be accessed via one of three bridges.
  14. The same problem for me, the words Football Manager2 are appearing this seems to happen on the screen after I have selected my matchday squad and before I go onto the opposition instructions page. The words Football Manager2 appear 22 times down and in 10 times accross the screen in white type on a black background before they start to flicker. You can still play the game without any problem but it does become annoying. Sorry I just noticed that I had to start a new thread.
  15. 50 hours into my new beta save and I have only played 4 league matches as well as 4 Europa league early round matches! FM17 is quite simply superb. The interaction between the staff and the Manager is superb and a lot more realistic than in previous matches. During matches the feedback by the Assistant Manager regarding players ' blending into your choosen tatic' (or not) is a good reflection of their game time. I have found FM17 to be very clever and a lot harder than previous editions, which is a good thing. I like to oversea all three squads with a keen eye and slowly improve my entire squad in a long-term and realistic manner which is how this edition appears to be set up. I have yet to read any comments by other FM fanatics and have avoided all 'spoilers' of lists of players with high potential ability as I prefer to allow my staff and myself to find out these things by good old fashioned trial and error, keep up the good work SI.
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