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  1. Ok, I'm done. I wanted to believe you, so I started another career and have been playing for a while. And now the same thing has happened. I´ve been playing this game for like 5-6 years and never encountered this crap, but now suddenly it has happened to my two saves that I've spent a lot of time with. I have a lot of memory now so that's not the problem. What I don´t get is how I am able to save, go and eat or whatever, open and continue, then when I do it again like a week or so later into the game - not only that save gets corrupted, but all of the autosaves as well (which I have been able to open earlier with that exact save on them - untouched). Why does all autosaves of that file get corrupted or whatever when the main file is? That doesn´t even make sense. If I was to put one of those autosave-files on a USB, would it magically get corrupted as well? So strange. Until this is fixed I won´t bother to start a new game, shame really because the game is so nice but having your files corrupted like this is probably the worst thing that can happen to a simulator game.
  2. Thanks guys. When you mention the drive I come to think that at the time I had like 1-2 GB space left, but I don´t think it should be that big of a deal? It managed to save succesfully. Anyway, I have followed the instructions and uploaded the game file, it's called - Modobug.sav
  3. I would like to add to this problem! Others, including me have posted about it in another forum: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14127&start=25 As for me, I too had achieved great stats and I wanted to get a national team job. I was ranked 1 in the world but never seemed to get the job, I even used the editor to make the GMs that they picked worse and also myself even more superior. But they would just go for the next one in the ranks for that specific country! I couldn´t even get a job any team at low divisions, what I got after a while was the job as manager for North Korea and eventually Belarus (but they fired me even though I was winning and advancing). Anyway, even though I had 'cheated' and maxed all my skills and reputations I wouldn´t get a job, so I made one more GM on that save with exact same name, nationality and stats/reputation, but this time I selected hall of famer instead of hobby player or unemployed as my previous achievement and then I got the job for the national team which I applied for (and being the same nationality). I applied for the job on both GMs but only the one who had been a hall of famer had any chance of getting the job even though that one had never coached a team in his entire career and I was also able to get any NHL available job on that one. Conclusion: Seems as if the amount of achievements, stats and anything doesn´t matter unless you have previously selected to be a hall of famer at the start of the game.
  4. Hello. I am getting quite the same problem right now with my save. Im about 7 seasons into the game and I played this saturday then I saved the game and went to bed. I was about to play it again yesterday/now but when Im clicking "Load last game" or chosing a file to load it just loads it saying the usual "Loading game data"/"Processing, please wait and when it has finished loading I instantly get the windows error message saying "Eastside Hockey Manager has stopped working" and it closes the game. Same thing happens with my 3 autosaves of that save (it saves every week), but I can load other gamesaves. Is there a way to fix my save or is it over now? Edit: and yea, my preferences etc are correct. I've played the game for 5-6 years or so and never had this kind of problem
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