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  1. Absolutely. There are 'ITK' people on the forums who will tell you the interactions are true to life, or should be even more extreme, but the thing is, that's just their opinion - to which they, like us, are entitled. But as I've said elsewhere, there is an issue about how far you can take realism (actually I strongly dispute the notion that player interactions on the game are realistic, but for the sake of argument...) before you damage game play. Because, simulation though it is, FM is a game. It is played for pleasure. If the search for realism and detail is undermined because the quality of that simulation is poor, then the game becomes unenjoyable. I can't stress this enough - it's the quality of the simulation that is the issue. The amount of simulation, or level of detail if you like, becomes a big issue only when the quality of it is poor (or, of course, if the amount of simulation tips over into the absurdly extreme, but it hasn't yet). We will continue to have a problem getting SI to take our concerns seriously while ever there are people missing this point: Poor quality simulation makes for unhappy gamers. When moderators or SI employees respond to our concerns by telling us we are wrong, or we don't understand the game, or that's how it's supposed to work, or any one of the other justifications, they are simply missing the point about people wanting to enjoy the game. No amount of someone telling me this is how the game was designed is going to make me think it's been designed well. To use an analogy: No game is liked by all people. Chess for example - some people hate it (I love it). But you never find people who play chess saying that the rules are rubbish, or there should be less pawns and more bishops, or whatever. On the other hand, not everyone likes FM, either. But even people who do like the game, who want to play it, are saying there are things that aren't right with it. Many of these are people with vast gaming experience. And more to the point, SI - they are paying customers.
  2. No one is saying there's no place for the interaction in FM. The issue is the poor quality of the simulation.
  3. Exactly. Telling someone to try the touch version because they're frustrated with the poor quality of the full game is not acceptable. Same here. I've been playing these games longer than a lot of gamers have been alive. But I'm regularly disrespected on these forums by people who seem to wilfully miss the point. The market desperately needs a game to rival football manager. Nothing like a bit of competition to improve performance.
  4. I know for a fact that I'm not the only person who has stopped playing FM19. Another gamer and I had a long talk about this, and decided to go back to FM17. But there are limited options about what we can do to get SI to take our concerns about FM19 seriously. You can talk about it on the forums, but just get told that you're using the game wrongly, or it's supposed to work that way, or you just don't understand it - none of which is helpful. No one from SI seems to be willing to say, You know what, a lot of our paying customers aren't happy with this - we should do something. Or you can moan about it on social media - which I do - but I'm not kidding myself anyone at SI will take notice of that. Or you can stop playing the game. Perhaps SI get to see metrics via Steam for how many people are playing the game, and if they see a downward trend they might wonder why. (I'm speculating - I have no idea whether they can track usage like this.) The big thing is to vote with your wallet. FM17 was brilliant. FM18 was bad. FM19 is worse. Even if SI promise to make it right, there is now no way I will buy FM20. Won't happen. After that, when it comes to FM21, who knows? I'll need to see it an action from someone who has paid for it before I cough up again.
  5. I don't think anyone is saying we shouldn't have player interactions in the game, and I don't think anyone s saying we should be able to just have happy players all the time. I think we all know what the word 'manager' means, and we are aware of player power IRL. What we are talking about is the poor quality of the simulation of this in the game.
  6. You KNOW you're going to get ITK people and SI people telling you it's your fault, though.
  7. Yes, I'm aware of that, which is kind of the point of my comment. An inside forward and an inverted winger are different things, regardless of what Sports Interactive have to say about it. This is one of the problems with Football Manager, which claims to be a simulation but then drops in stuff like this, which seem to be saying 'forget real life, this is how we're doing it.' It's like removing the sweeper position because 'no one uses it any more'. But what if I want to use it? What if a pro manager IRL starts using it again?
  8. Yes, me too. I've played every version since CM97-98, and played them to death. I hated FM18, but kind of made myself play it to justify paying for it. I thought FM19 would bounce back with quality but it's deteriorated further, and I won't play it again. I won't even buy FM20 when it emerges, as I no longer trust the brand (for various reasons). Yet again, you've hit the nail on the head. I've said elsewhere that the game designers need to think very carefully about which elements of the game should be abstracted, and which should be simulated. Of course, not even that decision, if made correctly, can mitigate the rampant bugginess of the game, or the new direction of the ME which seems to be actually geared up to outwit gamers rather than give them a simulation to work within (if you believe some 'ITK' posts on the forum.
  9. Exactly. I completely agree. Be warned though - you're going to get a lot of negativity on here if you dare to criticise the game.
  10. Most bizarre thing ever seen on FM for me is that Inside Forwards are positioned on the wing. Every time I load up a game I have a chuckle at this.
  11. So many times I've dominated a match but only have a slender lead going into the last few minutes. I issue a 'concentrate' shout, and my team concedes. It's so frequent, that it's on a par with the well-know issue of making a substitution and then conceding from a set-piece.
  12. Yeah, I had the same problem with an interaction with one player, Callum Gribbin, who thought I had signed a player to replace him, and he was unhappy as a result. I knew before instigating the private chat that I was on a hiding to nothing - I've seen it go wrong too many times. So, like you, I decided to save the game, and then try every single possible response to see if I could get a positive reaction. Nope. Everything I tried resulted in a negative. Now the people at SI are likely to say that this is how it's meant to work; that sometimes in real life you can't get a good outcome no matter how hard you try. But then, in real life, you wouldn't be restricted to multiple-choice inadequate replies from a spreadsheet menu. So the question is, how far should the game go to reflect real life if it means doing so at the cost of making aspects of the game unplayable? Because, if all responses in a given scenario are negative, then it's not *really* playable. Interactions with players on FM19 are so poor, I consider this aspect of the game broken. Here's another example. I signed Angus Gunn on a five-year contract, with good wages, and he was first choice keeper. Nine months into his contract, I get a heads-up that he's unhappy because he wants a new contract. I open a private chat with him, and suddenly he doesn't want a new contract any more; he's just happy I spoke to him about it. WHAT? I mean... WHAT? This is one of the many reasons I've actually binned FM19, and I've gone back to the smooth playing experience that was FM17.
  13. This. Absolutely perfect summary of some of the problems with FM18 and FM19. You're probably going to get some defensive responses from people, but as far as I'm concerned, you've hit the nail on the head, sir.
  14. This is precisely what I mean about the principle of charity.
  15. I know your background, and I can understand how some of the responses might have made you chuckle.
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