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  1. Well, the heartbreak has to be accepted lads (pun intended). Absolutely spewing couldn't find it in Recuva. FM18 it is and a new era in the hearts campaign it has to be. I might even have to make a story of this save. SOUL DESTROYING
  2. Recuva is on 96%. Will let you all know how it turns out, any ideas of what to do once the Recuva search it finished?
  3. I was Heart of Midlothian by a miracle I won the league in my first year. I won the Europa league in my fifth or sixth season, I beat Seville in the semis and then Marseille in the final. Incredibly the next two years I got to the Champions League Semis, beat of Bayern, and then Barca. So, I had to grudgingly start letting some club legends go to bring in big money players so I could take my squad to the level I needed. I hadn't played the save for a couple months due to work and study commitments, I have some free time on my hands and I want to take Champions League some I can draw the curtain happily. Anyway, hopefully, this Recuva works out. Cheers
  4. I'm currently using Recuva to dig up files deleted from the recycling bin I started yesterday morning and its currently on 50%.
  5. I have tried to restore the previous games file it didn't work. He deleted the saved game, the folder it was in, and finally removed it from the recycling bin. I can had I could someone recover that specific folder? As it would certainly be in there. Thanks everyone.
  6. Hello, my younger brother deleted my heart cherished football manager 15 save I was still playing last year. It was saved in a folder on my laptop which was then deleted. Please, please, please someone tell me this is redeemable. Thanks az
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