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  1. A. Other factors - Attacking width (countered with a TI), tempo (acceptable), risks (acceptable, good for possession game), sitting deep (countered with a TI) were dealt with. What else? B. Lol. If I play narrow they have space wide and they exploit it. If I play wider like Control, they exploit it aswell. No matter what you do in this game, the AI is going to exploit it. I think these "you're Bournemouth, teams gonna attack you" lines are pretty much over-used now. See, if I was some of the better team you talked about and went to Bournemouth, I'd want to attack yes and guess what would happen in this scenario, the AI Bournemouth would sit just as deep as I intended and then they launched some counter-attacks and beat me by one or two goals. If I am a small team I look to play more cautious and defensive and sit deeper, why would I venture forward for lol... It's starting to get me incredibly frustrated and disappointed by the game because it seems to be working to some crop of people who had the luck to participate at the creation of the game and those who put a lot of effort in it etc meanwhile the regular football followers just want a football simulator to have fun in their free time, not actually read books about some masterminds tactics. Hilarious.
  2. I am not trying to play conservative. I used Counter for the narrow shape in defence. This "Close Down More will make your players more aggressive" line is already out of context, the mentality is set to Counter, it's not like we are Attacking and also Closing Down More. If anything, the custom Closing Down in this case is something close to what Control begins as the base amount so I wouldn't say that's so aggressive.
  3. Yes sure, it could be that the system is exploited by the AI, so in that case it means that AI is better than most of the Premier League managers which in this case I should rather go and become a real life manager because it's easier... I am not sure what type of changes I can do in this situation when the crosses come from byline or just deep at random during matches, there's no visible pattern, you just can't predict how it's gonna play. In terms of player roles, I felt that those choices emulate the system I am trying to recreate in the best way so there's a small change that I could edit them further (not like I haven't tried different player roles and watched how they moved but still had sort of problems). If you make a move to gain defensive solidity, you will then lack attacking support/width/mobility etc (in my case obviously) and your team will struggle to score goals. So basically from a hole to another bigger, more frustrating hole. So a player role change (say from B2B to CM-S) will mean that you have to give someone else the job or roaming and finding space etc so that way you go further away from the system you want to create.
  4. No I meant that the fullbacks are too aggressive and they rush in to tackle and they are often unsuccessful. Almost every goal comes from a cross. Byline cross, deep cross, doesn't matter how many defenders I have in the box, they're just useless. I've already said this. I am playing as Bournemouth.
  5. Why would I do that? I want to emulate a certain system so just doing random changes to it to make it more stable is not a good idea.
  6. Wide players are pulling the fullbacks out of position regardless of the opposition stats then cross and no one gets to deal with the cross so there can be 4-5 of my players in the box and a player from the opposite side and he still scores. If this trick doesn't work, then the opposition wingers/fullbacks cross from deep as the fullbacks are not rushing to close them down and still no one gets to clear the ball as it is pushed back in the net by a world class League Two striker with 8 Off the Ball movement and such. Oh before you ask me about my tactic FB-S, CB, CB, WB-S WM-A, DLP-D, CM-S, WM-S F9, CF-A Counter-Flexible TI: Close Down More, Push Higher Up, Work ball into the box, Play out of defence.
  7. Why are you using a LFB in the LB slot? I have myself built a 4-1-4-1 dystem (probably my favorite formation) that looks similar to yours in terms of roles.
  8. @kozmik - I've always found Championship and to some lesser extend League One sides very entertaining because you can build them up the way you want without much pressure. I've scouted Meekings and in the end I had to go with him because he was very cheap and all the initial CB targets have gone to other clubs but for 1.2m he is doing a good job, a couple of clumsy performances but he's been solid. According to the Transfer Confidence tab, he's got 90% confidence.
  9. I believe that I can contribute to this thread by writing up my career so far with Sheffield Wednesday. It's been a nice journey so far to be fair and we've managed to win promotion in the first season, only a very bad run of 10 games without a win towards the end of the season denying us the first place. Didn't do much business in the first season transfer market, just brought some players here and there, mostly on loan. Right now I am in the second season, January 2017 and we're on 9th place, well above the relegation zone. I am very pleased with this to be honest, as I am quite close to the European places and I hope I can continue to have good results in the league. At the beginning of the second season we were given 11m and I was worried of what was to come as I felt that our squad wasn't good enough to stay up in the league. I had to rely on a club DNA and recruit the better players available that were fitting the criteria so I guess it worked so far. In December 2016, the board injected 54m in the transfer budget so I am looking to strengthen the squad.
  10. First of all well done on your achievement. I've got an off-topic question, how do I find these wage budget comparison? I can't seem to find it.
  11. I agree with your points of view. Will look to tweak the tactic a bit further based on how the team moves on the pitch.
  12. Looking to star a save with LUFC later on. Any suggestions on who should I sell, like fringe players?
  13. Dinamo Moscow relegated IRL? Wow, that gotta be the first time in their history when they relegate.
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