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  1. PonjaConRulos

    Menotti y Bilardo

    There's lot of things I'd like to say, but the first one: What is the point of talking about Menotti and Bilardo when at the end you're making none of them? Menotti was a fan of the 4-3-3, with a rock solid DM (Gallego in 78, Russo in 73). He used two good playing centerbacks (Galván-Passarella), and two free midfielders (Ardiles-Kempes) with the wingers (Larrosa tracked back to free Kempes) and a 9 upfront. They played short, but really fast. The defending was zonal. The main thing about Bilardo is pragmatism: if most of the teams play with two strikers, I play with three defenders and add one man to the midfield. Why are you playing with only one midfielder? When you're defending, you deliberately leave free the midfield. Bilardo wanted to overload the midfield with five men and Maradona. The defending was man-marking (especially with the strikers) and tackled hard (Bilardo played in the violent Estudiantes 68-70). Why you use a Líbero in attack when none of them used it? Why give up the three man midfield (Ardiles-Gallego-Kempes / Enrique-Batista-Burruchaga), probably the most important thing they shared? It's really complicated what you're trying to achieve but I don't think this is the way to do it.
  2. PonjaConRulos

    The Art of Goalkeeping

    I use Oblak as a SK(D). I don't really see him sweep as much as I want him to, but every now and then someone gives him the ball, something I don't see when I use regular GK. I don't want him to get out with the ball, so I don't use the support role. I want him to kick it long and risky passes but I don't instruct him a specific zone so I can have more variety. But he's not as efficient as I would like. I'm not expecting an assist every game, but he's almost never makes a key pass. 17 pass, 13 vision, 16 kicking so yeah, I expect more from him
  3. PonjaConRulos

    The Egyptian king

    I understand your logic about Mané as AP because of the movement, but I don't like the playmaker status for him. A bit offtopic: I love pairing my strikers in this way, one in the centre and the other to the side. Against two cbs works really nice. If I face a really slow cb, I change my AF to his side, to exploit that weakness. I had a really similar tactic in FM17 (AP(A) in the CM instead of the MEZ; DLF (A) in the centre and CF(S) to the side) and it created nice overloads to one side to free up and exploit the other.
  4. I'd really like this. For example, I want to press both the winger and the fullback, but I want my fullback to press the winger, and the winger to press the fullback, so I don't lose my shape so much. This combined with no tight marking, would make pressing traps a lot better.
  5. I like your attacking approach. As you explain very well, 3-5-2 has a weakness in the flanks, and your closing down much more can leave space, lose shape, and get players out of position. How do you deal with that in the transition attack-defence if your pressure line is broken?
  6. PonjaConRulos

    FM18: David Brooks

    This is a really great post. When I use Shadow Strikers, I prefer them with vision, passing, and flair because of this. I never tried this with strikers. I wonder, how important is his Dictates Tempo PPM when he's in such an advanced role? Why you didn't teach him Tries killer balls often?
  7. PonjaConRulos

    What is Team Shape?

    @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Hi, I translated this post to Spanish, I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this article and your profile. https://www.fmsite.net/forums/topic/83255-¿qué-es-el-dibujo-táctico-estructurado-flexible-fluido/
  8. I'm playing with the same formation, but different roles and instructions. I think you want to overload the centre of the pitch, but I don't use a support role in the DM and I don't recommend you to use it because you're restricting the space. You already have 5 players there and you're playing Control Fluid, so it must be overcrowded. If you want to have a playmaker there, you could use a DLP (D). It could be useful to attract the pressure and find space behind the midfield.
  9. PonjaConRulos

    Football Manager TV: Scouting

    In Spanish, Carrilero is Wingback. Literally, the Wingback role is called Carrilero: Carrilero (Wingback), Carrilero Completo (Complete Wingback) and Carrilero Inverso (Inverted Wingback). So I don't understand at all what this new role means. I would never call Di María a carrilero o something like that. For me, Kyle Walker is a carrilero.
  10. For AP, I don't think decisions are so important. He's meant to take risks all the time in the final third, so he will make mistakes and it's normal. I think Flair and Vision are more important. For a DLP, I prefer decisions over flair. He plays in a deep zone, so his mistakes are probably more dangerous.
  11. It's online again here https://santosfm.co.uk/the-art-of-counter-attacking-football
  12. PonjaConRulos

    Creating defensive fortitude

    It's amazing what you have achieved and you explain it very well. I'm surprised about the two-stopper defence, can you post their attributes? It's something I'd like to give a try myself.
  13. PonjaConRulos

    [Suggestion] Set pieces: More options

    Corner kicks routines need an improvement. First, there should be allowed to choose two or more players in the same instruction (attacking near post, attacking far post, attacking ball from deep, lurk outside area). It's very common to see two players attacking the near post leaving other spaces open. Second, offer short option shouldn't be so static. The short option should be starting a run from another position (outside area, middle pitch or inside the box) so he gets the chance to be surprising. Third, the penalty spot option doesn't work like it should be. The player aims to the edge of the box where the "Lurk outside area" player is waiting. He should be actually aiming to the penalty spot, where the Go Forward and Attacking ball from deep can head it. About free kicks, the assignment of the takers should be different. If you have a free kick at 45 metres, where there's no chance to shoot unless you have Juninho Pernambucano, you don't want your striker to take it. For example, CR7 and Suárez are great free kicks takers if they shoot, but useless if they have to cross it or play short. Also, Free kick taking attribute shouldn't be working for both shots and crosses. Finally, throw-in options. Why can't I choose the position of my stay back players? In a left side throw-in, I want my right back to stay in the right. The order is arbitrary and I can't choose him to stay where I want.
  14. Yes, I've been watching your UCL games and it's very interesting. I'll just need some time to try out some things myself to fully understand it. Thanks!