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  1. WeegieFM

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Anyone able to do the Dutch Lower Leagues? Even just the Tweede Divisie would be appreciated!
  2. WeegieFM

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Congrats on your Champions League Victory!
  3. WeegieFM

    [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    This is just absolute madness. No idea how you're pulling this off.
  4. WeegieFM

    [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    What tactics have you been using? Unreal success so far.
  5. WeegieFM

    [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    I've now actually started my own Journeyman save and ended up at Clyde aswell!
  6. WeegieFM

    [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    Love your saves! Always turn out absolutely mental!
  7. Have literally been contemplating doing this kind of save! Will be following along!
  8. Newgen faces were absolutely horrendous last year. Not a single screenshot of an FM18 Newgen so far so no doubt very little works went into them.
  9. WeegieFM

    [FM17] Heart(s) of a Lion (Rampant)

    Always enjoy reading Scottish saves! So far so good, Hearts are a team with real potential to develop into a force. Getting that 20k in Tynecastle every week should be the main aim! Always tempted by a Hearts/Hibs save but the bluenose in me can't see me being anyone but Rangers if I'm managing in Scotland unless its LLM!
  10. WeegieFM

    The Return Of The Lions

    Transfers Enzo Zidane - Loan Fabricio Bustos- Loan Zakaria Fdaouch - Free Transfer Enzo and Fabricio join us on loan to provide some much needed quality in the CAM and Full Back Positions. Zakaria was signed as my scouts thought he had something about him and with him being a free agent and only wanting £500 a week I thought it was a risk free move. Not much in terms of outgoings, two youngsters out on loan to Epinal and Hamilton respectively.
  11. WeegieFM

    The Return Of The Lions

    Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard The Return of the Lions Having recently finished an AC Milan game that ended up with a treble winning season alongside title wins for both the under 20 and under 18 sides, I decided to begin a new adventure. Having been inspired by the recent uptake in French Saves posted here and elsewhere I wanted to begin my own. So I selected Sochaux due to their excellent youth facilities and the potential to grow the team into a real force. The academy has produced several notable talents, such as Yannick Stopyra, El-Hadji Diouf, Jérémy Ménez, Bernard Genghini and Benoît Pedretti, among others. The club currently plays in the Ligue 2 in the French Set up and play their football at the 20,005 seater Stade Auguste Bonal. Sochaux are nicknamed 'Les Lionceaux' which translates as 'The Lion Cubs'. Save Objectives - Focus on developing academy players - A 'Moneyball' Transfer Policy, buy low sell high - Gain Promotion into Ligue 1 - Over time continue to improve our facilities and bring in the best coaches available Current Squad This is the our current squad after I promoted a few of our more promising talents into the first team. A very much French squad bar the odd exception and I'll look to try and keep a French core to the side as we progress. Given the French colonial links I plan on attempting to Scout Africa for youth prospects which will hopefully lend itself to our buy low sell high project! Finances We start with a healthy 12m in the balance. This is due to the real life take over of Sochaux by a Hong Kong based Company however the board don't appear to be willing to splash any cash just yet, giving me £0 transfer funds and a -5k a week wage budget! I'll be looking to evaluate the squad and see where we can cut any wastage in order to get the wage budget under control. Prospects Below are a list of players currently at the club who I believe could form the core of our squad for several years to come (should they not be sold that is!). Jeando Fuchs / Marcus Thuram / Emile Rzepecki / Gabin Lamboley / Maxence Lacroix Our main prospect is 18 year old Frenchman Jeando Fuchs. Fuchs is a ball winning midfielder however is quite versatile in that he can drop slightly deeper or play in the right back position. He already has interest from Spurs who have been monitoring his situation. For an 18 year old he already has good stats for his role and decent physicals. Hopefully he will develop for us and I will be playing him at every opportunity. Marcus Thuram also appears to have decent potential and I'll be looking to use him as the main man up top. His composure and finishing clearly need work but he has a decent level to build upon. Emile Rzepecki, Gabin Lamboley and Maxence Lacroix will be rotated through the side whilst also getting game time with the under 18/reserve squads. Formations Formation 1 Formation 2 These will be the two formations I'll look to be using throughout the season, I've used this style frequently in previous saves and had a moderate degree of success with it.
  12. WeegieFM

    Started in Stirling, now we here.

    May 2019 League Table Since the last update our form has been shaky to say the least. We went through a spell of conceding last minute winners/equalisers which was extremely frustrating! We've managed a 5th place finish going into the Playoffs and I'm pleased with how this season has turned out. Having taken over with the club in 16th to qualify for the playoffs and finish 5th is extremely pleasing. I've secured my course to gain my Continental A License! As soon as the B License was complete, I asked the question and thankfully Venlo agreed! Manager Stats Slowly but surely coming along now, that last course really boosted our reputation. Stats wise we are still rubbish at pretty much everything but on a plus side I can now speak good Dutch!
  13. Ali looks a player, bit lazy though! Never heard of him before surprisingly!
  14. WeegieFM

    Started in Stirling, now we here.

    I would agree. This Journeyman save I'm looking to manage various different clubs whilst always looking for the next step up in stature. Now I do plan on remaining at certain clubs should I see the potential to grow that team into a force without the requirement of investing 10+ seasons in them. Venlo is one of these teams, a team that I can look to grow and attempt to develop into one of the bigger names in Dutch football. That being said, 2-3 seasons in if a bigger team comes in for me, am I going to remain loyal? Who knows. Progression is the key thing and if I don't see the team progressing I will be looking to move on.