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  1. RasenBallsport Leipzig e.V - Established 2009. The most hated team in Germany due to their affiliation with Energy Drink Company Red Bull. Based in the city of Leipzig in the Saxony region of Germany, RB Leipzig have been making big waves in world Football for a number of years now. From their controversial birth in 2009 to their rise through the German Football Pyramid, the club find themselves competing with the biggest names in German Football. The club play their football in the aptly named Red Bull Arena which holds 42,558 fans when sold out. Given their financial backing from R
  2. Anyone able to do the Dutch Lower Leagues? Even just the Tweede Divisie would be appreciated!
  3. This is just absolute madness. No idea how you're pulling this off.
  4. What tactics have you been using? Unreal success so far.
  5. I've now actually started my own Journeyman save and ended up at Clyde aswell!
  6. Love your saves! Always turn out absolutely mental!
  7. Have literally been contemplating doing this kind of save! Will be following along!
  8. Congrats on the first breakthrough to the National Team! That Champions league group looks terrifying!
  9. I prefer to lurk these forums but must say. What an excellent save. Well done!
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