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  1. A few things about your ti's: You're asking your defenders to hold a deeper line, while asking the rest of your team to close down very aggressively. I think the problem is that there are large spaces between your midfield and defensive lineline and your defenders will rather look to hold the deep line rather than move closer to the midfield as a unit. The solution would be to bring the line to normal or slightly higher and take the closing down a notch. You could then increase closing down for your forwards' individual instructions. In terms of your build up, try reducing the passing style to shorter passing, while keeping your mentality on control. This should make your players take less risks in the middle third, but won't stifle their creativity in the final third. I know a lot of people don't like shorter passing because they feel it leads to "passing for the sake of it", but it might just be what you need.
  2. Stunner's 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Asymmetric M (CL)_B9722393-B800-4BA1-BE68-CAB4F49F436B.fmf
  3. Mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/4hwzwd7i2ofaya4 Hi guys, I'm new to this and I thought it would be nice to share the formation that has worked wonders for me in my save in FM16. I manage Arsenal, and I've played for three seasons and am in December in my fourth. I've won the following 1 Champions League 2 EPL titles 3 Capital One Cups 1 FA Cup 1 Club World Cup The tactic has proven to be very effective against all kinds of teams including possession based sides and counter attacking teams. I seem to score all kinds of goals from counters, or during a lengthy possession spell. It is very important to have pacy fullbacks who can beat their man, and that's why Bellerin and Jorge are two of my best players. Also having a pacy striker with good dribbling and passing ability as well as teamwork and vision is paramount even if he's not the best finisher around. My top striker is Gabriel Barbosa who is also a pretty good winger, and has all the qualities listed above. Another important aspect is ensuring that my AMC is playing a role that means he comes deeper to get the ball, because my defensive midfielder will rarely get forward or run with the ball. This is why I use advanced playmaker with attack duty. I don't play my AML & AMR as wingers because my fullbacks can fulfill those crossing duties. All I need is one extra ball player and one player who looks to get into the box and support the striker which is why one of my wide midfielders is an advanced playmaker and the other is an inside forward with support duty (Not attack because I need him to track back often). I also have the "look for overlap" instruction enabled so my fullbacks look to get forward and deliver deadly crosses into the box. The play out of defence instruction means the team will often look to build play from the back and my defenders will not immediately play a long ball after my goalkeeper has played it short to them. The control mentality means my team will look to hold possession, but paired with higher tempo, the team also does well on counters. You could also use an attacking mentality, it has worked for me when I've tried it, but I'm too chicken to use it consistently, even though I know it doesn't mean I'll immediately be open at the back. I've given my center backs instructions to close down less so as to avoid them getting caught out of position. This is very important as I've tried it without the personal instructions and we would always get opened up by teams with fast strikers and good AMC or teams that played 4-1-1-1. I hope you have fun with it, and please feel free to leave a comment if you feel it can be improved upon. Also feel free to look at the player instructions and let me know if any changes can be made to do better. PS: I'm a bit of a novice at FM games, I only started in 2013, and as such, my tactic may not be universal. I've only used it in this save and with Arsenal, and so I don't know how it would work with other teams.
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