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  1. @EmreBello I am not 100% sure about your problem, but I would guess that it is because the Turkish Super League is a parents' competition and therefore transfers all statistics to the children's competitions.
  2. I cannot find a league with 8 teams in this editor file.The league you meant has 18 teams from the 3 teams promoted directly to the higher league. Is this the wrong editor file?
  3. You can duplicate the competition and set the years in which there are no promotions or relegations at "Start year" and "End year". If you also want to know how to "name" the leagues to know them better, you can do this:
  4. I am currently helping a friend to create the appropriate files for his save. We are currently creating the file for San Marino. In San Marino there are 2 group stages from which the best 8 qualify for the Champions Playoff. Can anyone tell me how it is possible to make the European qualifiers dependent on the playoff? In the playoff there is a match for place 7, a match for place 5, a match for place 3 and a final. All places are played out. Only the FM does not want to use these teams for the Champions League and Europa League.
  5. I don't think I can. If another international qualifying place is added, FM always takes the league.
  6. I would also like to have an answer to this problem. I've looked through it but it seems that the only thing that is possible is to force the teams to give full time contracts, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work either.
  7. Thanks a lot. I could solve the problem now, it was the Editor Data folder. It must have had some effect. How he did it, I don't know.
  8. I have been playing the Football Manager since November without any problems. This morning I wanted to load another skin, suddenly the FM doesn't work anymore. Now I deleted the external cache, removed all graphics - still didn't work. Then I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the Football Manager. It worked again. When trying to load the logos, it just didn't load anything. After that I tried another skin, now I have exactly the same problem as this morning. Is there anything else I can do? (I have the same logos, faces etc. since FM17) Edit: I have now tried to switch between the skins of yourselves, it doesn't work either. The FM also crashes.
  9. If I understand it correctly, do you mean that if I use "Get Teams from Pool" instead of "Get Best Teams of Division", the problem is solvable?
  10. Markus Joenmäki (8507426) ended his career with FC Lahti on 1 January 2019, in the Football Manager he is only club free.
  11. Hi @War Intern™! If you go into a little more detail, I'm sure they can help you more than that.
  12. Hi @OllieDrew! You only have to remove the hook on the "Setup Date" and it will take place annually again. Only then one or more teams have too many players. Unfortunately I don't know enough about this competition to be able to fix it. I hope I could help you anyway.
  13. Hi @zangelmi! So you put some host countries in here? Then of course you have to set something here as well. Or have you already done so?
  14. Hi @ChicoPolska It's because you set the season update date at the beginning of season 2. So the season will be updated while the competition is already running.
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