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  1. Correct! In countries outside of Europe yes, I do not yet what opinion I will prefer in Europe.
  2. Yes, I did set 0 foreign goalkeepers. Have you found any solution for this?
  3. No, absolutely not. I sat down for 45 hours to design a fantasy format for each country, just so I could screw with you.... Hm. Strange. I have not set any rules for foreigners (except that a maximum of 4 foreigners are allowed on the field at the same time).
  4. "Besides the ten direct entrants of the CONCACAF Champions League, another 22 teams (1 from North America, 18 from Central America, and 3 from the Caribbean) qualified for the CONCACAF League, a tournament held from July to November prior to the CONCACAF Champions League. The top six teams of the CONCACAF League (champions, runners-up, both losing semi-finalists and two play-in round winners) qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_CONCACAF_Champions_League)
  5. Not the Northern Mariana Islands, because they are not allowed to play. ^^ And neither is Yemen, because they play one league one year and then none for 5 years, it's like roulette for them.
  6. Europe, South America, Asia and Africa are missing. What is even stranger is that he is filling up the slots with Mexican teams. Only teams from Mexico, USA and Canada qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. The rest come from the CONCACAF League.
  7. Well, there are a few "problems". Problem one is that the CONCACAF Champions League and the CONCACAF League (equivalent of the Europa League) are so hardcoded that you have to recreate them to include the two CFU competitions (Caribbean Cup Championship and Caribbean Club Shield), otherwise it won't work at all. Problem two is the Club World Cup. For whatever reason, it only has 3 out of 7 participants in 2021 (CONCACAF's is even one of the 3). And problem three is that now, if you activate all the countries I created together with this file, the FM crashes on 12 July 2021 (start date of the C
  8. I'll try again to include the competition, but unfortunately I can't say whether I'll succeed. Africa is already 80% done.
  9. @zangelmi The best thing to do is to s tore it under "League Settings" in the stage itself. For the cup, simply store a prize money for winners/losers for each round. Cheers!
  10. It simply "duplicates" the competition into a reserve competition (or U18, etc.). This means that the teams that play in the reserve competition are the same teams that play in the competition. If you use "Use teams from Division", you can only enter "Division Levels" and the teams will then be drawn together automatically.
  11. @olivier95160Let me guess, you duplicated an already existing competition, didn't you? If you recreate it and do not duplicate it, this problem will not occur.
  12. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work the way you have it in your head. But look at the two pictures when you say if you thought about a fixed rotation you could build the exact same thing with "Start Year" "End Year". ^^
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