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  1. Sorry, but I've been very stressed lately and haven't had time to really do anything on the FM. The two reported bugs from @barleycorn(United Arab Emirates) and @Cheez3y (Armenia) have been fixed. I hope I didn't miss any. Otherwise please just contact me.
  2. Phew, to be honest I have no idea. I'll see if I can "steal" any special settings from Colombia. But I don't know how to fix this "error".
  3. Error is well said here. You can't tie them in any better. The Champions League starts in January. Half of the leagues don't have a champion yet. There is nothing you can do. I have dated the start date so far back that, for example, Kiribati already has a champion. In Oceania it is not always so. There, some of the champions of the preliminary round qualify for the CL and not those of the playoff.
  4. No, clubs without a playable league don't generate regens. ^^ Yep, and there is no more data after 2016. ^^
  5. User\?\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data - Without subfolders!
  6. I'm really sorry, I'm very ashamed of it.... I will adapt and update it. Yes, this competition is in my "CONCACAF_Continental_Club_Competition"-File. You have to try. ^^
  7. No. First you have to give the Competition a Nation which is already in the game.
  8. Set, for example, Spain as the country of this competition and got to the advanced rules of spain.
  9. This isn't really a editor file, these are just the rules of the hardcodet European World Cup Qualifying. ^^
  10. @rodrigopelle132: - There are two different ways to do this: Either you set it under "Group Settings" and the FM calculates the best 2. teams after the group phase. Or you can create your own stage for it and see which teams it would affect from matchday 1. - Phew, I don't really know if there is a way to do that. Try the one shown in the screenshot. But I can't assure you that it will work.
  11. I have not created any players. I would use the file from pr0, who has created all the players (or at least once for the league).
  12. Ahh. Thank you. ^^ And Best XI and Goal of the year will never work because they are both broken?
  13. @slevinr87 @alian62 I have now tried again and also set a continent for the award, this time they do not appear in-game at all. I don't understand it... CONCACAF_Continental_Cub_Cups_by_Dave.fmf
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