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  1. @nekophaydeWhen you upload your file, someone can take a look to make sure you haven't accidentally set any tick marks etc. that shouldn't be set.
  2. @Schume Your wish has been granted. I wish you lots of fun in Sint-Maarten. 1714042664_SintMaarten-FM21BySchumeV2.fmf
  3. @Fmfan00If you upload your file, I'll take a look at it.
  4. @DodgeeD Unfortunately, I don't know which function you use to get the teams into the competition, but if you title the host and the six best-placed teams under "Qualified Teams" (I would use "Get Best National Teams" - "Region: South Africa" and World Rankings under "Sort Teams") with seeding 0, you can use "Get Qualified Teams For Comp" with seeding 0 in the quarter-finals, which works perfectly.
  5. This can be done with the option "Additional Helpers". There you can specify which dates will be postponed so that there is no clash with the 2022 World Cup.
  6. What's the saying? Baby one more time. Only 2 days after the last update, the next update is already available and the Austria file will be updated to version 1.2. Now you can find out exactly why: CHANGES: Funds of the tipico Bundesliga have been adjusted. Terminated diocesan clubs were taken out of the pool for the Vienna State Cup. Terminated clubs were set to terminated (there must have been a database bug, hundreds of terminated teams from all over the world play in the league "Lower leagues") Reputation of the reserve leagues has been adjusted. Clubs
  7. I wish you all a happy new year! There is also a present for the new year I used the New Year's Eve in Lockdown to update the file. CHANGES: Funds of the tipico Bundesliga have been adjusted. Pettneu am Arlberg was assigned to the correct local region. Missing reserve teams in Upper Austria were added. The end of the winter holiday season has been moved back. From now on AI teams also play more than one friendly in summer. An incorrect regional division was adjusted. The promotion stage of the 2. class south in Burgenland was also added to the ot
  8. If you want to play in English, you can of course use Sortitoutsi's LNC. You just must not use their add-ons (the files you have to copy into the Editor Data folder). This "Name Changes File" crashes the save, but not the LNC itself.
  9. Real players are availeble up to the fourth level. Below that, there are only a few real players left.
  10. Small update: The additional files have been updated to a new one. I have now removed Sky Sports and Sky Sports News from the media, as they are already available in the standard database. I also reworked the referee file because, referees over 60 are no longer displayed (stupidly, 563 of the 1600 referees were over 60. Oops. ;D), and I also edited some names that don't actually occur in Austria.
  11. I'm afraid I can't tell you, but it's best to just try. If there are problems, it will crash on 27 June 2022 at the latest. It doesn't matter which level you select.
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