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  1. It would be better if you quote the question or mark the user, otherwise you won't get a message, or very rarely, and you won't notice that it was answered. @prot651
  2. Do you mean create a tournament or set rules for a tournament?
  3. If you use this trick, you only change the Fixture Rules for the selected nation and not for the competition you want to change.
  4. @ramfeild66 Try it once to make all Cup rounds in one stage, so such mistakes can hardly happen and it goes faster.
  5. HR Costa Rica The Brujas FC club was dissolved in May 2011, but in Football Manager 2019 it is still running around.
  6. Where exactly does it fail exactly? On the best 2nd?
  7. If the problem persists, I can at least tell you why it is or was. When I try to call up a child competition for the USL League Two, he finds exactly nothing at all. That's how it looks for me. Say, the league doesn't exist somehow. However, if you select the competition that has its own rule, it will find one, that is, the child competitions listed under USL League Two do not exist in the database. Unfortunately I don't know how this came together.
  8. Yeah, and then complain again, "Nobody's helping here anyway." You can see again how some people are out for a fight, I even wrote, as @Bigpole already says, I don't want to offend you, but still you cry if I have nothing else to do and no I don't.
  9. First of all, this is not meant to be bad, but if you don't even have a clue how to get there to create it, do you really think you can get there to create it?
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