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  1. If I understand it correctly, do you mean that if I use "Get Teams from Pool" instead of "Get Best Teams of Division", the problem is solvable?
  2. Markus Joenmäki (8507426) ended his career with FC Lahti on 1 January 2019, in the Football Manager he is only club free.
  3. Hi @War Intern™! If you go into a little more detail, I'm sure they can help you more than that.
  4. Hi @OllieDrew! You only have to remove the hook on the "Setup Date" and it will take place annually again. Only then one or more teams have too many players. Unfortunately I don't know enough about this competition to be able to fix it. I hope I could help you anyway.
  5. Hi @zangelmi! So you put some host countries in here? Then of course you have to set something here as well. Or have you already done so?
  6. Hi @ChicoPolska It's because you set the season update date at the beginning of season 2. So the season will be updated while the competition is already running.
  7. Hi @prot651! Upper refers to the stage itself and the lower refers to the whole competition, there you had to specify for each placement the stage where you reach that placement.
  8. Hi @Fowler-9 First of all, in multiple competitions you don't have to set everything twice. (See screen). It's enough if you just use "Get All Teams from Division", the FM already knows what to do. The mistake with the relegated and promoted teams from the Sky Bet League 2 and Vanarama National League has been corrected. PS: Next time please use a more informative title here. Thanks. 1122370555_EnglandLevel10(TheFMEditor)v1.7LeaguePlacement.fmf
  9. Whew, I don't know. Actually, it's always open when I get to the computer.
  10. Hey, I am working on an Austrian league file and found an bug in the team section. I am trying to create the ÖFB-Cup (our national cup) and used a special rule to get the Last Winner of the regional cup. I used a team pool, were it gets the last winner of the regional cup or, if this team is a B-Team or got promoted to an league were the team already qualified for the cup, it should use the best team with special regional division. But it just ignores the Last Winner rule and started searching after the Best Team rule. I deduce it's a bug.
  11. Could it be that the immediate calculation of the games is bugged?
  12. It would be better if you quote the question or mark the user, otherwise you won't get a message, or very rarely, and you won't notice that it was answered. @prot651
  13. Do you mean create a tournament or set rules for a tournament?
  14. If you use this trick, you only change the Fixture Rules for the selected nation and not for the competition you want to change.
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