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  1. Hi Guys, I've been wanting for some time to create my own league with favoured clubs from around Europe. (Basically cities I've travelled to etc) IE Sparta Prague, Slovan Bratislava, Hertha Berlin, Dinamo Zagreb etc and my favoured club Newcastle etc.. Also the lesser teams from cities to make up two or three divisions, and have cup competitions. Ideally have them able to play in European competitions - I'd love to have them in a low ranking country so they'd have to work at gaining more European spots. I'd also like a few other playable leagues alongside so hopefully it wouldn't affect them to much? I'd like reserve & youth leagues too. I don't need a dedicated national team just hopefully the clubs would bring through players and they could go on to playing for their clubs nation. IE Sparta Prague bringing through Czech players. (I obviously recognise they might go on to play for the nation that the leagues in too which isn't too important) Any idea where I would start? If someone could point me to a database already and I can just swap clubs about or is it not that simple? I'm a massive novice at the editor nowadays. If anyone would be able to point me in the right direction please? I can even list the clubs if someone needs etc Thanks
  2. I unbookmarked this thread. But thank the lord for the Bandits fan page on facebook. Good to hear from you Kip & i look forward to Fm12 & your first update (and the months pining & waiting for the next )
  3. Cheers for the update KIP. Shame you've had to call it a day. But there is life outside of FM. (as i've just found too) Good luck with your personal quests. And i look forward to the next update.
  4. I could do an experiment like Kip easily. But i don't want to be compared to kip because nothing could beat Kips reports and writing.
  5. Dont worry Kip. We'll wait I don't know what other people will think but i enjoy it when a whole big new update is out. If you didn't cut it. You could just post it up in bits. Either way. I eagerly await the next bit. Could there be some bits you can do every two years or so?
  6. Depends where he goes.. and if he stays injury free. i think he'll have more than 10 seasons, but after that he'll play less.
  7. I can handle kip being some kind of alien life form that will take over earth. As long as such takeover brings an update
  8. Crazy spending. I am worried about the Sheriffs though. That Keeper Mark Bunn though is terrific. Signed him in my game (a desperate signing at the time) but he performed tremendously well. He's under-rated. Watch him.
  9. How can the bandits just spend fifty million ish and bring a few ex bandits back. They'd have to spend 40+ million to just bring one back.
  10. I'm glad Kips giving us little teasers. Builds up the suspense a little more. I bet one of the teams has spent over 100million. They won't sign world beaters yet. I'm guessing players like fringe players from Chelsea, Man City etc. Players like SWP, Vincent Kompany, Daniel Sturridge, Nic Anelka. And obviously i think they'll spend big on players for the future, Regens with an enormous potential.
  11. I reckon the Bandits will finish 7th. with the Sheriffs finishing a point off relegation I also think the Bandits will sign Idiot Goalkeeper. And i tip a cup win for one of the clubs this season also
  12. I'm not subscribed. I just click it on my faves every day in hope. and today... My hope was fulfilled. Great having you back Kip. Glad everything's well. I didn't think you'd abandon it without saying. so i had faith we'd get to see the bandits and sheriffs in the Premiership together. And its great they got there the same time. Great report Kip. But just be quicker with the next one
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